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This week! Books!

A little delayed on the link roundup as I was traveling over the weekend, but I still have some good stuff for you.

First up, do you need some coaching? My friend Justine Clay is a business coach for creative professionals, and she’s running a virtual boot camp starting tomorrow on the six essential steps for creating a steady stream of income doing the work you love. Learn more here!

Interesting publishing diversification news, as Penguin Random House has acquired Out of Print Clothing, a company that produces book-related clothing and accessories.

Do Amazon’s bestseller charts have a fake book problem? David Gaughran investigates.

Bob Dylan delivered his Nobel lecture, which sealed his win of the Nobel Prize for Literature. He started off by wondering what many of us all did — what’s the connection between song lyrics and literature?

Annnnnd then I saw a bunch of stuff that wasn’t related to books.

Climber Alex Honnold did something astonishing last week: he climbed El Capitan without any ropes. I can barely wrap my head around this.

Fifteen years after its debut The Wire continues to generate conversation. This was a really interesting look at the life of the man who inspired the character of Omar Little.

And politics alert and all that, but this was an interesting rumination on the essential loneliness of Donald Trump.

This week in the Forums…

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Comment! of! the! week! goes to the one and only Jane Yolen, who had a great suggestion on my post last week on researching agents:

If you do childrens’ to YA books, join SCBWI and get their list of agents. Best starting place ever.

And finally, photographers are making some incredible advances colorizing old black and white photographs, which can really make us look twice at history. I really enjoyed this video and article on their process.
Have a great week!
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  1. abc

    Jane Yolen! I'm sure I've said this before but one of the great pleasures of having a kid (kid is now 13–crimey!) is all the great reading you get to do with them. All the beautiful, magical, funny, whimsical, and brilliant children's picture books out there. Jane Yolen is one of the greats! I miss that time. Kiddo is a huge reader, but most of our time together now is spent watching her favorite Anime and YouTubers, which is fine, but I miss those picture book days.


    Thanks for another good weekly roundup, Nathan, and the nice pic. And amen re Jane Yolen's advice, which I have followed, joining the SCBWI a few days ago. Last week I joined the Freelancers Union. And I used to think I was not much of a joiner!


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