Publishing myth: Editors don’t edit

Here’s the most prevalent and widespread belief about publishing I’ve ever seen: editors do not edit anymore, they just plop a book down on the market in whatever shape the author left it in, and thus poor authors are left wandering in the wilderness, editless and alone, looking up the sky and shrieking, “If only my editor edited my...

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Why pacing matters in novels

One of the very most difficult elements of writing a novel to master is pacing. Much like music, novels have a rhythm — you sort of expect things to unfold at a certain speed, things usually pick up at the end, and in the middle, if you’re ever thinking to yourself “Wow, this is getting slow,” by “slow” you mean things...

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This Week in Publishing 3/2/07

THIS WEEK in publishing: Of course, of course. I should have known that my post about how great it is to live in San Francisco would spawn an earthquake. But it was very small (4.2) and no literary agents were harmed. In actual publishing news, Random UK has been split asunder! Actually they’ve just reorganized themselves into two separate divisions....

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Why My Heart Is in San Francisco (and the rest of my body as well)

People often ask me why I live in San Francisco when most of the publishing industry is based in New York. The conversation usually goes something like this: Person: Why do you live in San Francisco when most of publishing is in New York?Me: You mean, besides the weather, the friendly people, access to unparalleled tomatoes in the summer, a lively arts and...

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Why Do You Write?

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for another installment of YOU TELL ME, the part of the blog where I stop pontificating and let you pontificate like the pontiff you’ve always wanted to be. So speak up, you silly pontiff, you. This week: not a multiple choice test. Put away your #2 pencils and scantron sheets, because this is an...

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Fun With Widgets

Make no mistake about it: the last week of February 2007 will go down in the history books as the Week of the Dueling Widgets From Big Publishing Companies Who Are Catching On to That Whole Technology Thing*. Write it down. You heard it here first. Hoping that their books will go viral, HarperCollins and Random House have designed widgets so you too can...

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