Thy dialogue dost sound strange

As I was riding the streetcar to work (you know the ones in the Docker’s commercial where the guy and girl see each other and then they run out to catch up to each other only to find out that they both did the same thing? Those streetcars. I ride those to work. I heart San Francisco).. anyway, on the way to work I was mentally narrating everything...

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When Agenting is Like Dating

Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend. I received quite a few queries over the weekend, and you know how I like to spot query trends. Well, two things popped out this weekend: I received quite a few JFK queries, and also an abnormally high number of queries from young writers (18 and younger). So mark my words, a bio of JFK written by a 14 year old is...

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This Week in Publishing 4/25/07

The Nathan Bransford blog is going on hiatus tomorrow, which means I have to sum up the week today. We will return to our regular schedule on Monday. First off, multiple choice question for you: What was the most shocking part of the season finale of The Hills? Was it:a) Heidi moving in with Spencerb) Spencer getting a homeboy phone (A homeboy phone!!!! I...

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New or Used?

Spencer from The Hills has a homeboy phone. I may die. He has one cell for his girlfriend Heidi and one for his homeboys. This seems perfectly sensible. So attention authors: I will no longer be reachable on my regular work phone. If you need to reach me you need to call my homeboy phone. Wow. Anyway, a few days after I posted the You Tell Me about...

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Starting Before the Beginning

So, regular readers know I am a bit obsessed with basketball. We had some wonderful friends in town last night and so I DVR’d the game and then set about trying to block out the outside world throughout dinner. I turned off my cell phone. I put my computer in an out of reach place. I had my girlfriend scout out the downstairs of the restaurant for...

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Quick on the Draw

Miss Snark recently linked to a writer who expressed confusion and angst about having a query letter rejected in nine minutes flat. Anyone who has submitted a query to me probably knows that nine minutes would be a slow response time for me, and that includes both requests for partials and rejections. To quote Val Kilmer playing quick shooting Doc Holliday...

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