The Amusingly Humorous Book Title Contest!

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How to Publish a book by Nathan Bransford

It’s publication week for my new guide How to Publish a Book and I thought I’d celebrate with a contest!

It’s chilly outside in most of the northern hemisphere, so let’s warm up by getting those creative juices flowing.

Can you think of the most amusing, the most chuckle-worthy, the most grin-inducing book title of them all?

This can be totally made up and not a book you intend to write (but if you have a WIP that aligns, go for it).

Some examples I made up from the Star Wars universe:

  • Me and the Kid: Advice on Parenting, Combat, and Dating with a Helmet by The Mandalorian
  • Arrrgh! (Where’s My Freaking Medal) by Chewbacca
  • But What About MY Dreams?: What to Do When Your Child Rebels by Darth Vader

Oh yes, the prizes.

  • The finalists will win a query critique from yours truly (or other agreed upon prize of similar value).
  • In additional to a query critique, the WINNER will receive a $50 gift certificate to the independent bookstore of their choice (or other agreed-upon prize of similar value).

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Please post your book title in the comments section of THIS POST. If you are reading this post via e-mail you must click here to enter. Please do not e-mail me your submission as it will not count.
  2. The deadline to enter is this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6 at 7pm ET, at which point entries will be closed. Finalists will be announced on Monday. When the finalists are announced you will get to vote on the most humorous winner.
  3. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THE CONTEST! The more entries, the more satisfaction you will have when you crush them with your humorous book title.
  4. Please please check and double-check your entry before posting. If you spot an error in your post after entering: please do not re-post your entry. Don’t worry about typos. I make them all the time!
  5. You may enter once, once you may enter, and enter once you may. If you post anonymously please be sure and leave your name (no cheating on this one).
  6. You must be at least 14 years old and less than 900 years old to enter. No exceptions.
  7. I’m on the Twitter! And the Instagram! And subscribe to the newsletter while you’re at it! I will be posting contest updates. (Okay maybe not Instagram but pretty pictures).

Don’t forget to pre-order How to Publish a Book!

Have fun! Be merry!

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  1. Dana

    The Flip Flop Bandit from Humbolt County

  2. Chris Phillips

    Two Different Balls: the Deion Sanders Story.

    • Jan Coad


  3. DW Shaw

    SPIT or SWALLOW? A Beginner’s Guide to Wine Tastings by Miles Raymond

  4. Nicole Zoltack

    The Wonderful Guide to Raising Boys so You Won’t Have to Rip Out All of your Hair

  5. Joanna

    Not Your Usual or Ordinary Art Gallery / Literary Sala / Trailer Park
    – by Sweet Caroline

  6. Portia McCracken

    Dogs Are From Venus, Cats Are From Hell

  7. Lynda Allison

    Never Bring an Addict to a Destination Wedding

  8. Tim Sherf

    A Series of Truly Unfortunate Events: The Torrid Term
    -by Donaldy Trumpket

  9. abc

    I am Female and I Think I Saw Something I Shouldn’t Have (Please Pass the Wine)

  10. Cal Penn

    SMASHING CAR WINDOWS; A scientific approach By Elon Musk

  11. Ekta Garg

    _Sarcastic Things I Can Think In Response to My Tween’s Snarkiness_

  12. Helen Phelps

    365 Mind-blowing Juicy Recipes, with Wine Suggestions for that Special Someone. By Dr. Hannibal Lecter

  13. Arvilla Newsom

    Between Iraq and a Hard Place

  14. Jason

    How To Book a Pub: 41 Rules For Successfully Booking A Pub That You Will Love For-a-Beer

  15. Roger

    The Illustrated Book of Pain, Disdain and Outright Disgust: Facial Contortions
    for the Perpetually Offended
    New Expanded Edition

  16. Mike Ermitage

    Material Obsession: A Precious Mistake
    By Smeagol

  17. JOHN T. SHEA

    THE BIBLE audiobook, read by God in a VERY loud voice. With extra begats.

  18. larry r bruce

    Foreigners, Pigtails and Savages (book title) Humorous true stories of my days with Foreigners, (3 foreign exchange students), Pigtails (my 3 granddaughters) and Savages (my 3 grandsons).


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