Happy holidays!

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Nathan's Books | 5 comments

I’m going to take another quick blogging break for the holidays. I hope, however you celebrate or don’t celebrate, that the next few weeks are joyful and a time for reflection and determination about the days ahead.

I’ll return on December 30 with fresh posts. A few things while I’m away:

  • I recently discovered that I was having issues with the contact forms on my site. Ugh! If you tried contacting me and never heard back, please try again.
  • I recently reorganized my writing advice database to make it more navigable! Check that out for some inspiration if you have writing time in the next few weeks
  • There are some exciting changes afoot for the blog coming in the new year! Thank you to everyone who has reached out with suggestions on how to improve the overall experience.
  • Along those lines, what do you want to see? Any requests? What do you need help with? I’ll do my best to deliver.

I’m truly thankful for everyone who reads this blog, who comments, and who I’ve worked with on their books. You all make this a very meaningful endeavor and I’m wishing you all the best for 2020.

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Art: Wintertag am See by Anders Andersen-Lundby


  1. tony

    Have a great holiday yourself, Nathan. And thanks for your insights.

  2. Nancy S. Thompson

    Happy holidays, Nathan!

    Here’s something you might touch on:
    How about some advice on how to query from a referral. I was recently fortunate enough to be referred by my best author friend to both her publishers and 2 agents she’s friendly with. I was at a complete loss how to handle and manage my way through that, (though I did receive one offer of representation so far, lucky me!) What does professional etiquette dictate or suggest? What should be sent and who should send it?

    • Nathan Bransford

      Thanks for this suggestion! I’ll add this to the point on how to handle referrals and blurbs.

      (But short answer is that I recommend that authors send the query themselves and initiate the correspondence. Usually just mentioning that the referring author suggested you reach out is enough).


    Merry Happy Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Mid-Winter’s Day, Season’s Greetings, and Happy Holidays, Nathan!

  4. Wendy

    Thanks for a great year of writing and publishing info. Hope you have a festive Christmas and a relaxing holiday. And snow! Here in Australia, we’ve just started heating up for summer. Some parts of the country (not where I live…last stop before Tasmania) are anticipating a top of fifty degrees celsius this week.


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