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It’s here! My first redesign in… yeah let’s not talk about how long it’s been.

I’m incredibly excited to reveal something I’ve been working on for a good portion of the year. A completely redesigned, new look for the blog.

If you’re reading this in a feed reader or by email, CLICK THROUGH.

This is still very much a work in progress. Heck, it’s basically a glorified construction zone at this point. But I hope you can see where I’m going with this…

Much easier to navigate

You’ll especially notice this if you’re reading the blog on your phone. Namely: THE BLOG IS NOW EASILY READABLE ON YOUR PHONE.

I have also created menus in the header that will direct you to key posts. I’ll be fleshing these out through time to give you everything you need to know about navigating the publishing process in a easily accessible format.

Pro tip… use these dropdowns in mobile to access the key posts:

I also removed a lot of clutter and listened to the very generous people who gave me feedback in a recent survey, and went with a lot of white space for easy readability.

New logo

Can we talk about how excited I am about the new logo?

I worked with the immensely talented Cameron King to create a fresh look. The NB icon combines a social media chat bubble with a book, essentially capturing what this whole shebang is about:

It was my first time working with a brand expert, and I’m very glad I did.

More to come

I’m still working out many of the kinks, especially given I completely switched over from Blogger to WordPress. Given the 1500+ posts and 150,000+ comments, to call that migration an ordeal would be a huge understatement. Many thanks to Reuven Etzion for his help with that.

Moving over to WordPress will give me a lot more flexibility to craft new resources and make the older content immensely more accessible.

Whew! This will also mark a return to a bit more of a regular schedule on the blog, though I’m going to be shaking things up a bit and focus a bit more on creating comprehensive resources than day-in-day-out posting.

In the meantime, SUGGESTIONS AND BUG SPOTTING VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Let me know what you think!


  1. Cate Townsend

    Love the new look! And the logo is great. Thank you for thinking of your readers. I do read most blogs on my phone so I appreciate the interface being geared toward making that easy.

  2. Jackie Cangro

    Looks terrific! I just had my website redesigned so I can appreciate how much work goes on behind the scenes.

    Your new posts showed up in my Feedly feed with no problem. I couldn’t figure out how to do that in the switch from to, so I had to ask everyone to resubscribe.

  3. Nate Hoffelder

    When I first saw the subscribe form on another post, i thought it was the comment form. It’s confusing.

    Also, something is interfering with the “notify” checkboxes located below the comment form.


    Congratulations on your redesign and new logo, which could also stand for ‘Nota Bene’! The size and white space are very evident on my 13 inch MacBook Air, so I can guess they are great on a phone and will help preserve the eyesight of the next generation, whom I often see peering at point blank range at their (not so!)smart phones.

    1,500 posts and 150,000 comments? Wow! Bravo to you for the former and praise/blame me for a fair few of the latter, including the last comment under the old format, which makes me famous. Not.

  5. G.B. Miller

    Seems that a lot of people are moving on from Blogger to other blogger platforms. Hopefully moving all those posts/comments with be smooth transition. WordPress is a pretty good blogging platform. I’m starting to kick myself for not moving over to WordPress from Blogger instead of moving to Tumblr.

  6. Sophia Martin

    Looks great, Nathan. And I really love the logo!

  7. abc



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