What do you wish existed in the publishing industry?

by | May 10, 2017 | Publishing Industry | 9 comments

Okay. So. You have a magic wand.

A practical magic wand, but a magic wand nonetheless. This wand can’t, say, give you a million dollars or a million wishes, but it can make one or more of your problems disappear.

What do you wish existed for your publishing journey?

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

A service that would write personalized queries to every agent in publishing. 

A marketing wizard to figure out how to do revenue-positive social media ads. 

A genie to write my novels for me (no really please help).

What would you create?

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  1. Janiss Garza

    You had me at "marketing wizard to figure out how to do revenue-positive social media ads!" I'm still working on that one.

  2. Brandon Schaffer

    Really all I want is a keyboard that interfaces directly to my brain so my hands stop hurting. Currently use voice to text but not a huge fan.

  3. jenn

    something like a fitbit only for writing. so when you've not written however many words in a certain period of time, the thing alerts you, in a kind but notable fashion, that you need to get off your ass.

  4. Tina OReilly

    I like Jenn's idea for a fitbit for writing. I wouldn't want something to write my novel, because that's the fun part. I'm all for the marketing wizard for social media ads!

  5. Em-Musing

    A wand to whisk away procrastination. Oh, and then a team of people to market my manuscripts.

  6. Hilary

    More author marketing collectives (maybe by genre?) so it's easier to tap into preexisting audiences

  7. Jen Roundell

    A software program that takes in a 100 000 word.story and spits out an awesome summary. There are several settings: 10 page, 3 page, book jacket blurb…

  8. Carl Welch

    Eternal immunity from prosecution for Victoria Strauss and the rest of the Writer Beware crew.


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