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This week! Books!

Thanks for tuning in for How I Write week! To recap:
Monday: How I Write
Tuesday: How I Edit
Wednesday: My Query Letter
Thursday: Why I Chose a Traditional Publisher

Next week is WONDERBAR publication week and I’ll be kicking off on Monday with a giveaway of some kind! And don’t forget, if you’re in the Bay Area next Friday please join me for the WONDERBAR launch party at Books Inc., Opera Plaza at 7pm. Here’s the invite, hope to see you there.

Fun fun!

Meanwhile, I caught a few links this week and here they be.

Lots of e-book news, and some of it came from CNET, where I am employed. First up, my colleague David Carnoy took a look at the new $114 ad-supported Kindle and found the ads unobtrusive and worth the savings. And although there doesn’t appear to be a new e-ink innovation on the horizon, B&N is rumored to be set to debut a new Nook, which will most likely be an e-ink version update rather than a new Nook Color.

I’ve long said that the idea that there’s no such thing as being “just an author,” and the New York Times has a great roundup of some author-as-self-promoting-brands of yore, including Herodutus paying for his own book tour in 440 BC. Self-promotion is as old as writing.

GalleyCat recently linked to the 10 most popular professions for romance novel heroes. I’m shocked SHOCKED that Social Media Manager didn’t make the list. I guess doctors and cowboys really do have all the fun. (Oh, and speaking of which, Amazon is now launching a romance imprint)

Agent Kristin Nelson has a great post on the art of the blurb request and how to go about that delicate task.

And Amanda Hocking has announced another deal with St. Martin’s for her previously published Trylle Trilogy. This will be interesting to track as she acknowledges that the e-book prices will be going up from where they are now, but they’ll probably still be lower than regular e-book prices.

This week in the Forums, I’m very pleased to announce that there’s a new deputy sheriff in town, Sommer Leigh will be a Forum moderator alongside Bryan Russell, fighting spambots and keeping things running smoothly. Congrats and thank you to Sommer! Also in the Forums this week: soliciting women’s fiction recommendations, topic #1,000 in the writing forum: do you panic as you reach the finish line?, do you warm up before writing, and, of course, a zombie-proof house!

And finally, via Tahereh Mafi’s amazing Tumblr feed, yeah…. This is exactly what it feels like to read a good book.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Laurel

    Loved "How I Write" week! Thanks a bunch.

  2. Mr. D

    I hope your launching party goes well. I'll be there if I can make it. San Francisco, after all, is only a half hour away!

  3. Ted Fox

    Boss making the romance novel hero list? That's just kind of depressing.

  4. Rebecca Kiel

    Great week of posts, Nathan. Nice work.

  5. Anonymous

    "I'm shocked SHOCKED that Social Media Manager didn't make the list."

    I am so going to do this in my next book.

  6. Mark Williams

    One small point on this week's blogs that have a bearing on every week's blogs.

    Not all your readers are in the USA, and terms like middle-grade, while we can hazard a guess as to the age group concerned, can be hard work.

    Social media experts are always extolling the wonders of reaching around the world, and the English language is a major factor making that happen.

    But not everyone speaks American!

  7. Mieke Zamora-Mackay

    I enjoyed reading your "How I Write" series this week. It was very enlightening.

    I personally enjoyed your post on why you chose to go with a traditional publisher.

    I am looking forward to having my copy of Jacob Wonderbar in my hands next week. I wish you luck with it.

  8. Kristin Laughtin

    "How I Write" week was great!

    Wow, the ads on the Kindle are not as intrusive as I would have expected; I was expecting them to be visible while reading as well. If I didn't already have one, I'd probably still spring for the $139 model, but this is good to know for some of my friends who are considering purchasing e-readers.

    And yes, that cat's face says it all! (Although I wish my cat would look that happy when I'm brushing him…although he does get that face when he's sleepy and cuddly. And now I sound like a cat person, even though I do prefer dogs.)

    And don't worry, I'm sure social media managers as romance heroes is the next big trend. And it will have more longevity than vampires, and possibly even space monkeys.

  9. L.G.Smith

    Great series this week. Thanks for sharing.

    Looking forward to launch week too.

  10. abc


    Sommer rules! (Bryan, too, of course)
    I love cats! (awwww)
    I don't read romance, but if I did, I think I'd want the man to be Professor That Wears Corduroy Jackets.
    Boss? Just generic "boss"? Like a boss…
    I have ordered Jacob Wonderbar and am very excited to dig into it with my seven year old daughter,


  11. Anonymous

    Thanks Nathan . Enjoy your weekend !

  12. Sommer Leigh

    I'm very excited and pleased and honored and overwhelmed and nervous but mostly excited by my new adventure. I am ready to do battle with spambots. *pats trusty raygun*

    I feel a little bit like a superhero.

    Thank you Nathan!

  13. JM Leotti

    Wish I lived in the Bay area! Waah!

    Have fun, Nathan, and congratulations again on your (multiple) book deal and publication with Penguin.

    I loved the entire series this week. Thanks again. Wishing you the very best!

  14. Other Lisa


    A. Love Maru.

    B. I realize that I am a little lazy about some stuff. But can someone explain Tumblr to me? I…don't get it. Do I need to? Am I going to have to Tumbl? I totally love Tweeting, so maybe I'd adapt to Tumbling, if I must…

  15. Marion

    Nathan's blog is always excellent, but this was a remarkable week.

    Mark W., I did a search in bing & came up with a ton of articles about "middle grade fiction". Anyway, I'm glad you figured it out.

  16. Marion

    Oh, and Nathan, get ready to pose for that romance-novel cover–if your wife will let you! She might not approve of the floozie with the decolletage.

  17. D.G. Hudson

    I noticed on that list of job types for those romantic guys, several ones are left out: the intellectual thinker, the writer, and the musician. (and did you ever notice that most of those occupations require a 'costume' of some type?) e.g., cowboy, doctor, king, knight. .) Say no more.

    I think you could extend the occupation 'boss' to mean Bruce Springsteen. He'd do fine as a romance type. And there are appealing bosses, but that's a sticky wicket to deal with. I think I've said enough.

    Sommer is a great pick to co-sheriff with Bryan, but are we getting rowdy in the forums that we need two? Or does Bryan want a holiday?

    Nathan, thanks for this week of sharing your writing process. This Yoda fan thanks you very much, she does.

    Have a great weekend!

  18. Sheila Cull

    Fabulous week of Post's (is post a proper noun? i've seen it used in lower and upper). You should write about your own (successful) writing more often.

    A Lucky Cull

  19. Mira

    OMG, Tahereh's picture is amazing. That's what I want my life to feel like. ALL THE TIME.

    This was a wonderful week, Nathan. I loved, loved, loved learning more about you.

    And not only that, but there's next week to look forward to! Yay! Not only on the blog, with a giveaway, but a certain book will be released that I have very much been looking forward to reading. Yay!

    I so wish I could come to the party, but I actually have a meeting for school. On a FRIDAY NIGHT. Truth! Proof that school really does sort of suck, if people had any doubt. But I will definitely be there celebrating in spirit.

    In terms of romance heros, I occasionally dip into romance reading, and I admit to never seeing Social Media Manager, which is truly a travesty. I have, however, quite often seen a hero who holds the enviable occupation of Writer. So there you go, Nathan.

    And Sommer as Sheriff! That is just terrific!! Kudos, Nathan, on choosing someone who will bring wonderful leadership to the forum. And congratulations to Sommer! That is so awesome that you have taken that role on, Sommer. What a great team you have, Nathan.

    Okay, back to work. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

  20. Anonymous

    Looking forward to next week.

  21. Paul Silver

    I thought it is interesting that your colleague David Carnoy took a look at the new $114 ad-supported Kindle and found the ads unobtrusive and worth the savings. I personally do not like the intrusion. On the other hand, it will be cool if they do start allowing e-ink.


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