This Week in Publishing 5/15/09

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This week in the publishing.

Not as many links this week! We can savor the few we have. Ahhh….

First off, there’s an ongoing charity auction benefiting author Bridget Zinn, who at just 31 was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Please check that out and bid if you can.

In friend-of-the-blog news, a major congratulations is in order to Aprilynne Pike, whose debut novel, WINGS, landed at #6 on the NY Times bestseller list! Congratulations, Aprilynne!

And in other friend-of-the-blog news, have you ever wanted to see your name in the acknowledgments section of a book? Check out Anne & May’s new contest, and you too could see your name in print.

The New York Times recently published and article about growing e-book piracy concerns in the new Kindle/Sony Reader era. Kassia Krozser at Booksquare was not impressed.

Meanwhile, the French unsurrendered their fight against Internet piracy and passed a law that cuts off Internet access to people who repeatedly pirate copyrighted material, and creates a government agnecy to enforce the rule. Tres interessant.

Sarah Palin got a book deal. No word on the advance, but I’m guessing it could buy a whole lot of moose meat.

My awesome client Jennifer Hubbard recently posited a really fascinating question about children’s book writing. Click over to see what it is.

And finally, in case you need proof that I have strange interests, behold this engrossing video that models all of the world’s plane flights in twenty four hours.

Have a great weekend! See some of you in Washington!


  1. Justine Hedman

    Thanks for the links Nathan, I’m going to read the link to Childrens books now.

    Why on earth would you care about watching a bunch of yellow dots flying around the world? Where did that come from?


  2. Marilyn Peake

    Thanks for the links, Nathan. Have a great weekend!

  3. Jil

    Wow, watching that airplane thing makes our world look as though it should be very itchy. Maybe storms are just the planet trying to clear the bugs off. Also, I worry about that one plane all by himself heading down to the bottom right corner. Maybe he thinks no one will notice his escape from the boring old route.

    Other weekend topics must wait. Thanks!

  4. Justine Hedman

    I’m not a political follower over all here in the States, but I really don’t understand why Parlament would be upset about a law passed in France. I would think that over all artist of all kinds whether musical/writen/or art would be happy about the first actual step toward stopping pirated copyrighted material. Sounds more like a power struggle to me.

    As far as the childrens reading is concerned I really believe that we should meld all of it together. There need to be books out there for kids that are fun, some that help you learn, and others that give the reader a reality check on how hard life can be. If we only had fluffy pink bunnies in kids books it wouldn’t help them with reality at all, if there were only hard pressed facts in a book- kids wouldn’t read it. A nice mixture makes for fun reading. Maybe that’s because I read any genre that has a book which peeks my interest.

    DIMA- I totally agree. *barf*

    Happy reading!


  5. T. Anne

    I love Aprilynne, I’m thrilled for her.

  6. Kirk K

    Hoping to have the opportunity to meet you this weekend at the SCBWI Conference in Redmond.

    I have been following your blog for some time and greatly enjoy it. There are many blogs out there but few are as insightful and relevant as yours.

    Thanks for the great read every day.


  7. Anonymous

    But Sarah Palin can’t even speak in complete sentences!

    How many real writers will have their work rejected because a huge chunk of advance money goes to someone like her?

    It’s a sad day.

    triple barf.

  8. Mira

    Congratulations AprilLynne! That’s wonderful!

    Thanks for all the links, Nathan – good reading.

    I hope you have fun in Washington. That must be hard though – work all week, and then conference all weekend. You have a tough schedule!

    Thanks again, too, for the interview with Ms. Hinton. That was awesome!

  9. Kimber An

    I’m hoping to snag WINGS for review.

    Governor Palin doesn’t need to buy moose meat. She packs heat.
    Well, okay, she does have to buy a hunting permit just like the rest of us Alaskans.

  10. Kristi

    Congrats to Aprilynne and thanks for the links, Nathan. I enjoyed Jennifer’s post regarding children’s books – I think it’s not an either/or issue but I’m also not a black and white thinker by nature. It’s basically the same as for adults – depending on your mood you may prefer a book that is escapist, literary, educational, etc. There’s a need for all kinds of books out there. Of course I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment on her post because it’s not through Google – I know, I know – I need to “consult my nearest teenager.”

    Happy Friday everyone! πŸ™‚

  11. Ian

    ‘Posited.’ I haven’t seen that word used since my university days. So, you have an academic background? Probably quite a good one, I should imagine. There’s something about the sound of ‘posited’ that I just don’t like though. I must admit I used it once in my own thesis, but I never felt comfortable with it and have never used the word again, until now.

  12. PurpleClover

    Am I missing something on the contest? I went to the link but found a blog post about A&D. Anyhoo, no biggie. Just curious what the contest was.

    Interesting question put forward by Jennifer. I find it difficult to provide an absolute answer since I favored certain parts of each.

    Thanks for the links. I actually lost the link to Bridget's blog and couldn't remember how I was referred there before.

  13. PurpleClover

    What would you do if Marilyn and I didn’t tell you when the links were missing/broken??

  14. PurpleClover

    Speaking of computers. My power cord died on my laptop and hubby and I had exactly two hours left on the battery to watch the LOST finale. I thought I would die everytime they showed another commercial. We kept watching the power button like a couple of crazies.

    I have mixed emotions about the finale but the two before…you’re right – they were full of awesome!

  15. Suzanne

    Congrats to Aprilynne, what an honor!

  16. Anne Dayton

    Thanks for linking to us, Nathan!

  17. karen wester newton

    I saw the NY Times article. Did you notice that all the authors quoted were speculative fiction writers? There were no quotes form the likes of Annie Proulx or Sue Monk Kidd. Was that because they don’t worry about piracy, or is it only spec-fic-loving geeks who know how to pirate books?

    Also, it wasn’t explicitly stated but it sounded like these copies were made by scanning print books. Maybe publishers will get the idea that there’s no point in not publishing in ebook form?

  18. Ink

    Am I the only one scared of the giant green ball thingy in Anne’s picture? I mean, it seems to have scales and spikes and tassles.

    Just curious. Maybe it’s just me.

  19. Scott

    Purple, I think your battery issue was the most exciting thing about Lost.

    Okay, to be fair, I only saw the first half of the first season. When I realized it wasn’t going to be some kind of cool danger island type thing with dinosaurs and instead saw it heading into “making it up as we go along for the advertising” territory, I bailed. But I still liked your story better than anything I’d seen. πŸ™‚

    Cool video, Nathan. Cheers.

    Word ver: jouscul n. 1. Where non-religious French people learn to spin dradles. (I’m here all week(

  20. Christine

    Alas, Sarah Palin can get a book deal when so many of us cannot. What’s wrong with this picture? At least I know Africa is a continent…when is that fifteen minutes of fame going to end?

  21. Cicily Janus

    I owe a beer or two or five to many a friend at Harper. Just so I can publicly declare this, I’m retracting my debts to all of you. Palin? Come on! LOL. Thanks for all your links Nathan.

  22. Dawn Maria

    Thanks for being my CNN Nathan! I’d never find all this information on my own.

  23. Cass

    TWIP, my favorite part of Friday (besides being the end of week for me)

    Thanks for the links Nathan.

    Looks like the sun came out for your visit this weekend.

  24. Vacuum Queen

    OK, I am so late to all of this and now you’re going to be 1 hour from me this weekend. WAH!!! Perhaps I’ll have my act together by next year and I’ll meet you then.

  25. terri

    PALIN?? I hope they get a 7th grader to ghostwrite it, at least the geography will be correct . . . and the politics more comprehensible . . . and the sense more common . . .

    Note to acquisition editors and whoever else is responsible for deals like this . . .

    Every time you give a grotesque advance to a celeb, psuedo and otherwise, an angel loses its wings. Please think twice and help save the angels.

    Otherwise, awesome post as always. And thank ya, thank ya, thank ya, for the awesome interview with S.E. Hinton. I went to law school at University of Tulsa and was totally jealous of the writing/publishing talent that was there when I couldn’t be.

  26. Anonymous

    Stop talking about LOST, I haven’t got to watch it yet!!! Covering my ears, I mean eyes.

    For those talking about Palin, maybe she communicates to the average citizen better by not using overdone words, and someone is smart enough to realize that.

  27. April Henry

    Bridget is actually 31. It’s kind of weird to see how this is morphing in cyberspace – some people are saying she has kids.

    But it is true she is a wonderful, warm human being who is way too young to have stage four colon cancer.


  28. Bane of Anubis

    Anon, I’m gonna talk about LOST here, but no spoilers… promise.

    PC – I’m digging lost – even though it jumped the shark a few years back (perhaps they can time travel and unjump it πŸ™‚ – a part of my atheist side wishes I remembered more of my biblical upbringing so I could get the parallels/references more readily (and w/o having to completely rely on chat boards πŸ™‚ – definitely liked the Flannery O’Connor placement in the finale – great author;

  29. Haste yee back ;-)

    airline traffic… loved the vid

    I watched all that gold dust falling into Hawaii as daylight spread across the Pacific… and wished! Kona no ka oi!

    Haste yee back πŸ˜‰

  30. Mira

    April – I’m very sorry to hear about Bridget Zinn. That’s tragic. It’s great that she has such a wonderful supportive community.

  31. Alex Green

    Do none of you have people in your lives – whom you respect – who actually like Sarah Palin? Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t vote for her (or Obama/Biden) I just find it fascinating that everyone in here bashes her and that certain audience. That audience you’re referring to happens to contain some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

  32. lettersfromlordship

    I think the Palin advance was $700,000.

    And the big green artichoke thing scared me too!

    Nathan, I love your weekly links. I learn a lot.

  33. lettersfromlordship

    Um. Never mind. I see that original estimates of Palin’s book value were more like 7 MILLION to 11 million. Don’t know where I got that other figure.

    Here’s Palin regarding her writing: “My journaling really ramped up when I found out that I was pregnant with Trig and then Track was going off to war and I found out Bristol was pregnant,” Palin said. “When we had those episodes in our lives come to the surface, it was very therapeutic for me.”

    Some argue that she is legally prohibited from making money on a book while holding the office of Governor of Alaska.

  34. Crystal Posey

    Did you know that you are called the Bransford Bug over on twitter? And apparently you bite people.

    Twitter comments from my fellow twitterfolk:

    The Tweet: “Anyone know how to say, “I love your blog, think you’re awesome. Represent me,’ in a way that doesn’t sounds like a stalker?”

    The Reply: “OH sigh… we all get bit by the bransford bug at one point or another–am I right?”


  35. Mira

    I don’t get it.

    What’s wrong with sounding like a stalker?

  36. Jenn Johansson

    Yay for Aprilynne! I just went to her launch party last night. She’s great and she totally deserves it! Yay! πŸ˜€

  37. Jill Lynn

    Book title for Sarah Palin: Of Moose and Men

  38. Crystal Posey


    Nothing. I’m sure he loves to be stalked. lol

  39. Matthew

    Mira —

    It’s now officially a toss-up between whether I like Nathan’s blog or your comments more. Before it was pretty much a dead heat … now not so much.

    I read about the Palin advance, turned to co-worker, and said “See? This is what’s wrong with publishing.” Not because she shouldn’t get a book deal, but because like someone else said, this means the publisher won’t spend the money on an unproven author who may be the next Steinbeck (a guy can dream, can’t he?).


    P.S. And yes “Of Moose and Men” meant I had to go for Steinbeck. So πŸ˜›

  40. Bane of Anubis

    Bryan, I want whatever Kool-aid you’re drinking πŸ™‚

    Also, for all you “The Road” junkies, there’s a new trailer out for the upcoming movie:

    The folks over at RottenTomatoes seem to be up in arms – something about the trailer not reflecting the book and attracting the wrong crowd (I’m guessing teenagers)…

  41. Laurel

    I have a different take on the Palin deal. She got a big fat advance because somebody thinks she’ll make them some money. They don’t pay advances or royalties from a static pile of money somewhere.

    Love her or hate her, if the book makes a big pile of money that is MORE money the publisher has to spend on new authors. Not less. And since they aren’t in the biz to lost money I suspect they are planning on making plenty.

  42. Mira


    I’m glad you understand. Stalkers have definitely gotten a bad wrap. So few people look past the severe mental health issues to the potential beneath – you know, free labor. People who will do your chores for you without complaining.

    Heck, they’ll BEG you to do your chores. Wish I had a stalker. My sock drawer needs organizing.


    you warmed the cockles of this unpublished author who hasn’t even written anything’s heart. But you’re looking at this the wrong way. Nathan and I are a team. As in he provides this open forum for authors, with interesting discussion topics and links and interviews (!), and fun contests, and encouragement and advice.

    Then I give him a hard time and he is veeerrryy patient about the whole thing, and doesn’t delete my posts TOO often.

    See how this works? It’s togetherness.

  43. PurpleClover

    Scott –

    Did you stick around for the attack polar bears and black passover type thingie?? I must admit it had a LOOONNGGG stint during the writers strike that it felt like they were making it up as they go (and they were and still are I think) but they’ve managed to come full circle quite nicely. Except for the finale. All I will say is, “Can they make up their freakin’ minds what ‘side’ they are on already??? How many times are they going to change their minds. This all takes place within a day…seriously!”

    Bane – Wow, I’m an avid reader of the bible and I have to admit I had no idea they were doing that many biblical references. I will only say that the black “thing” reminded me of the passover and ben reminded me of the prodigal son’s jealous older brother. Hmph. Now I’m going to overanalyze everything. Thanks Anubis! πŸ˜›

    I admit I am still disappointed at the finale. But that is all I’ll say. I really thought it was a bunch of fluff. Though I cried when Sawyer cried. But I always cry when men do. Except Jack. He’s just a winer baby.

  44. PurpleClover

    Do you like how I kept saying “all I will say” and then continued to ramble.

    That’s all I’m going to say.

    Except my veri word is “firerat”…cool. Maybe that should be on lost. Flying fire rats.

  45. Crystal Posey


    I don’t have a stalker either, but I do have kids. Doesn’t quite work the same way, but gets the job done.

  46. A Paperback Writer

    I just went to a reading for Aprilynne Pike and Wings last night. (see my blog if you want pics and such) I was seriously surprised at how few people showed up, considering her placement on the NY Times list. The event was well-advertized, and the bookstore has hosted huge crowds for both Stephenie Meyers and Alexander McCall Smith in the past.
    Perhaps Pike just isn’t famous enough yet. But, seriously, there were 30 people there tops, and most of them appeared to be her relatives and neighbors.
    Oh well. Wings is quite a fresh take on fairies, and it’s a very nice debut book.

  47. Chuck H.

    So, you’re gonna be in Washington, eh? Sorry, can’t make it but that invite to come on out to Missourah (or is it Misery?) is still open.

    Thanks for all you do. Have a good weekend.

  48. Bane of Anubis

    PC – Bullseyes or Venn Diagrams? – that concentration around New Zealand worries me – that’s where one of those super volcanoes is supposed to exist (and will likely explode in 2012 when the world comes to an end – don’t mess with the Mayans)

  49. Bane of Anubis

    Nathan, how should one categorize one’s story (toward agents) if it kind of fits into two realms (in my case, I could call it fantasy or literary horror)?

    I’m not actually defining it in the query, but I like defining the genre in the subject line. Is it better to go w/ a 1 genre descriptor or is it alright to slash it (e.g., fantasy/horror)?

    Thanks for any help/insight you can provide (as you can probably tell, I enjoys slashes :).

  50. Jen C

    I loved the LOST finale, but then that was to be expected. They can do no wrong in my eyes. (Except maybe for Faraday, my fave character, but I’m sure he’ll be back in one way or another next season anyway). It wasn’t as good as Season 3 finale, which is probably my all time favourite episode of any show ever. It’s like, I had an inkling of what was going on, but when they did the big reveal I was so beside myself that I cried for like 2 hours afterwards due to the sheer brilliance of it.

    Anyhow, Well done to Aprilynne!

    I don’t have much to say about writing today…. I’m off to watch that air traffic vid again. That was all different kinds of awesomeness!

  51. Jen C

    PS has anyone checked out Wolfram Alpha? Excellent search engine tool, wonderful if you’re in the researching stage of anything (I always seem to be in the research stage!).

    It’s at

    I tried posting a link but it went awry and I’m too in need of a chocolate break to worry about fixing it!

  52. Ink


    Mmmmm, Kool-Aid…

    And thanks for The Road linkage. I’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it…

    My best,

  53. Ink

    Purple Clover,

    That earthquake link was as interesting as Nathan’s flight simulation. Did you see there was already a 6.7 today in the Melanesian islands? 6.7 is getting sort of significant. And a few 4.5s in Sichuan, China. Makes you a little nervous…

    My best,

  54. Anonymous

    Sarah Palin doesn’t need to BUY moose meat. She can use the funding to launch her campaign for the presidency in 2012.

    The prospects of a Sarah Palin book are amusingly promising – what if she embarrasses herself in print as stupendously as she did on live TV? Seems less likely, but truth is stranger than fiction.

  55. Chuck H.

    Who is this Sarah Palin of whom you all speak so disparagingly?

  56. Lori Benton

    Having my name mentioned in other writers’ acknowledgments is the closest I’ve come to being published. Can we mention these in query letters?

    Just kidding.

    My heart goes out to Bridget. I had stage 2 cancer at age 30. Didn’t see that coming.

  57. Anonymous


    I’m with you, none of my family likes Jack “the hero”. Sawyer is awesome. But I definitely saw the connectiones to the bible. I have thought it was purgatory from the beginning. Faraday will come back, I think.


  58. Anonymous

    Anon 6:47,

    I missed Sarah embarrassing herself. What did she do? I guess I see things differently than most people.

  59. Ink

    Anon 8:23,

    Palin embarassed herself in every non-scripted interview she had to give. That is, whenever she had to answer questions that she didn’t know beforehand (and thus have time to memorize scripted answers) she failed to answer them intelligently or competently. Sometimes, laughingly so. It was kind of hard to watch, really. McCain really had to smile through some of her answers. Felt a little bad for her, truth be told, but there was no ignoring that away from canned speeches (and she can deliver a speech) she looked woefully out of her depth.

    And I’m Canadian, so not speaking from any particular point of view on American politics. Non-partisan! We’re soon going to invade and take over, anyway, so… oops, wasn’t supposed to leak that. Ignore. Non-partisan, yeah. Just your friendly neighbourhood Canuck here, eh?

    Bryan Russell

  60. Bane of Anubis

    Bryan, when you invade, could you please bring Terence and Philip with you?

    And what’s up with all the Jack hate? What sort of pressure has Sawyer had to deal with in his life? Oh well, I always liked Luke Skywalker a little more than Han, too (b/c if I were gonna emulate one of them, it’d be the “hero”)

    But you ladies like your reformed bad boys, eh? (j/j, sort of πŸ™‚

    And the prevailing theory I’m seeing nowadays is some sort of Jacob/Esau parallel.

  61. Ink


    They infiltrated ages ago.

  62. KayKayBe

    I enjoyed the planes- I was surprised they had so many more flights in Europe…until the sun went down on Paris, and came up in LA, and then the US was glowing. It gave me that same ‘wow. there’s a lot of people on this planet’ feeling I always get when I fly. I love that.

  63. Jen C

    B of A, I don’t get the Jack hate either. I always loved Sawyer in the first couple of seasons, but then I thought Jack became a much more interesting character when he started to really fall apart, and Sawyer became less so when he started getting his act together.

    The compelling characters are always my favourites, hence Faraday and Ben being at the top of my list.

  64. PurpleClover

    Man, I seriously need to get another power cord asap! I’m missing great convo’s!

    Bane – I really LOVE venn diagrams but I’m very anal and like all things feng shui so I’d take a bullseye over a venn. They just seem so…contained. Is that what you were asking?

    Whoa – Skywalker? The winiest of the winer babies! lol. I’m a total Han-ie. Plus I’m a total Harrison Ford-ie. He can do no wrong. So maybe some of us girls like the reformed bad-boys? So what? Just eye candy…we know who to settle down with in the long run! hehe. KIDDING! sorta… πŸ˜‰

    And yeah, the earthquakes in NZ worry me. I’m sure we are in for a rude awakening at some point. It’s so addictive (and scary!) to watch those things!

    Ink – scary indeed! You wonder if some of them are so far down they don’t feel them all the time? I mean it just registered some large ones recently in southern Cali (how often do Californians feel earthquakes really?? – Just curious for any that want to answer? Mira? Nathan? Who else?? haha)

    Jo – I forgot about the purgatory thing! I’m not Catholic so that is probably why I forgot but thanks for the reminder! How could I forget that??! I was thinking that in the beginning but it slipped my mind…stinkin’ writers strike. Oh wait…I’m a writer. I mean, I mean…stinkin people that pay the writers. πŸ˜‰

  65. Anonymous

    So Sarah Palin’s embarrassment comes from the interview with Dianne Walters?

    I saw her in person, and thought she did an excellant job with her speeches, and speaking to the press afterwards. Every politician has their awkward moments on tv. The less experience you have at it, the harder it is. Even our new president has screwed up several times.

    Hate is a strong word. The Jack dislike comes from his self-importance. I can’t stand that in people. Fastest way to earn my dislike is to think your opinion is more important than everyone elses.

  66. PurpleClover

    With their flapping heads and beady little eyes.

  67. Mira

    Crystal Posey – yes, I agree. Kids are a good second choice.

    Stalkers are a bit better, though. It’s those darn child labor laws.

    But there’s nothing in the law that says you can’t enslave somone who thinks their world revolves around you.

    I checked.

  68. Mira


    Small earthquakes provide us with entertainment. We all compare notes, and talk about where we were when that small earthquake happened, and how crazy we are to live in California. Then we admit that it’s nice not to have to worry about blizzards, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos and locust.

    It’s also fun to tease people who are new to California. They tend to be a bit jittery.

    Big earthquakes (and I’ve been in 3) are awful.

    But like all natural disasters, you just go on with your life.

    Personally, I’m much more worried about the Canadian invasion. I’ve always suspected those Canadian were up to something – they’re so peaceful. Nothing says “imminent invasion’ like a nation of nice people who are all minding their own business.

    Ink, when are you invading? It would help if I had some hard data.

  69. Laurel


    The Canadians can invade all they want as long as they bring beer.

  70. Mira


    Excellent point.

  71. Yamile

    Thanks for the links Nathan. I’m so excited about Aprilynne! The book looks fantastic, and what do you know? She’s from Utah! Maybe there’s something in the water that will help me with my story :0)
    Have a good weekend!

  72. Mira

    You know, I’ve been going through old posts from previous months. I collected some of my old clips to see if I could make them into something bigger sometime.

    The fun part was reading posts by people who I now know well. At the time, I didn’t know them from Adam. But now it’s like – oh, look! There’s Ink, there’s Wanda, there’s Laurel, there’s P.C., Jen C, Bane, Jil, SS@S, Alex, Rick D., Marilyn and so many more. It’s totally fun to see how I’ve gotten to know other writers here.

    Oh, and then there’s that guy Nathan. I see him alot too. He has some good things to say. Worth reading.

  73. Haste yee back ;-)

    Ink, Purple,
    I made love to my wife this morning in the Melanesian Islands, (an off-off the strip motel in Vegas)… she gave my performance a 6.7!

    Haste yee back πŸ˜‰

  74. starduster

    It seems to me that the only books selling these days are simple teenage romance novels and novels about simple-minded moose and wolf puppy slayers. Ggggs…gimme a break will yuh.

  75. Jil

    We Canadians are all around you, watch out!

  76. starduster

    Jil…Oops…I was under the impression that Alaska was one of the states. Canada…now a state? Huh? I shake in my rattlesnake cowboy boots.

  77. Jil

    Starduster, I was replying to Mira’s post.No, Canada is definitely not a state but we do bring beer so all’s well.

  78. Mira

    Jil – you’re Canadian?

    That makes sense because: You’re so nice.

    This just gets more and more suspicious.

  79. Jil

    Aw, shucks, Mira…

    Heh, heh!

  80. Ink


    The invasion’s on Thursday.

  81. Ink

    And we figured Weapons of Mass Destruction are out, and beer distraction in. Every Canadian soldier will have two full cases of Canadian beer for deployment. Considering the higher alcohol content, we figure our troops will be walking through unresisting meadows full of inebriated Americans. We call it Operation Molson Horse.

    And, you know, resistance is futile. It’s beer. Your Achilles Heel has finally been discovered.

  82. PurpleClover

    Mira – I see your point. I find I’d rather be in a hurricane (as I’ve been through at least 3 myself) than in an earthquake, tornado, volcano, etc. Funny how wherever you live has some effect on your feelings towards the natural disasters that plague the area.

    Everyone else – as a wife of a Canadian and mother to two CanAms, I’d say they infiltrated a long long time ago. They know our weaknesses. Mine – Molson and Tim Hortons coffee…and hockey players. πŸ˜‰ YUM!

  83. Crystal Posey


    Child labor laws? Hahaha. Oh no, not in my house.

  84. Jen C

    I’ve been in 2 little earthquakes here in Melbourne in the past few months, my first ever. They were quite exciting, but the second one I freaked out a little bit because I was at work, on the top floor of a high-rise in the city and I kept imagining the building falling down! I’d rather no natural disasters at all, thanks!


    It must have been fun going back through all of the comments! I love the comment section of this blog.

    Word Veri – Hicks. I think they mean you…

  85. Mira

    Crystal Posey,

    Lol. πŸ™‚

    Jen C.

    It was! I liked reading everyone’s comments, now that I knew who they were. Totally different perspective.


    Yes, I agree. It’s all what you’re familiar with. Frankly, a hurricane would terrify me.


    You’re right.

    You win.

    Thank God. We can all have health care now.

    But I learned something today. I didn’t know that Canadian beer has a higher alcohol content. Well. No wonder you guys are so nice.

  86. Crystal Posey


    Uh oh. Nathan’s stalkers just took it to a whole new level. He has his own hashtag! #iheartbransford

    LOL! So funny.

  87. Winter Hansen

    It was a pleasure to meet you after your Q&A session at the Seattle conference. You deserve a medal for doing so many in a month! Thanks again for making the effort to help writers everywhere realize their dreams.

  88. Julie Wright

    YAY Aprilynne! She’s totally deserving


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Hi, I’m Nathan.Β I’m the author ofΒ How to Write a NovelΒ and theΒ Jacob WonderbarΒ series, which was published by Penguin. I used to be a literary agent at Curtis Brown Ltd. and I’m dedicated to helping authors chase their dreams.Β Let me help you with your book!

My blog has everything you need to know to write, edit, and publish a book. Can’t find what you need or want personalized help?Β Reach out.


I’m available for consultations, edits, query critiques, brainstorming, and more.



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