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We lost another great writer this week, David Halberstam, who wrote about history, sports, politics and a lot of other things I find very interesting (and a lot of other people too). The Times obit is here, and the Sports Guy has a heartfelt appreciation of Halberstam’s BREAKS OF THE GAME here.

MJ Rose consulted with an honest-to-god ad man for the seventh installment of The Ad Man Answers, which features a super-awesome multicolored funnel explaining the progression from awarness to sales that I stared at for about forty minutes. Aside from the awesomeness of the funnel (which should not be underestimated), the post, of course (this is MJ Rose’s blog, we’re talking about here), has some really good advice on brand awareness and how that relates to books. Check it out here.

The Edgar Awards came and went, and believe it or not, no forensic pathologists were forced to chase a reclusive serial killer leaving tantalizing clues during the ENTIRE ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners anyway.

First there were mommies. Then there were mommy wars. Now comes the war about the books about the mommy wars. On the heels of a controversial New York Times article on mommy war books and sales, Galleycat has coverage of the mommy counteroffensive. The lesson, as always: you don’t mess with the mommies.

And finally, get ready for the summer of Princess Diana. In, uh, commemoration of the 10th anniversary of her death, according to the Wall Street Journal there will be…. wait for it….. 14 BOOKS PUBLISHED ON DIANA THIS SUMMER!!! 14!!!! Do you know how many books will be written this summer on the Hills, the NBA, monkeys, query letters, literary agents and “for the love of God will Jim and Pam ever get together,” combined???? (Answer: Not 14.)

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. sex scenes at starbucks

    Apparently one way to leap past Consideration and Intention into sales is with Controversy.

  2. EA Monroe

    Nathan, I recently discovered your blog and I wanted to thank you for all the up-to-date information and links you provide. I enjoy reading your posts and learning more about writing and publishing.

  3. alternatefish

    For some reason I want the Jim and Pam problem to be in haiku form. A book of Jim and Pam haikus? Actually now that I think about it, Dwight haikus might be more entertaining.

    Sorry, I’m rambling tonight. Just wanted to say that I’ve recently discovered your blog and am greatly enjoying it. Thanks.


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