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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Query mastery! Hone your research and pitch

In my post on Monday, I mentioned a service called Query Mastery but wanted to do a full post to make sure you knew about it.

Query Mastery is an awesome service created by my friends Natasa Lekic (former editor and founder of NY Book Editors) and Rachel Stout (former agent at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret), which provides live sessions, modules, resources, and community to help you hone your pitch.

Fun fact: Rachel and Natasa met at a party in my apartment! So I've been involved with this from the start.

To find an agent and publisher, it's crucial to research agents well, hone your pitch, and write a killer query letter.

Query Mastery helps you do this via:
  • Rachel's system for researching agents
  • Live coaching sessions
  • In-depth training modules on the query process, including query and synopsis writing, researching agents, and choosing the right keywords to market your book
  • Permanent access to cheat sheets and other resources
  • An exclusive Facebook group to connect with other authors
There's also a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't feel satisfied with what you've learned.

And bonus: I just recorded a Query Mastery bonus session on honing your pitch!

Curious to learn more? There's a video intro on the Query Mastery home page that introduces Rachel and gives you an overview of the program.

The query process can be some daunting business, but this service will help you feel confident you have everything you need. Check it out!

I’m available for manuscript edits, query critiques, and consultations! And if you like this post, check out my guide to writing a novel.

Full disclosure: I receive an affiliate commission via the links to NY Book Editors and Query Mastery, but I believe in these services. I mean, like I said, Natasa and Rachel met at a party at my apartment, and I've provided feedback on both services. Click freely!


abc said...

I can definitely offer high praise for Rachel Stout!

JOHN T. SHEA said...

Very interesting, Nathan! You must have an inspirational apartment.

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