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Monday, May 22, 2017

How will you publish your work in progress? The results!

So. How are people planning to publish their work in progress? How does that compare to years past?

Let's get to it!

Our starting place was 2013, where the percentage going traditional-only was 22% and self-publishing die-hards were 10%.

That largely held in 2014...

The biggest change in 2015 was a rise in the number of people who were eschewing traditional, which rose to 15%:

So what happened this year?

The results largely held. About 16% of people are self-publishing only, whereas the traditional-then-self crowd is pretty stable at 43%.

With the obvious caveat that these results are unscientific, what do you make of this? Have we reached traditional/self-publishing stasis? Will we see a shift in the next year?

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Art: Um tipografia by Jost Amman


Dick Margulis said...

The stability from year to year is interesting. I wonder if the results differ by genre. I suspect nearly all of your respondents are authors of fiction or literary nonfiction (memoir, mostly). But if you do have some diversity in your readership, maybe next year you could segregate the answers into two or three piles.

Another way of segregating results would be first-time authors vs. previously published.

Could be revealing.

JOHN T. SHEA said...

Those guys in the picture seem to be writing, printing, and reading the book all at the same time. Probably medieval self-publishers.

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