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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Which topics/features would you like to see on the blog?

In case you noticed, things have picked up around here, and I'm aiming for that to continue. I'm planning to devote much more time and energy toward making this into the best possible community for writers on the Internet.

Lofty goals!

In order to do that, I need your help. Your comments are so so appreciated. I read every one and take them all very seriously. So please, tell me...

What would you like to see more or less of? Any new features you'd like to see?



Revamped newsletter?


I'm curious about the community elements too. Would you keep up the Forums? Start a Facebook Group?

What would be most helpful to you?

Thanks again!

I’m available for manuscript edits, query critiques, and consultations! And if you like this post, check out my guide to writing a novel.

Art: The Perfume Maker by Rudolf Ernst


abc said...

I always love critiques, but I'm pretty happy with how you run the blog. I like the diverse content. I love the interviews and the thoughts about writing. I wouldn't mind more thoughts on writing, actually. Storytelling in general.

Maya Prasad said...

I enjoy the critique and craft posts. Even though I feel as if I've read so much about craft, I feel that you have a really great touch for reducing elements to something that feels totally doable. I have often pointed other writers to your blog, usually newbies but even more experienced writers for particular topics. I also really like This Week in Books, in particular links to trends/questions/controversies in publishing. More backstage information from agents and editors could be cool.

Dan Stout said...

I agree with the comments from Maya and abc. I enjoy the craft posts, and always try to catch the This Week in Books posts to see what's been going on while I've been typing away.

For me, Facebook groups have largely replaced forums. But I know that many people choose not to use Facebook or don't have access.

Hilary said...

Thirding Maya's comment: critique and craft posts with increased info from agents and editors to help us stay on top of the publishing world.

JOHN T. SHEA said...

I kind of assumed the Forums quietened down after you retired as an agent. But every time I go on the Forums now I am reminded that “Most users ever online was 127 on 21 Nov 2013, 14:58”, i. e. three years after you stopped agenting. So you wear your writing, editing, and social media hats just as well as you wore your agent hat.

I've grown to like Facebook, though I don't know much about Facebook groups. I like both this blog and the Forums as they are and would not want the Forums replaced by a Facebook group.

I thoroughly commend your 'lofty goals' but would keep non-writing readers in mind too. They are our ultimate customers after all.

JOHN T. SHEA said...

Nathan, I forgot to mention your hedge fund hat, but I don't know much about gardening.

Alan Drabke said...

Maybe you should friend Mark Dawson. Mark is a successful self published author. Better still he enjoys teaching the ins and outs of advertising on Facebook and Amazon.
Maybe he would like to talk to you on a podcast about your services as an editor / promoter.

wendy said...

More critiques please, Nathan. You articulate just the right thing to improve someone's work in the most encouraging way.

Cristen Bopp said...

I was initially drawn to your blog because your posts clarify the absolute basics of getting into writing professionally in an encouraging way. Your sincerity is obvious and appreciated. You may attain best possible community for writers sooner than you think.

Critiques, YES Please! I write creatively with ease and almost limitless ideas. The formal query letter has been a challenge. I was experiencing a groundhog day movie loop until recently. :)

Marketing - not so much.

Newsletters - If that means how to write one that readers will engage with fully then, yes. I have too many ideas and my newsletters can be long if I'm not careful. Sometimes I also feel pressed for perfection - v just hitting the publish button. When do you let it go?!?!

The recent interview was funny and informative and I read it till the end - Yes, more please, especially literary agents.

I have never looked into the forum. I will find it/check it out.

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