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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Enter for a chance to have your page or query critiqued!

Over the weekend, I sent the fabulous subscribers of this blog a survey. One of the main things these lovely individuals told me is that they wanted to bring back page and query critiques.


(Oh - are you not an email subscriber? Well then you just might want to click here).

In order to give everyone a fresh shot at having their page critiqued, I started new threads in the Brand Spanking Newly Redesigned and De-Spamified Forums (and my heartfelt apologies to the regulars for the previous neglect).

If you've entered your page or query before, you'll need to enter again. (This way we're not critiquing people from, like, five years ago, who knows what they're up to these days).

Enter your query or first page here for a chance to have your work critiqued publicly for free:
Nominate Your First Page for a Critique
Nominate Your Query for a Critique

I'll plan to do these critiques about once a week.

And if your critiquing needs are more pressing, I'm offering edits and consultations!

Art: Die Würfelspieler by Claus Meyer


JOHN T. SHEA said...

Thanks for reviving the Bransforums, Nathan, which bring back happy memories!

Meanwhile, three of the four gamblers in your pic should be wary of the fourth, the only one with the good sense to NOT wear his hat indoors...

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