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Friday, March 31, 2017

How are you feeling about Trump?

Around time of the election, I had some very interesting political conversations in the comments section of these posts:
Looking back at the conversations, Trump opponents were drinking the panic juice and Trump proponents seemed pretty optimistic he was a different kind of politician who would drain the swamp.

How's everyone feeling three months later? Honest question.

Has anyone changed their minds about their vote? Are you feeling surprised or unsurprised by what's happened so far?

And oh yes, should reader ABC move to Canada?


joannehuspek said...

Perhaps Jacob Wonderbar should have been elected president? I'm afraid the swamp is too swampy for even this guy. Holding my breath.

Nathan Bransford said...


When I look at those cabinet appointments it sure seemed to me like people elected Swamp Thing to drain the swamp.

David said...

He's even ghastlier, stupider, and more incompetent, horrifying, damaging, and embarrasing than I had feared.

Other than that, no problem.

Stephen Parrish said...

I'll echo what David said. I predicted Trump would turn out to be the worst president in American history. Not only have I not changed my mind, he achieved that distinction in only his first month.

David Kazzie said...

yep David nailed it.

At best, he's an incompetent, bigoted, misogynistic, corrupt, and dishonest sexual predator.

At worst, he's a traitor, and I mean traitor under the actual definition of treason.

If you support Trump, you are dead to me.

JOHN T. SHEA said...

What is this 'Trump' you speak of?

JOHN T. SHEA said...

Isn't Jacob Wonderbar the President of the whole UNIVERSE already?

ABC should live wherever she pleases, but Iowa was good enough for Captain Kirk to be born in, wasn't it? I mean won't it be? When he is born in the future? Oh wait...he's fictional...

But seriously, Nathan's posts are well worth a reread, particularly 'THE END OF TRUTH'.

abc said...

Yes, I do need help with this. I like Iowa City, but it's a small blue bathroom in a red house. Crazier and scarier state legislation is passing. And I'm not being hyperbolic when I say I worry about raising a girl to grow up in the new world we are creating. Chaos and misery is especially unkind to women. Oppression is especially unkind to women. It's really hard to move, especially to another country, but if you could, would you do it? And if you had to stay in the U.S. presuming it is isn't going to get better any time soon, would you go to where there is the most blue (Oregon? Washington? Vermont?)? Thanks, internet peeps!

Ximera Grey said...

He literally disgusts me. At this point it's a physical reaction. The damage he is doing is immeasurable.

I am incredibly proud of the individuals in this country who have fought back and continue to fight back. Seeing the left states prepare to go to war over his hateful policies gives me a glimmer of hope.

But, that said, I don't think this country can be saved. Not really. The populace is divided with NO common ground. I used to think we just came at issues from different perspectives, but ultimately, we wanted the same things. Nope. There is a huge percentage of people here who absolutely do not want anything like what I want -- and frankly, I don't want anything to do with them.

I've given up. Privilege gives me choices. My money and I are leaving. House goes on the market in the next two weeks, and when it closes, we're off to Mexico.

Ximera Grey said...

ABC, I really am moving, but I have an advantage most people don't have: My husband and I BOTH work remotely. Moving to Mexico is actually quite easy IF you don't need to work within the country.

We're also getting permanent residence visas for Canada in case the "administration" screws up relations with Mexico. Those visas are more difficult (and expensive), but we'll make it.

Mexico is our first choice. We absolutely love it there, and the people are so incredibly welcoming. We're starting in San Miguel de Allende, which has a large, established ex-pat population. We're not moving to Mexico to hang out with Americans, but the group is helpful and will make it easier to get our feet under us as we learn Spanish.

Nathan Bransford said...

San Miguel de Allende is amazing. Love it there, and make sure to go to the writers conference!

Anonymous said...

Hyllary would have been worse.

Mary Kate said...

Worse than I was expecting, which is saying something. I'm just hoping all this Russia stuff actually gets him impeached.

And thoughtful, responsible Americans who are not in any direct danger from this administration should not be moving away because of Trump. We need to stay here and fight to get our country back.

Nathan Bransford said...


How would Hillary have been worse? Honest question. Play the first 70 days of a Hillary presidency forward for me.

Vinny said...

Brave question. Remember much of what Trump is doing is what Republicans have longed for. These policies would have come forward if it was Cruz or Rubio so I can't say I'm happy. It's going about as I expected a huge spectacle that some are panicking over and others are writing off. Ultimately history will decide but right now I does look to me like we are going backwards with our energy policies, environment, and human rights.

Jon Aspen said...

As the saying goes, 'tis always darkest before the dawn (which isn't really true, but I digress). Anyway, what we're really seeing is NOT the ascendency of Trump as much as the last desperate gasp of politics as dictated by the Reagan-era conservatives.

In a recent interview, political scientist Corey Robin asserted that it took decades of conservative activism starting in the 1950s to get to Reagan. But they had a strangehold since then. All presidents after him, including Clinton and Obama, still operated within the "Reagan frame" of constantly reducing taxes, constantly preaching that government can't do anything right, and so on.

Another way to say it is that Obama (and his incrementalism) was really the last Democrat that will be chained to the present conservative era. That tide is about to turn...but first we have to get through the darkest part of the night.

Whirlochre said...

Inevitable oppression switched out for anarchy.
How foolish we were to be so panicky.

Neurotic Workaholic said...

I live in a town full of Trump supporters, and due to the nature of my job, I have to be careful about what I say about him, when what I really want to do is just scream and scream and scream.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed so far for many different reasons, and I voted for Trump. Clearly, he has given up on healthcare reform, and his backup plan is to let Obamacare implode just to prove the point that it inevitably will. The problem is that he cares more about what (clueless) people think, and less about actually fixing healthcare. I don't really care about proving a point to people who don't get it. I care about affordable healthcare for my family. And I'm not looking forward to seeing more and more families suffer due to his inaction.

And yes, he also hasn’t “drained the swamp” the way I’d hoped. But I guess at least democrats aren’t pretending there isn’t a swamp to drain anymore. So that's something.

Also, I'm not the one who brought up Hillary, but I'll answer that question, Nathan. I think it's fair to say that Hillary represented (among other things) the status quo. Status quo for you and millions of others was a great thing. However, for me and millions of others, the status quo was a terrible thing. Therefore, no matter what Trump does, no matter how badly he lets us down, you will still have millions of Americans who are breathing a sigh of relief that at least Hillary is not our president. At least we tried.

I think the baseless hysteria of a lot of leftists is ultimately a good thing for our country, politically speaking. It will lead to more rational proof-based thinking, and will breed more moderate views. I’ve already seen this start to happen in my politically diverse social circle. So, while at first I found the baseless hysteria to be an obnoxious consequence of Trump winning the election, I now tend to welcome it.

Lastly, yes, of course ABC should move to Canada, no question. As a mother, it's her responsibility to look out for the best interest of her child, and if she believes that living in America is a detriment or danger to her daughter, she should put her child first and move to a safe country. I'm not even sure why she's asking the question. It basically boils down to "Should I put my child in harms way?" Who in their right mind would answer "yes" to that question??

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you asked this, and I hope more Trump supporters will weigh in, because I honestly want to know if they are seeing the positive change they voted for.

So far I've seen lots of negative impacts on people's lives and well-being. But are there any positive impacts? I don't mean executive orders; I mean real change. Has anyone received better or cheaper healthcare because of the new administration? Or gotten a new job or higher pay because of it? Or received better government services or paid lower taxes? Whose quality of life has improved and how?

If you say it's too soon to see those effects, that's fair. But I'll have those same questions going forward. What *good* things are happening?

Madara said...

OK, I'll bite. I can't say I am a hardcore supporter, but I voted for Trump.

I thought I would enjoy watching the left-leaning media eat some crow, but it's been just sad. If the President of the United States is causing you physical and psychological issues you need to take a breath. Maybe check out for a while. It'll be OK. Trust me.

I'm not surprised by how little or how much he's accomplished. I didn't expect things to move quickly. I am disappointed the GOP couldn't work with Obama to make some real changes to health care and now not having a viable plan ready, but I can't say I'm surprised. They spend eight years as obstructionists and now it's the Dems turn. That's my rub with politics, I though we are all on the same team. I vote for who I think is best for the country and that's what I did. (I voted for Obama twice so there's that).

Cristen Bopp said...

Are we living in a dystopian circus? I almost pinch myself when I read the news or hear about his latest executive order. OR RUSSIA? And now, this finally - I think he will be impeached sooner than we think. We are in a mess; I hope that we can make it out safely.

Linda O'Connell said...

Don John the con can take his cronies and go!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why you and your abc are mocking me for a legitimate question (that did not get posted by you, obviously, so you are hiding behind a façade, Nathan.)

Just because I asked a question about writing LGBTQ+ characters when I don't feel comfortable writing them does not mean that I am a Trump supporter. (Which is, I am assuming, why you posted the link to the comment on your other post under this particular post.)I simply don't feel that I can catch the essence of a character with those struggles. I cannot even fathom how to write one. Why is that something to be mocked?

I have been declined by several agents due to the fact that I did not have diverse sexualities in my book. In fact, one told me it was the only reason she was passing on the manuscript. For that reason, I was humbly asking your advice when you wrote a blog post on following the current reading trends and demands.

You say in this post that those who are anti-trump were panicking and incapable of unreasonable thought. While I disagree with that, I would have to ask, why can't I have a reasonable dialogue with someone who writes a blog about the publishing industry on the demand for LGBTQ literature? Why do you want to get in a dig at your readers who, until this point, very much respected and liked your blog? Why do you automatically refuse to allow my question to be posted yet post passive-aggressive comments directed at me??

I am tired of this inability for people to cross party lines and discuss legitimate issues with any degree of respect. It exhausts me.

While I am sure you won't post this comment, either, I thought it was at least worthwhile for you to know my thoughts on the matter.

Nathan Bransford said...


I'm seriously confused by your comment:

1) ABC is a real person. I know this because I met her in real life one time!
2) I don't know how you possibly thought I was mocking you
3) If one of your comments didn't appear, it most likely got caught by Blogger's spam filters. I'll go look for it.

Nathan Bransford said...


Found your comment in the spam filter, as I suspected. It should be live now.

saygoodnightgracie said...

To answer your question: no, it's not getting any better. I recoil at the sight of Trump and his voice. He is an anathema.
Those who voted for him got what they deserve. I think half of them just did it to make people squirm. That is an asshole's move; and that's who voted for him.
No matter how many excuses Trump voters may give about "cleaning up the swamp", or "Hillary would be worse", the truth is all they really wanted to do is stick it to "us", (whoever they think "we" are), and they did.
They should admit it was a vote of hate.

JEN Garrett said...

I feel the same as I felt the night of election: meh. I didn't support Trump, didn't hate him. Still don't feel either way - occasionally I'm amused I guess. Don't think he'll ruin America, but I don't think he'll particularly fix it either. So, just meh.

Madara said...

Jen you sound like the most rational person here. Thanks for your comment!

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