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Monday, October 17, 2016

The past few months in books 10/17/16

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A Monday post! Yes indeed.

To recap from last week:
In the meantime, while I haven't been blogging I have been keeping an eye on some of the good links out there. Here are some of them (and fair warning, some of these are from wayyyy back).

I'm sure you heard the news that George R.R. Martin's book was delayed from earlier in the year, which meant we watched an entire season of Game of Thrones with some plotlines that jumped ahead of the books. I still love Martin's actual post about it so much. Reasons: 1) HE'S STILL ON LIVE JOURNAL. 2) This line slays me: "You wanted an update. Here's the update. You won't like it." Give it a read, even if you haven't written one of the most popular series in the world, I'm sure you can relate to the sentiment.

A new handy map breaks down all of the imprints in all of the divisions at the Big 5 publishers. It's great! And if you think all of this makes any sense at all you probably work at a publishing house. (My related take here). Link via Seth Fishman.

Regulars around these parts know of my great esteem for Calvin and Hobbes, and Steve Cromwell pointed me to this terrific interview with Bill Watterson's editor, Lee Salem. Some great nuggets in there, including Watterson calling his publishers “money-grubbing bloodsuckers" in a speech.

Meanwhile, in other Calvin and Hobbes news, Gizmodo and Kaptain Kristen dive into what makes Calvin and Hobbes so good.

NASA released some fantastic futuristic "travel posters" for planets and moons in the solar system and beyond. Really cool.

And finally, if you want a quick overview of how the publishing industry works, check out this video from Natasha Hertanto:

Have a great week!


Matthew MacNish said...

I read that George Martin a post a few months ago, and read it again today when you linked to it. He's a fascinating, if occasionally infuriating guy!

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