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Monday, October 24, 2016

4 tips for extroverted writers

One of the hallmarks of introversion is, seemingly, writing, clicking on, and sharing on articles about introversion.

To wit:

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Now that I have the introverts all frantically clicking on the above links, gather 'round my fellow extroverts.

Yes, we live in a society that tends to normalize extroversion, and we should be respectful of our introverted compatriots.

But things aren't always easy for extroverts either! Especially when you get your energy from other people and have somehow chosen a hobby that, by definition, is solitary and necessitates time alone in one's own head.

Extroverts, you really can control that stir-craziness and write and finish a novel.

Here are some tips for writing while extroverted:

Find a writing buddy

I get some of my best writing done when sitting across from someone who is also writing. Why? I feel like I'm being social and can take the occasional break to talk to someone, but I can mostly focus on getting some writing done.

This may require some trial and error. You need someone whose distraction-per-hour ratio is similar to yours, and you will need an approved bat-signal for requesting permission to speak.

But a great writing buddy will keep you happy and productive.

Write with noise

If you can't find a writing buddy, you may need some low-level noise to keep the walls from feeling like they're closing in.

I highly recommend soccer. It's the right level of dialogue, and you can always tell by the inflection of the announcers' voice when something exciting is going to happen.

Otherwise, maybe music, news, or what have you.

Get out of your house

Yes, it's temping to embrace what's convenient, and that often means writing on your couch in your pajamas. But if you turn writing into an outing, you'll feel less cooped up, and you may meet some people on top of it.

Go to a cafe, go the park... do it.

Control your schedule

Writing means saying no to plans when you should be writing. This can be very hard for extroverted writers, as we find social engagements highly tempting and distraction. The FOMO is real.

Make sure you have something fun planned for the end of a long writing day so you don't feel as trapped.

What say you, writing extroverts? Any tips that helps you get your quiet work done?

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Art: Luncheon of the Boating Party by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Bryan Russell said...

Writing and soccer are my two favourite things, but ne'er do the two meet.

Rent a PC said...

Hi Nathan,

Enjoyable tips for writers! I often find it difficult to focus on writing when I'm on my PC. I have to block certain sites like Facebook, so I don't get distracted!

Thanks for sharing,

Caitlin Lane said...

Great tips! I enjoy putting on YouTube videos that play coffee shop background. It's usually just a still image or two with an audio recording someone's made at a coffee shop. They usually help me focus quite a bit!

I like Rent a PC suggestions, too. Sometimes I feel like I need to block Facebook in order to get anything valuable done. Which is crazy, because I rarely come away from browsing the site feeling as if I got anything valuable from the experience.

Ben Taylor said...

I like to write in an absolutely silent environment but there are just times where I space out and move to a more crowded place to keep the words flowing.

Lucille Turner said...

I just clicked on Listen to Classic FM as I was reading this, and my life has changed...Thanks!

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