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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Loner in the Garret: A Guest Post from Jennifer R. Hubbard

Nathan here! Jennifer Hubbard is a former client of mine, and someone who has written some of my favorite books of all time. I invited her to guest post about her new nonfiction book for writers, Loner in the Garret. Enjoy!

Publishing in the internet era has enabled me to connect with a network of other writers. Which is great, because I’ve needed the support.

After my debut novel came out in 2010, I found myself repeatedly having the same conversations with other writers, conversations in which we charted the roller-coaster peaks and troughs of the publishing experience. We had thought that if we knew the pitfalls ahead of time (bad reviews sting; second books can be hard to write; most books don’t earn out), we could avoid them or at least prepare ourselves for them. We could power through them, laugh them off, or ignore them altogether. 

But knowing about something isn’t the same as living through it.

I found myself getting, and giving, a lot of pep talks. Forming impromptu online writer’s support groups. It was reassuring to realize that we all found this path to be rocky, full of confusing signposts and unexpected turns. Nobody was skipping blithely down a smooth flower-bordered road—at least, not for long. 

I needed quite a few pep talks in my pre-published days, too. Writing requires self-motivation. There’s a lot of solitude and a lot of rejection. A little encouragement comes in handy, and a laugh is always welcome. 

After my third novel, I started working on a writer’s companion, partly as a much-needed a break from the dark and edgy fiction I’d been writing, and partly because we often write the books we want to read. I liked the idea of a writing book that would present short pieces on a multitude of topics, a book that would speak to different moods and places in a writing career. I liked the idea of reading just a page or two at a time, perhaps to kick-start a writing session.

I liked the idea of not being so alone.

Jennifer R. Hubbard is the author of three novels for young adults, several short stories, and a nonfiction book about writing. She lives near Philadelphia with an understanding husband, a pile of books and chocolate, and a melodramatic cat.

Loner in the Garret:
Sometimes the most difficult part of writing is not coming up with a plot or the perfect turn of phrase. It’s getting motivated to sit down and start, or having the confidence to go forward, or finding the courage to move past the sting of rejection. Loner in the Garret: A Writer’s Companion provides inspiration and encouragement for that mental and emotional journey. Covering topics as varied as procrastination, the inner critic, fear, distractions, envy, rejection, joy, and playfulness, it charts the ups and downs of the writing life with honesty, gentle suggestions, and a dash of humor.


Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Thanks for letting me visit!

Dawn Simon said...

Critique partners and writing friends definitely buoy each other in a special way. It's nice you've written something to capture some of that magic and help other writers on the writing journey. I like the idea of reading bits to kick off writing time. LONER IN THE GARRET sounds like a great read! Congrats on your new book!

Christopher said...

sounds like an interesting read. A different angle to all those books telling you how to write a novel. Something to help through all the stages including that bit after it has been written.
As an aspiring author who has only just finished his first draft of first (and only?) novel and someone who had never considered writing anything creative beyond a masters thesis this book sounds like what I need! Thanks.

Christopher said...

addendum. is it only e book? is there a hard or soft back copy? I don't do e books.

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Thanks, Dawn and Christopher!

At the moment, it is only an e-book. It can be read via e-reader or e-reader app.

Piimon said...

The description of the book looks intriguing. I want to read "Loner in the Garret" immediately.
Such a pity there's only a e-book...

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