Nathan Bransford, Author

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Please Try E-mailing Me Again

It pains me to inform you that the contact form on my website is broken. GAH!! Those e-mails you sent (and who knows how many others) have been arriving very inconsistently.

If you sent me a bid for a publishing consultation through the contact form on my site and you haven't received a reply, please e-mail it to me again at nathan [at]

Also, if you have ever tried to contact me and I didn't e-mail you back this is probably why. Feel free to try again.

Thank you, and so sorry for the inconvenience!


wendy said...

Actually, I did contact you almost a week ago asking if you might consider doing a blurb for a self-published novel. lol Rather bad timing. Of course you would receive many such requests, so the auction is a better idea as it gives everyone a chance.

Good luck in the auction, everyone. I'm sure the winner will receive value for their bidding dollar.

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