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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Print edition of How to Write a Novel now on sale!

Who says print is dead?

I'm very excited to announce that How to Write a Novel: 47 Rules for Writing a Stupendously Awesome Novel That You Will Love Forever is now available in paperback!

It's on sale for just $11.99 at:


The e-book is on sale for $4.99 at:

Amazon Kindle
Apple iBooks
B&N Nook

Also, How to Write a Novel is enrolled in Amazon's Kindle Matchbook program, so if you buy the print edition you can get the Kindle e-book for $1.99.

Even as exciting as it was to have this out in e-book, there was still that special something about getting the print version in the mail.

Hope you enjoy it!


Lori Schafer said...

Congratulations, Nathan! Awesome title!

MBA Jenna said...

Congrats Nathan! How was the process of creating the print version with CreateSpace?

wendy said...

Fantastic achievement, Nathan. The print version is looking good. The book has some great tips and techniques to guide and inspire both newbies and veteran writers.

This whole process is very encouraging to all of us who are hoping to get our work online.

Interesting question, MBA Jenna.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Will you provide some follow-up information on the way your sales break down between print and e-book?

My expectation would be that based upon the book's content and audience that e-book will produce more sales.

Also, going out on a limb and guessing "orange" is your power color?

RC O'Leary
I bought a copy and am enjoying it. I like the "coaching" tone of the book

Susie Lindau said...

I will download it! I'm polishing my first novel, but it's not published. I am always up for new information.

BECKY said...

Yay for printed books!!

Nathan Bransford said...

MBA Jenna-

The whole process was super-easy. I've been surprised how easy it is to self-publish.


I don't know if I'm going to do the whole sales breakdown but yeah, so far the e-book has a faster rate of sale even with print out.

thewriteedge said...

Just ordered my print copy! I'm thoroughly enjoying my Kindle, but I like print copies for books like this so I can make notes in the margins. Can't wait to get it! Thanks for all your hard work on this, Nathan!

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