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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Enter for a chance to win a Kindle! The #FaveWritingTip sweeps spectacular

UDPATE: The contest has closed! Thanks to everyone who entered. Stay tuned for the winner.

Want to win a brand spanking new Kindle Paperwhite and learn some great writing tips in the meantime?

Of course you do. Heck, I do, and I'm running this thing.

In honor of the publication of How to Write a Novel: 47 Rules for Writing a Stupendously Awesome Novel That You Will Love Forever, which is on sale for just $4.99 at: Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooksB&N NookKobo, and Smashwords, I thought I'd do a giveaway that also compiles some great writing advice in one place. Please check out the guide while you're here, which New York Times bestseller James Dashner called "a must-read for anyone brave enough to try their hand at a novel.”

So here's what you do to enter:

1) Think of your favorite writing tip

2) Tweet and/or Facebook-post your favorite writing tip with the hashtag #FaveWritingTip and a link back to this post: If you post to Facebook it must be posted publicly in order to be entered. Feel free to use the handy-dandy button and link below:

Share on Facebook

3) If you tweet an entry, you must follow me on Twitter so I can DM you if you win:

4) If you're on Facebook, please follow me so that you'll see if I message you:

That's it! Here are the rules:
  • You can post to both Facebook and Twitter in order to increase your chances of winning, but only your first entry on both sites will be considered an eligible entry. 
  • You must include both the hashtag and a link back to this post in order to be eligible.
  • The sweepstakes closes Friday at 7pm Eastern time.
  • I'll randomly select a potential winner and notify that individual by Direct Message or Facebook message.
  • You must be a resident of the United States, age 18 or older in order to enter (Sorry international readers! Sweepstakes rules!)
  • Please take a look at the full sweeps rules here
Want to see all the great writing tips? Keep an eye on the tweet box below. I'll also compile my favorites into a separate blog post that will let everyone see your writing wisdom.

Good luck!


yehoota said...

Nathan - the link provided by your tweet button in the post doesn't seem to be leading back to the blog post - just to a page that says "this post doesn't exist."

Cheers -

Nathan Bransford said...


It was briefly broken but I think it's fixed now?

atwrites said...

Not yet - just tried it fresh: The tweet button in the post leads to this url:

But navigating from your blog's homepage leads to this url

Hope this help :)

atwrites said...

Nevermind - now it's working - cheers!

Ashley Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Smith said...

I was reading over the sweepstakes rules and I noticed there are some instances in their that reference the sweepstakes from 2011. Some dates and a mention of using the hashtag #YouKnowYoureInTroubleWhen

Nathan Bransford said...

Thanks Ashley, I'll clean that up.

Stephanie McDonnell said...

Thanks for a chance at this. I am getting back into writing after having to take a hiatus. I have your book on my to-read list, alongside Jamie Ford. Mixin' it up, getting inspiration from everywhere!

Josin L. McQuein said...

Yay for another Kindle contest. I never would have tried Kindle if I hadn't won the one Nathan gave away in 2011 -- which is still the one I use.

It's a writing tool in its own right. Uploading a novel in progress to a kindle is an amazing editing help!

Marti Lawrence said...

Does a post to Google Plus also count? I have a much larger following there than at Facebook or Twitter. Thank you for this opportunity!

Nathan Bransford said...


Unfortunately there's no easy way to track hashtags on Google+ so I'm limiting to FB and Twitter, sorry!

Marti Lawrence said...

Oh, I was able to follow your hashtag on G+, but perhaps it doesn't track all of them?
I will still share your post on G+ and post to Twitter and FB. :-) Thank you for your quick response.

Humphrey Addison said...

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Joel Mayer said...

Please sir, please teach us the 'how to' of coming to terms with those ugly green lines off of Microsoft Word's style and grammar checker.

ADominiqueSmith said...

It is now bothering me to no end that I wrote their instead of there. When will I ever learn to not post from my phone? Probably never.

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