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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Comments On These Blogs = Money For Heifer!

Our Heifer International fundraiser is in full swing! Here are the participating blogs so far, please stop by them, comment, and spread the word about a really great cause!

Catherine Ryan Hyde
Anne Mackin
My Karma Jumped Over My Dogma
T.K.'s Tales
Mira's Corner
100 First Drafts
Tales From the Motherland
Daily Adventures

Don't forget, every tweet with #NBHeifer and this link: means $2 for Heifer! And you can comment on the original post as well.

There's still time to join the giving with your own pledge, just add a comment with a link to your blog in the main post.

Thanks so much to everyone for participating! Let's keep the giving going!

3 comments: said...

Nathan, kudos to you for doing this!

Our family loves Heifer, International, so I've joined your project. I've posted a blog and have also promised to donate $2 per Like or Comment. I am terrible with tweeting, but I did tweet the link to your post.

Check out my post at Tales From the Motherland ( I also wrote a post on Nov.29th called "Tis The Season... Give," that is about donating for the holidays. It's that much better to combine Blogging and fundraising, to get more people involved. My post is: Moo, Baa, Fa-la-la!

I hope you'll add me to your list of bloggers. Good luck with fundraising! Dawn Quyle Landau, Bellingham, WA

River Byrnes said...

Sorry, I have no blog, but good luck with the fundraising!

Melanie Schulz said...

Merry Christmas Nathan!

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