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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New York!

What a month. Sorry for the general lack of blogging. Between two weddings, iPhone launch month at CNET, planning a cross-country move, and an only-in-New York apartment search, things are falling into place.

I'm here in New York, I have an apartment lined up, and I'm looking forward to getting into my new routine.

Things are probably going to still be a little sporadic around here until I get settled, but looking forward to getting in the swing of things soon.

And New York people, forgive me if it takes a little while for me to reach out. I will do so soon!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Agent Pam van Hylckama Allegedly Assaulted by Author She Rejected

Literary agent and author Pam van Hylckama was the apparent victim of an assault last night by an author she had rejected.

First off, I'm incredibly glad Pam's okay and it appears the suspect is in custody. I had the pleasure of meeting Pam last year and she's a great, supportive presence in the book world.

I got a bit of grief for this post back while I was an agent. Some people mocked me for being so wary of meeting unannounced visitors.

Even now that I'm out of the game I think that caution was very well-placed. I'm not sure that everyone quite can know what it's like to be on the receiving end of the sometimes unhinged vitriol agents receive on a regular basis.

Thank goodness it ended without anything more serious happening.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How to Deal With Revision Fatigue

Author Jennifer Hubbard wrote recently about one of the most difficult parts of writing a novel:
There comes a point in the writing of every book where I become sick of the book. 
Actually, that's a lie. There's usually more than one such point per book, and they usually come near the end of a round of revisions. Come to think of it, it happened with my short stories, too. That's how I knew I was done: when I could think of nothing else to do to the story, and I had been through every word of it so many times that the words were in danger of stale meaninglessness.
I've experienced this myself. There comes a point when you think the book is a colossal, irredeemable mess and you can't for the life of you figure out if it's actually any good or not.

The best way to deal with revision fatigue is to trust in your heart that it's a very useful and necessary feeling: what better time to turn a critical eye on your book than when you think it is an affront to humanity?

The good news is, as Jennifer says, it means you're almost done (at least for now). The danger is getting discouraged by your fatigue and just calling your work finished and turning it in before you've given yourself some time to utilize that fatigue. It can be demoralizing, after all that time and effort, to revisit your work and be unsure of what it was all for.

Just know that the feeling will pass and instead let yourself simmer in it for a while. Power through and keep working. You'll be glad you did later.

What about you? Do you experience revision fatigue? And how do you deal with it?

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moving to New York

After six years in San Francisco, these vagabond shoes are longing to stray.

Yep. As the song goes, I'm going to make a brand new start of it in old New York in just a few weeks.

When I moved from New York to San Francisco in 2006 I had barely started a fledgling Myspace blog, I had never written a novel, and was a junior literary agent making the leap to full agent.

Now I've been blogging ever since, I've written four novels, three of which have or will be published, and I'm making my career in social media, which barely even existed when I moved.

I'm going to miss San Francisco and my Bay Area people a lot, but I'm also really excited to be reconnecting with my New York friends and to have new adventures in a new place. I'm also happy to be staying with CNET; I'm just transferring over to the New York office.

Oh - and if anyone has apartment leads in New York: all appreciated!

Sorry to those I haven't gotten to tell in person, and if you're in New York, let's hang out when I'm there!

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