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Monday, October 3, 2011

Two New Wordplay Podcasts!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

There are two new episodes of the Wordplay Podcast, which I record with the fabulously talented James Dashner and J. Scott Savage along with some incredible special guests.

In Episode 5 we discuss how to find time to write and how to deal with writer's block, and of course, to outline or not to outline.

And Episode 6 features the fabulous bestselling author Andrea Cremer, author of Wolfsbane and Nightshade, and you can even win a copy of one of her awesome novels! We talk about something every author has to face: how to deal with rejection.



Mr. D said...

Ah yes, rejection. Part of the process. But like many other things in life, a hurdle to overcome on the way o success!

Mira said...

Cool - these look interesting! I probably won't get through them until later this week, though, so I can't add my usual scintillating comments today.

The writer's block one is especially interesting to me, since that's my normal state of being! Looking forward to what you guys have to say about it.

This is a cool thing you're doing, Nathan!

jillypumpkin said...

just curious...what program do you use for the podcast? :)

Vincent Kale said...

I try to treat every rejection as an opportunity to find a more ideal situation. Then again, I haven't made it past the query stage so I'm not sure how I'll react to rejections that have a bit more sting to them.

It's nice to hear that authors who have "made it" have also been through it! Keep up the good work with the podcasts!

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