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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Which Social Networks Do You Use?

Especially now that Google+ looks like it might be here to stay, it seems like there are more social networks out there than ever.

I'm starting to have trouble keeping up with all of my various accounts across the Internet, and, increasingly, my cell phone.

Personally, I'm on...

Facebook (public page and personal profile)
The Reading Room
Myspace (kind of)

And that's even before you count, well, blogging and the discussion Forums as a form of social networking as well. I'm sure there are even ones I'm forgetting.

What about you? Which social networks do you use, and do you have trouble keeping up? Do you think we're in a social media fad or are we getting a glimpse of the future?


rebeccaenzor said...

I'm currently having a love affair with G+ and have basically left FB (I never liked FB to begin with, but my whole family is on it). I'm also on Twitter just about all the time except during big editing pushes (the past two weeks).

And that's my limit for social media :P I can barely keep up with Twitter and G+

ReggieWrites said...

I'm on:
MySpace (but I haven't gone on in over three years)

That's basically it...

Erica said...

We are in a social media fad and getting a glimpse of the future. First of all, thanks for this post and secondly I use Wordpress, Twitter, Facebook(sometimes, Youtube, Myspace and...thats it. However I am familiar with Digg and Google+.

The reason I say it is the future because there are now phones with the Facebook button on them so I guess its for even more of an instant connection. Mailing letters has become almost obsolete while emailing seems "slow" compared to just "Facebooking" someone.

We'll see where it all ends up.

M.A. Leslie said...

Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads. Not only am I thinking that we are seeing the future, I am thinking there will have to be a social networking 12 step program.

I'm already addicted, can someone help!

crow productions said...

Facebook is annoyingly addictive. Forget the Farmville stuff, I refuse to do that. With twitter I can be sarcastic and my conservative views seem to spew over. I have a problem pulling myself away from these distractions. What I should be doing like writing my next novel.

Anonymous said...

I HOPE it's a fad, and that the cream of the social networking sites will rise to the top and leave the rest behind. Honestly, I used to be afraid of being published because I would feel pressure to produce. But in the last six months or so, my fears have switched to social networking. By the way, I am on FB and Twitter, where I mostly retweet what others say, or talk about my kids. I can't imagine that my possible future readers would care.

Cherie Reich said...

I've been trying to spend about 15-30 minutes a day on the social media sites, but it can be rough to be everywhere.

I'm on:
and I would add SheWrites to that list.

I mainly focus on Blogger, Facebook, and Twitter, but I visit the others every couple days, except I rarely get on LinkedIn, YouTube, and SheWrites.

I used to be on MySpace and spent a good portion of my morning trying to delete my account before it came to changing all my info to "delete me" and sending emails.

Social media is so important to writers, especially debuting ones.

sueneu said...

I've been wondering this very thing. Would you consider setting up a poll?
I've tried to separate personal and professional with mixed results. In order of frequency of use:

FB, Twitter, SecondLife, Ravelry, Tumblr

Twitter, Google+, Mobileread, LinkedIn

I'm struggling to keep track of it all. I don't want to just repurpose the same info everywhere, that seems like a poor way to create relationships.

Amy Joy said...

As far as using social media for marketing goes, which sites we decide to put our time and energy into appear to depend on what our goals are. Different social media outlets appear to help serve different goals. There are lots of great books aout there about this, for those who are interested. Unfortunately, they also become outdated very quickly as the media changes. Personally, I am on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads,and I have two websites. And I am nowhere near an expert on any of this.--Amy Joy

Matthew MacNish said...

I think the answer lies somewhere between fad and future. There is no way there will be room for that many networks to be that huge.

There will always be some niche ones, I'm sure, like Goodreads, but I can't see myself actually sticking with both FB and G+ for long.

Personally I'm on, in this order:

Google +

I have, but never use:


It's already too much. We just need teleportation already, so we can actually hang out with people.

Justus R Stone said...

Personally I'm using
Facebook (personal & page)
And my blog
It feels a little overwhelming sometimes because I feel obligated to make it worth people's time to follow me. At the same time, those communities have proved to be treasure in terms of help and support. I think social networks are here to stay. The reality is as people, we don't always have like minded individuals to share things with in our immediate geographic location. Social networks help bridge that distance.

Annie McMahon said...

I'm on:


That's about it. And I agree with Matt, we need teleportation so we can get to meet all these people we've become friends with over the internet. That would be awesome!

Bryce Daniels said...

Holy carp, Nathan!

How in the devil do you manage to keep up with all that, as well as your tech job? Not to mention writing and promoting your books?

Please forward your secret to the 30-hour day to the Bryce Daniels Preservation Society. Donations are gladly, and always, accepted.

Me? Facebook for personal and family contacts.

Blogger for my writer's face and my platform.
Twitter as a tandem media for the writing career.

ann foxlee said...

Aside from (rarely these days) blogging on Blogspot, the only other thing I do is Google+.

Twitter was too many 'I had an egg salad sandwich today' type entries for me, and Facebook lacked the privacy and selective posting that drew me to G+. Besides, I don't like the 'friend' moniker (I take the word too literally it seems), and I hated the constant badgering I got (why haven't you friended me yet???). Nuts to facebook. And Myspace is a ghost town, unless you're a musician.

Technically, I do have accounts on all of them, but collectively, I have logged in less than a dozen times over the course of the last 5 years.

Hopefully G+ catches on enough that I can use that as my social networking outlet. I like being able to separate my interactions between family, business, friends, and people I don't like but am obligated to include sometimes ;-P

Patrice said...

Let's see. I'm on:

Wordpress (a couple blogs)
Twitter (two accounts)

and a couple others that have just popped up, whose names I can't even remember. It is definitely too much, but it will sort itself out in time. Some will prove useful and survive, some won't.

I think I have an old MySpace page. Remember Friendster??

But Nathan, if YOU are finding it too much, imagine the rest of us!

CourtLoveLeigh said...

In order of favorite to least favorite that I use on a regular basis:


Twitter had been so good to me. I've gotten to guest blog on cool websites, won free books, and even got a gig for my band of Twitter. I swear by Twitter.

Italy to Los Angeles and Back said...

Facebook (Public and Personal), Blogspot, YouTube (for specific campaigns) and now a personal Twitter account. I must admit Twitter is my least favorite. Not because one needs to be brief, but because I see it as too one-way. Kind of like being in High School all over again; you follow others that often could give a hoot about following you!

My favorite, warmest and most cuddly social networks are Blogging and Facebook, because though we might want to be "out-there" and create a following on Twitter, I think the straight forward interaction that FB encourages, and the creative avenue that Blogging permits is more personal. AND, yes beside my blog, I think I spend way too much time on social networks!

Anonymous said...


Although I visit here quite a bit.

Aimée Beatrice Jodoin said...

Just my blog is enough to keep me busy! I also have a twitter that I use mostly just to follow people, and my facebook is just for my friends.

Nisa said...

I keep up with facebook mostly, though I do have Google+, and twitter accounts. I also blog, but that seems to be dying off a bit.

I don't think social media is a fad in general. Perhaps the outlets will change. Maybe google+ will over run facebook like facebook pushed out myspace, but networking online is here to stay I think.

Oscar Bermeo said...

I still love being on Flickr, a more professional social media outlet that lets me love images without having to be a premiere photographer.

Anonymous said...

I'm on all those, and so many yahoo groups I can't keep track of the e-mails.

But I often wonder whether or not it's a waste of time, especially when I get mail from so many who aren't on any social networks. In other words, the majority of the people I see on social networks are other authors, not readers. And they are all doing the same thing: hocking their books.

I wish there were some kind of meter to gage these things.

Kay Elam said...

I'm on:
Facebook (personal and professional)
Twitter (still trying to figure out)
Wordpress blog 3x a week

Frankly, it takes so much time to keep up (sort-of) with Facebook and Twitter, write a blog 3 times a week and read all of the great blogs in my Google Reader, I have little time to write, edit, etc.

I don't have an outside job--I quit to focus on writing. I don't know how people with another profession manage.

D.G. Hudson said...

Never liked Facebook, not enough security. I've not jumped on to all the different social media like Twitter or some of the other sites because of the time suck and a current lack of interest.

I enjoy blogging and put most of my effort into that, but I don't blog as frequently as others since I concentrate on the novels and short stories I'm writing.

Each of us has the choice in how we promote ourselves, and how we spend our day (aside from work) but that promotion should always be something that you enjoy doing, or you won't keep it up.

Why should we try to be available 24/7? A person needs time to collect his thoughts or he's just spewing into the ether. Media pollution may be the result.

Lance C. said...

I'm on Twitter and LinkedIn and don't have time to do either of those "correctly," at least in the view of the social media gurus.

Do we really need this insane proliferation of systems? More to the point, do you need to be on all those systems, Nathan? How much time do you spend each day on feeding the social-media beast? What would you have time to do if you weren't juggling 15 online personas?

If you could be on only two social-media platforms (leaving aside YouTube, which has a reason for being beyond "community"), which would they be? Now the next step: could you wean yourself from the others, and what would be the cost?

The straw broke for me when Google+ appeared. All the people who were singing the praises of Facebook the week before then jumped on the G+ bandwagon. What will be the new shiny toy six months from now? Will publishers expect us all to flog our books on all these systems? That sounds like a new circle of Hell to me.

Ben Whiting said...

I'm on:

Twitter (@benwhiting) a decent amount, but I've been frustrated by the lack of interaction I have had with others.

Facebook, though hardly at all for a six month period last year. I was largely limited by the scope of the friends I had.

Google+ ( more and more. This is the one I'm hoping to use primarily in the future. The G+ add-on for Chrome lets me monitor the other two accounts from my Google+ page too, which is nice.

Crystal Collier said...

I think there are WAY too many social networks out there. It's impossible to maintain them all, say nothing about being current and involved--and actually doing some writing on occasion.

L Jaye Bell said...

For writing, Facebook has turned from a black hole time waster into many opportunities for travel writing. So I post links to my articles, blogs and photo essays that are published in other media.

For my radio show, the buckshot approach is best. Staying up with postings individually to 8 social nets is tedious for sure. I use a program that allows me to post to all social media sites simultaneously, even to schedule them for when I want them to go out. (Hootsuite) When I post a new show online, Poof! there's the link. I also post during the live broadcast, for we stream live on the net, so I keep posting and trolling for interested listeners as I go. Sometimes, one will filter through to the musicians. It's a nice surprise when an artist responds with a "thank you."

Scott said...

You have to pick your battles (target the most valuable ones) and make them count (do them right).

Google+ (family, hobbies)
LinkedIn (professional)

I have accounts with Goodreads and Youtube, but don't use them actively as social tools. Twitter and the rest I consider timesucks of very limited value.

Jck said...

Yes! and add to all of those personal Social Media Platforms, the fact that I manager brand pages for my clients as a community manager, so technically I live,eat, sleep Social Media

Ishta Mercurio said...

You're on all those networks, and you're just now starting to have trouble keeping up with all of them?

Jeez, Nathan. Make us feel like social networking losers, why don't you? (LOL - just kidding, in case that didn't some across.)

I'm active on:


I also blog, and lurk on Verla Kay's boards and in your own forums. (I sometimes post in your forums, but not nearly as often as I'd like.)

And I can barely keep up! Okay, so maybe I feel like a loser just a tiny bit...

Rick Daley said...

I'm on:

- Facebook (Rick Daley, Cinder Clouds)
- Twitter (@rjdaley101071)
- GoodReads (Rick Daley)
- LinkedIn (Rick Daley)
- Blogger (http:// and

I think that social media market is in a bubble, what with the new entrants and all. It will be short lived, because there's a bit of pressure to be on all of them, but there's now reasonable way (or reason, IMHO) to manage the plethora of online identities.

Some will continue to thrive, but some will follow in MySpace's footsteps. Meanwhile, a market opportunity will open up for middle-ware that integrates and manages the various social media sites for a user. There are some existing integrations between Facebook, Twitter, and others to eliminate redundant entry of posts / status updates, and some third-party sites also provide reporting on your online presence across multiple social media networks.

The next big thing is making the last big thing usable.

WORD VERIFICATION: pholeres. I'm not defining anything that starts with phole because that's just gross.

Tanz said...

I haven't received an invite to Google+ yet, so I hit the sites that most of my friends use, so I get their updates. Mainly that is FaceBook, and of the ones I use, I like that one the most, but I can't say I'm happy with it.
I follow people on Twitter for better updates, and I have a few followers there, as well.
I was on MySpace because of the groups and forums, but they killed those a long time ago.
MyYearbook for the games and pictures
I have a Friendster and a LinkedIn account, but no one I know uses these, so I have very few contacts on either, and so I don't go there often.

Kristi said...

Google+ could be fun but they're not letting anyone in right now. So it's like the social media for the super-cool-kids-only. And it's annoying as heck to read when folks say "check this out on Google+" because, you know, we can't. (Ok, not entirely true...I can see other people's stuff, but can't share any of my own until I'm invited). :)

I do Facebook, Twitter, Blogger (to write)/Google Reader(to read), Goodread.

I also have (gasp) quite a lot of Yahoo Groups still. They seem to be lagging behind the times, and yet I haven't seen a good replacement being adopted by anyone yet (maybe Google+ will be? Who knows, they won't let me in to find out....).

Sean Thomas Fisher said...

I'm on:

Eventually people will tire of posting every little detail and picture of their day to whichever networks. Real life probably isn't all that exciting on a daily basis to support any a lengthy interest. Although, this morning I made the switch from Frosted Flakes to Fruit Loops and that seemed to raise a lot of eyebrows on FB...

Torre - Fearful Adventurer said...

I feel like I've become Social Networking's bitch. I'm on everything, and I'm struggling to find the time to take a (CENSORED). Portlandia's 'Technology Loop' skit captures this perfectly:

Selena Robins said...

3 Yahoo chat groups with readers and writers

I did sign up for the Google one, but am not active on it. I find it hard enough to keep up with these.

I dedicate about an hour or so a day to posting and another hour to reading various blogs, and try to leave a comment. I just feel one can get bogged down too much with all this at times.

I miss letter writing and receiving mail by the postman.

Raghav said...

''give me camera'' generation..

JD said...

I had most of the same ones you have but have abandoned most of them for G+. I use public posting for Twitter replacement, Hangouts for Skype replacement, G+ feed for Facebook replacement. I tried the Sparks feature to replace Goodreads but it is not what I thought it would be so I'm still on that.

Anonymous said...

I only have a livejournal right now where I talk to myself because I haven't even reached out to anyone so I guess it's just a private journal.
As a writer I think you have to do what is comfortable for you and at the end of the day if you write a good book the masses will come without all that other stuff.

Anne R. Allen said...

I echo Matthew MacNish--
Google +

& have, but never use:

& probably a bunch of others I've forgotten about.

And then there are the forums which I used to visit, but never seem to have time for, like Kindleboards and Absolute Write and AgentQuery (do they still have forums?) and of course your brilliant ones.

Whew! Where does it all end?

I like Google+, but that's mostly because it's smaller and quieter and there are no ads or spammy quizzes & question boxy-things. But I suppose that will all end when it gets going.

Then I will hate it as much as FB but keep going there because it's where I meet a few people I don't see elsewhere.

And I'm doing this all because I really want to write novels?

collectonian said...

As the song says, I'm a simple girl myself :-) I have Facebook, almost exclusively personal use except for a page I run for our local NaNo group. I have a blog on LiveJournal, and two more on my own sites. I don't see any need/use in the rest. They add no value, to me, versus what I already have.

I don't really consider YouTube to be a "social network", its a place to upload and share videos and that's all I use it for. I don't do any of the community stuff. Ditto Flickr. I upload my insane photo collection for storage and easier sharing, not socializing :-)

The rest, I just have no need for.

Mira said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The English Teacher said...

I blog and have school websites to update all the time. I can't really be bothered with more than that and still have time to live the life I blog about.

Taylor Napolsky said...

Yes of course social media is here to stay. I think it takes at least an hour a day to stay on top of everything.

And I'm loving google plus. I even linked to this article from google plus!

Laura said...

I'm on:

Dave said...

Not even a glimpse of the future...this is the current standard. The number of accounts I use astonishes me at times: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Delicious, YouTube, Goodreads.

Lisa Hall-Wilson said...

I co-write a blog on WordPress (Girls With Pens) and we also have a Facebook page. I have a personal profile on Facebook too. I'm active on G+, Youtube (unlisted links only for family), Pinterest, and monitor LinkedIn. I don't do twitter - too frenetic.
I think it's important to do a few things well, than everything poorly.

Anonymous said...

I use Twitter and now Google+, LinkedIn and LibraryThing (when I remember to post there). Goodreads, same thing -- I have to remind myself. MySpace, which I mostly don't use at all anymore. And my blog, of course :)

I only use Twitter on a daily basis. The rest is mostly just duplication because I'm always paranoid I'll miss someone. I post pretty much the same thing to each place when I'm doing an announcement.

You'll note Facebook is not there. Not because I don't like it or am anti-FB, but because I have a personal account there that's not connected with my online author persona. That account's for family and close friends. Does it mean I've cut off a part of my advertising? Sure. But then, you can't do them all and still write!

grr. Publishing this as anonymous because my cookies are goofed up. This is Diana Hunter.

Darley said...

I'm on Blogger, Facebook, and just now working on Google+. But it's all really too much.

Do people e-mail anymore?

L.G.Smith said...

I'm on blogger ( and Twitter, and I have a Goodreads account that I don't know how to use. Really, I'm totally confused over there. It says I've been reading Neverwhere for nine months. Don't know how to change it. I am that lame.

Mr. D said...

I have a teacher's website, my blog, Facebook, and a spot on Author's Den.

Mira said...

Sorry, Nathan, this is a re-post b/c I decided to take out the last paragraph.

I think social media is definitely here to stay. It fills a need for connection in a way that can't really be duplicated.

But the form that social media takes, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, linkedin, etc. will change. New ideas, new techologies, new ways of doing something better and faster, will replace the old ways after awhile.

For me, I'm not on any of it. I come to this blog and bug Nathan, but other than that, nothing for right now. Maybe later; I just have other important goals that need my full attention.

But later...when I'm ready...

Stephanie {Luxe Boulevard} said...

Blog and facebook. I just made it to Twitter, only to find out there was no Google+. I have a Bloglovin' account, but don't quite use it yet.

Anonymous said...

None, unless reading your blog counts as a social network use? I love my computer but choose not to own a mobile phone or TV. I know how easily I could get hooked and then - whoosh - time would be sucked away from my day and I'd be facebooking and watching junky TV and such rather than writing and reading.

Kristin Laughtin said...

For writing, mostly my own blog and daily commenting on 8 million others. At some point I'll probably start a writing Facebook account as well, but since I haven't even started trying to sell stories yet, I'm not sure what the purpose would be, other than rehashing my blog (which is already linked in my personal FB account).

For my personal life, I have Facebook, Twitter, an old LJ, and probably will get a G+ account. I do talk about my writing on all of these as well, but it's just friends and family reading it for the most part. I've had people asking me to start using LibraryThing or GoodReads recently, too, so I'll probably start that. It's all a little much already.

Kourtnie McKenzie said...

I'm on Facebook and Google+. I use Twitter to keep track of interesting links. I have a LinkedIn, but it only gets updated between jobs. The hardest part is trying to make sure there's different content on all of them. I don't want to come off as repetitive to the friends that I share Facebook and Google+ with.

I also have Wordpress and Blogger, but they get updated infrequently.

Darley said...

Back to ask a question, Nathan. I'd love to know which social networks are the most important. Specifically for an author, which ones are critical in promoting oneself.

I realize it may be a difficult question to answer but if someone only has time to juggle a few, like me, which ones do you think matter the most.


Nathan Bransford said...


The most important one is the one you like the best. It's way more important to enjoy what you're doing in social media than to feel like you have to conquer any one social network or the other.

Roger Floyd said...

I have a Facebook account and a blog on Wordpress. That's it. I'd rather spend my time writing or revising or editing or doing something with more potential or more relaxing, like a hobby. If that sounds naive or unrealistic or overly simplistic, then get used to it.

Sommer Leigh said...

I am on:
My Blog (
The Bransforums
(And technically I have a Facebook but aside from automatic posting of different things, I never use it)

I spend most of my time on my my blog, the Bransforums, and Twitter. I'm slowly getting settled into Google+, so we'll see where that leads me.

1) I do not think it is a fad. Fads come and go and have short but white hot lifespans. LiveJournal, the ealiest popular blogging platform started in 1999. Frienster was started in 2002. MySpace in 2006. LiveJournal is still very very popular and even though Facebook has overtaken the other two and Twitter is its own little demon, we've had serious social networking going on for almost thirteen years. That encompasses almost half of my entire life and all of my adult life. I think we scan stop worrying if social networking is a fad or not. It's not.

2) The platforms will come and go like any type of business, but the act of digital social networking won't change all that much. Since LiveJournal allowed us to "Friend" people we knew and just "Watch" people we didn't 13 years ago, the concept has stayed very consistant through all platforms. New technology might alter things a bit, but the framework of social networking will always be recognizable.

3) My prediction and hope for the future is that instead of new social networking platforms we'll start seeing new companies making it easier for us to integrate all of our platforms, monitor, update, and share in more intuitive ways so that it becomes less of a time sink than it is now. I've seen a few people trying to do this, but I'm hoping for something ingenius to come in the future so we can spend less time monitoring our social digital lives and more time being, well, social.

Bryan Russell said...

Okay, just looking at your list gave me a headache.

As for me, Blogger is my friend.

I'm very monogamous. Though sometimes inattentive.

K. C. Blake said...

Wow. I can't handle that many. I've tried most of those, but my favorites are Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Goodreads, and Book Blogs ning. Oh yeah, I am also on Absolute Write sometimes.
The ones I didn't stick with are Shelfari and Librarything.

Matthew C Wood said...

I'm on:

And that's it actually. To be honest it's taking a fair bit of getting used to being active on just those! Lord knows how I'd keep up with as many as you have.

G said...

I'm just on Facebook, although I'm not a very heavy user. I don't play games and I don't do a lot of status updates except for my blog during the week, and the occasional rare ones on the weekend.

I do have a YouTube account but what I have posted on there can only be accessed via my blog.

Jennifer R. Hubbard said...

Blogging - because it's still my favorite; it's where my posts have the most depth and where I have longtime commenters

Twitter - because it's easy, not very time-consuming, and good for tracking breaking news

Verla Kay's blue boards and YALitChat Ning - to keep up with children's publishing (I visit these less often; once a week at most)

Google+ - just started because I was never on Facebook, and it seems like this one has the potential to be a multi-faceted platform that might someday substitute for having to be in many other places

Which leads to my prediction that not all of these networks will last, and I think most people will scale back and go with just one or two networks in the long run. I won't try to predict which ones!

Elisabeth Grace Foley said...

Until the other day it was only Blogger...I've just started Twitter. Both are writing-centered. I don't think I could handle any more than that; I cut my blogging to once or twice a week this summer because it was too much pressure. I also use YouTube, but not as social networking, strictly for watching videos.

Karen A. Chase said...

Facebook, blog, website, LinkedIn and a few others. But inside, my heart says please let it be a fad, and I think I should really limit all this. Why? I miss people. Even when I'm writing, I don't feel as lonely as when I'm handing social media.

kdrausin said...

I'm on Facebook and my blog. That's it. It seems I have a lot of catching up to do. I must say that I love the two I'm on though.

Haste yee back ;-) said...

I go to the local Barber Shop for fishing reports...

Haste yee back ;-)

Angela Brown said...

I'm on Facebook
Blogger -
Hadn't really done much with my LinkedIn and left MySpace a while back.
If there is ever a question about why we have a lack of privacy...well...*frown*

Anonymous said...

But where are you all REALLY? (OK, I'm on FB and doing nothing, Twitter and never used it, MySpace - feh - and Linkdin, also never used. So where am I...REEEELY?)

TeresaR said...

When do you find time to sleep and write?? I can't keep up with just blogs, twitter, and facebook.

fakesteph said...

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

I'm on:
Myspace (kind of)
LinkedIn (kind of)

I tend to stick with the sites that have a very specific use. For example, I have a MySpace, but it serves the same function as Facebook, so I have stopped using it.

Richard Mabry said...

I can't begin to count the social networks I'm on, but I only routinely post on and read posts on blogger, Facebook, and Twitter. Why am I on the others? I'm afraid not to be.

My opinion: It's a self-perpetuating fad. Those of us who write are so afraid we'll miss an opportunity to have our name seen that we spend our day chained to the computer or smart phone participating in this back-fence chatting instead of doing what we should be doing....writing.

Carolyn B said...

I'm G+, Twitter, Linkedin, Goodreads,Blogger, Wordpress, Yahoo Groups. I recently deleted my FB account because my friends kept getting spam that looked like it came from me, even though I changed my password and blocked all the apps.

As for the future - I remember when I had to check 5 or 6 search engines every time I looked up something - then Google came along.

We may be seeing the first glimpse of the future right now.

Stephanie McGee said...

Facebook (personal account and writer page)
Picasa (technically since that's where things go on the blog side of things)
Youtube (technically but I don't think I have any videos up anymore)
Book Country

Writerzlife said...

I am on Posterous, Facebook, Twitter and I have Google Plus but don't know anyone there...I even have a podcast with a modest 100 listeners. I find Google+ and Facebook to be the same. Facebook has the same features they just aren't as advertised....and well Google is considered the "trusted" agent, but even still I am getting burned out on it all.

What I want is one place where my information is able to be distributed out TO the social network. I can barely managed three and then to move? Really?

I don't have much of a following yet and while that isn't my goal (my goal is to write good books) I recognize the ability to reach out to your readers. Still....I am getting burned out on it all.

Adam Heine said...

FB, Twitter, Goodreads, and G+. Most of my updates are automatic (thank you and NetworkedBlogs), but I admit the only networks I actively check are FB and Twitter. I mean, I waste enough time as it is!

SM Johnston said...

I'm on:

Myspace(bit not active there)

AND I want to be on Pottermore

paula said...

Google+ is rapidly becoming a favorite. I dislike Facebook.

Anonymous said...

None - and never visit - and this is my sole blog posting in a year - too busy. Cheers

Lynda R Young said...

Where on earth do you get the time for all that?
I'm on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and I blog. That's about it because I barely have enough time for that and write (I gave up on the house cleaning ages ago).

Terin Tashi Miller said...

Facebook and Twitter,as well as occasionally and

But I don't really blog, except on Redroom now and then. Though I'm thinking about occassionally blogging more on one of those sites.

I could also blog, I guess, on my own website, but I haven't really yet.

Or on my author's page.

I have not looked at G+. I only got into Twitter in April after much urging by writing friends. I've attracted some interesting "followers," but don't know if it's actually helped me promote my work.

Great question, by the way.


Simon Haynes said...

I had to set up a web page just to link to all my social networking sites...

I first encountered you on Myspace, but rarely use it now.

Facebook - grudgingly. The Like tool cannot be ignored.

Twitter - love it. Use it a lot (@spacejock)

Google+ - recent addition, like most. Finding the feed page overwhelming.

Plus a bunch of others like LibraryThing, Goodreads, Shelfari, LinkedIn, Kiva, Red Room, LJ, Blogger and so on.

Wendy said...

I use Twitter, mainly. I also started using Tumblr recently. Twitter is more for connecting wit new people, Tumblr for sharing things with friends. I also use StumbleUpon and Goodreads, but I don't use the 'social' part of them as much, if that makes sense.

Whirlochre said...

I'm with AllPeepz.

It's a but like one of those banking facilities where all your loans are consolidated into one — a one-stop shop for all your Twitter, RSS and Facebook feeds etc.

Problem is, for it to work you have to be strapped into a special chair with a load of Allpeepz cables hotwired into your brain.

So — fine for synchronising your social life and keeping you in touch but less good when it comes to basic skills such as feeding and washing (and, ironically, going out).

Eric Hoefler said...

As a new writer just getting going, I've been trying to decide what my "online presence" should be. I've been online as "just me" for a while, so I have accounts everywhere, but this is a different question now. How and where should I try to represent myself professionally online?

Two recent articles have me wanting to take a conservative approach to all of this. The point of both is that social media are secondary media ... the announcement channel, the emotional connection channel, etc. The substance has to be somewhere else: the writing, the blog, etc. And the danger is in confusing the two and letting the social media sap the substance from the "real work." Both articles are worth the read, particularly the first:

"Losing interest in social media: there is no there there"

John Mayer 2011 Clinic – “Manage the Temptation to Publish Yourself”

If anyone finds the magic answer, please let me know!

Sheila Cull said...

Bransford, per you mostly, as a writer, you stressed the importance of Twitter and now I understand. So just Twitter and Facebook. My womanly intuition tells me those are here to stay.

Kelley said...

I'm on
Twitter: Writtled
Blogger: also Writtled
Goodreads: Writtled or Kelley Smith
Facebook, as of recently.

Damyanti said...

I run two blogs, I sometimes hit FB, I'm on Twitter whenever I'm on break from writing. I have Goodreads and Linkedin, but not too active on those.

I tend to interact with more or less the same (increasingly wider) bunch of people on each...which is to say I follow most bloggers I like on twitter and Goodreads as well, and vice versa.

Rachael said...

I'm on Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads. I'm also on YouTube, but my account is more for saving my favorite videos than actual networking so far. My Facebook is more personal and my Twitter is more writing-related. I'm kind of sitting back to see where G+ goes before I consider joining myself.

wosushi said...

"The most important one is the one you like the best. It's way more important to enjoy what you're doing in social media than to feel like you have to conquer any one social network or the other."

I like this.

I'm on:

Facebook (public page and personal profile)

In addition, I blog on WordPress (use to be a Blogger girl).

Twitter gets the most attention, then G+, and a little love for Facebook (that's where the relatives hang). LinkedIn mostly is there for updated resume info, things like that. I don't update a status or anything. Everything else gets little attention at the moment.

I don't think it is a fad in the sense that as a whole it isn't going anywhere. But I do think there will be a moment when we'll see fewer new ones popping up.

Caryn Rose said...

People who make fun of social media are just saying, "I don't know how to use this tool so I'll just mock it and that makes it okay."

Two Twitter accounts built me an international platform. That's all I'm saying.

I wish Google+ had better tools so I didn't have to log into the site to target messages. I really do need to use it better/more frequently but Twitter/FB/Tumblr/blogging/instagram takes up enough bandwidth already. I like the concept of G+ but I don't know that it will carry long term.

I can't just give up Facebook (like many people have), there are too many people on the platform who won't go anywhere else. I mean, I've begged people to comment on my blog posts instead of commenting on the FB post that gets generated by my blog post, and they just won't do it. They feel "safe" on FB.

I check LinkedIn (for non-writing - I have to keep that separate) once a week.

Also Goodreads, Library Thing, Shelfari...and a couple of discussion forums that I try to participate in but don't have much patience for.

Annikka Woods said...

I'm on:
-Blogger (personal blog & book review blog)
-Facebook (family & author pages)

That's it. I'm not very active on Goodreads, LJ, or FB to be honest. I focus most of my time and energy on my personal blog and on Twitter.

Emily Strempler said...

I actually use: Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Youtube

I'm from the internet generation, and, contrary to popular belief, we tend to agree that less is more. Though it wouldn't hurt for me to add a tumblr. I may eventually switch to google+, who knows.

J. T. Shea said...

I'm on Nathan Bransford, Author and the Bransforums, period. So stay healthy, Nathan!

janesadek said...

Choice is the enemy of community.

Matt Larkin said...

Facebook and Blogger. Is Google+ better than FB?

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