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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog Directory

In an effort to make the blog more navigable and to help newcomers discover old posts, I've categorized all the posts into categories (except for those that are hopelessly out of date). Just click on the category to move down to that section.

I'll keep updating this directory with new posts, so please bookmark it if you want a central place to keep up with the different topics!

UPDATED: 1/29/17


Business of Publishing
Jacob Wonderbar (And Its Author)
Literary Agents (How to Find One/Work With One)
Literary Agents (What the Job Is Like)
Page and Query Critiques
Promoting a Book and Social Media
Publishing Industry
Query Letters
Writing Advice
The Writing Life
This Week in Publishing/Books


Business of Publishing:





Jacob Wonderbar (and its author):

Literary Agents (How to Find One/Work With One):

Literary Agents (What the Job is Like):

Page and Query Critiques:

Promoting a Book and Social Media:

Publishing Industry:

Query Letters:


Writing Advice:

The Writing Life:

This Week in Publishing/Books:


Fadzlishah Johanabas said...

Ooo...very organized.

Long directory! Shows how much you've done to help us mortals <3

Livia said...

Holy helvetica! Did you do this by hand?

Nathan Bransford said...



Chuck H. said...

We are not worthy! We are not worthy!

Mr. D said...

Thank you, this is great for reference. You're a human encyclopedia... or a virtual one, anyway!

BP said...

This is OCD organization at it's very best! :D I'd start at the first link then be like...oh, hey, snack time! Or something else that is generally irrelevant. :) It's a beautiful masterpiece!!! Ha

Nicole said...

Nathan, you are just all kinds of awesome! You're in the middle of your own book release and you STILL take the time to keep us organized. You're the best!

abc said...

Good god, Bransford!

Are you a Virgo, by chance?

Scarlett said...

Wow are you physic?
I was just thinking the day when i was digging around the blog archive looking for posts i hadn't read wishing their was a index of posts and then i look the next day after school and find suddenly theirs a index :)

D.G. Hudson said...

Thanks for the reminder of all your excellent information. I have my own NBransford file where I keep some of your shared knowledge on queries and genres.

I'll now have to review the list to see if I missed anything. I've been following your blog since 2007 or 2008, and have recommended it to many via my own blog.

(Non-divisional topic today, I see.) Thank you, Nathan, for all you do for us.

Samantha G said...

My head hurts thinking about how long this must have taken you. And oho ooooooooo, you have done so much.

Now I can start making my way through all of the posts much MUCH more easily. SO...

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!!! Am going to buy a Jacob Wonderbar book to show my appreciation (and it sounds pretty interesting.) I'm from London and so I'll be adding to your international market!

D. U. Okonkwo said...

That must have taken you ages. I feel for you, but it's a great list. Thanks!

Tana Adams said...

I'm so impressed. I have no idea how you found the time to do this.

Matthew MacNish said...

Holy crap Nathan. I though I was relatively well read when it came to NB, but I guess not.

And FWIW, the Gawker Poll about Hot Guys in publishing is gone. I was checking it for research about my post comparing you to Tom Brady.

It's the hair.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Or, WOW!

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

No doubt everyone is going to rightfully praise you - as per usual and, again, rightfully - so I'm going to go another way.


How dare you let your hair go from blonde to brown as you got older?!?!?

Cough. Thanks for the cataloguing.

Mira said...

Holy Moses, Nathan.

Organizing, linking everything, WOW.

And what an impressive collection of your writing, which is much larger than I ever imagined.

I hope someday you consider compiling it for a book.


Anonymous said...

I just hope my readers don't expect anything like this from me. It's not going to happen:)

Sean Thomas Fisher said...

Blogger just ate your post. Can you redo the whole thing, please???

Nathan Bransford said...


Haha, you got me, I clicked over in a panic.

Sean Thomas Fisher said...

Sorry, Nathan. Just a glitch on my end. I pulled out the survival gear for a second too. False alarm.

Jenise Frohlinger said...

Holy-moly Batman. How the heck am I gonna get through all of these? But can't wait to get started!

Carolyn B said...

All I can say is THANK YOU!

Lauren said...

Wow, this is fantastic! Thank you so much!!! This a most excellent resource.

chris said...

Nathan, you've done a lot of work here over the years but I really think you should iterate the hell out of this blog.

You're leaving cash on the table that is rightfully yours.

Other Lisa said...


And, yeah. In your copious spare time, you should write a book off this. Hell, this is SEVERAL books.

Anonymous said...

Whoa..what an incredible humanoid you are Nathan . Thank you !

Carol said...

Nathan - do you ever sleep? Your generosity is awesome.

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