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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Still Time to Raise Money With Your Comments

The Heifer International fundraiser was supppoooooosed to end last night, but I'm keeping it going for another day. More cheer for a good cause! And all you have to do is leave a comment!

So please stop by Monday's post and leave your comments there.

Meanwhile, these other fabulously generous bloggers have made their own per-comment pledges. Every comment on these blogs means more llamas and bees and sheep for people who need them. Please please stop on by, it just takes a few seconds.

Multiply the giving and comment herewith:

Practically Twisted
Ink Spells (also a pledge to match your donation!)
First Person Irregular
Daily Awesomeness by Louise Curtis
Jenn Hubbard (Blogspot)
or Jenn Hubbard (LiveJournal)
Minus equals plus giving blog
Missed My Stop by Robyn Bradley
Tera Lynn Childs
Anna Saikin
Audra Krell
Life and Literary Pursuits of Alexia Chamberlynn
Daily Adventures
4 Free Ways to Be A Christmas Angel
Maybe Genius & The Joy of Giving
Anemone's Assays
my karma ran over my dogma

Thanks, everyone! Here's to making the world a better place in 2011.

UPDATE 12/26:

Donation made!


RobynBradley said...

Had 32 comments on my blog and decided to up my contribution to $5/comment. I just bought one sheep, a flock of chicks, and a flock of ducks. Yay Heifer! Thanks so much, Nathan, for doing this. I'll be back for it next year! :)

Mira said...

Robyn, that's awesome of you. :)

I know what you mean - going to Heifer and picking out gifts was major fun. I'm still glowing from the feeling that I gave someone something concrete that will change their life. :)

Thanks so much Nathan for hosting something that will help lots so many!

Down the well said...

Excellent! A second chance to help people out by way of a great organization.

Joann said...

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday from New York. Nathan, thanks for supporting this organization.

Anna said...

Thanks for extending the deadline! Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Right on!

J. T. Shea said...

MMMOOOOO! BBBAAAAAA! BBBUUUZZZZZ! But what kind of noise does a llama make?

To Nathan and all commenters and livestock of all species:-
Happy Christmas! Season's Greetings! Happy Holidays! Happy Non-Denominational Mid-Winter Festival! Happy Whatever You Like! And Happy New Year! And many happy returns!

The Red Angel said...

My good friend always said that there is a gift in giving. What a wonderful way to give back to the community as well as make yourself feel as though you're making a difference.

Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

May you get whet you need and give what you can.

Gretchen said...

Thanks again Nathan for doing this, and inspiring many of us to do the same. My fundraising is open until midnight tonight (Dec. 24th) so anyone who hasn't yet stopped by, head on over to my blog ( and say hello!

AM Riley said...

Hey there. I added a comment and a link to the Monday post. Hope that works.

Gave a goat on my mother's behalf.

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