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Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Ways to Follow the Blog

Happy Saturday!

Just a quick housecleaning note to let you know that there are now two new ways to follow the blog. I'm now syndicating this blog on Tumblr, so if you follow me there you'll get regular blog updates.

The blog is also now available for subscription via the Kindle for all of you e-book readers out there.

That is all! See you on Monday.


Livia said...

Interesting. Does tumbler reach audiences that can't be reached with blogspot?

Nathan Bransford said...


I'm not a heavy Tumblr user, but I guess it makes it easier for people to follow the blog if it will show up there.

February Grace said...

Ah, the Kindle.

I once accidentally purchased a book I had no interest in while showing my sister how easy it was to get find a book in the Kindle store that she'd waited weeks for ordering from a brick and mortar store.

Good thing they have a good return policy...I've just never been that into George Hamilton.

Happy Saturday, Mr. Bransford.


graywave said...

Speaking of how easy the Kindle is, your blog on the Kindle is not available in Australia! Epubfail? Or don't you like Aussies?

Livia said...

Ah, just signed up to tumblr and poked around a bit. I guess they do have reposting functions and stuff that's unique to tumbler. I might do that myself at some point. Too bad there's no way to syndicate to kindle. I feel guilty charging people for a blog that currently posts 3 times a month.

Thanks for the info, oh great social media guru :-)

Nathan Bransford said...

Sorry, graywave! I didn't choose the territories in which it's available, so it must be an Amazon thing. Some of my favorite people are Aussies!! Such as my agent.

Marva Dasef said...

Now you're entirely in OUR territory. Don't know about Tumblr, but I know I will not subscribe to a Kindle subscription. They ding the credit card for tiny amounts every month. Too annoying. I imagine that CCs will start charging the user for a less than $X.XX purchase. At that point, bye bye subscriptions.

I hope you like it out here with the rest of us, Nathan. You're terrific. Loved your blog. Appreciated how kind you were to submitters. But you will find out how tough the mean streets are even for those who have a platform.

Good that you got out of agenting when you did. All signs show agents are dead meat. Welcome to AUTHOR CITY!

Rane Anderson said...

How do you keep track of all these various sites? lol Your wife must be annoyed with how often you're on the computer!! :-D

Bill Weinberger said...

Just to be clear, equating "all of you e-book readers" with "available [on] Kindle" leaves out a non-trivial number of folks with Nook, etc.

It's almost as bad as assuming that 'search the Internet' means 'Google'. Or 'photocopy' means 'Xerox'.

Nathan Bransford said...


As fate would have it you left that comment precisely when my wife was making me close my laptop.

Nathan Bransford said...


Well, I would be leaving myself out also if that was how I intended it, since I read on an iPad.

J. T. Shea said...

So you DO sometimes close your laptop, Nathan? I never imagined!

Matthew Rush said...

Interesting. Cool news from all of our new Tech/Social Media Guru. I certainly can't see any of this hurting.

Cate said...

Tumblr? That the blazes is that? Dear loop, I am so out of you...

Kay said...

Hi Nathan,

I was bummed when you left publishing, but now I guess you are more approachable (to me).

I've followed blogs since this summer on Google Reader and I love it. I figured everyone knew about it but maybe not. I blogged about it a few weeks ago.

I can get it on laptop or IPad. Haven't tried my Kindle.

Good luck in your new job. I'm so glad you're keeping the blog going.


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