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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making Spirits Bright With Heifer International

(6PM Update Below - keep clicking and commenting on the links!)

You guys are the ones who make this blog, and if you are reading it in a place that's warm and safe like I am we have so much to be thankful for.

You may have already heard of Heifer International, an organization that works to fight hunger by giving needy families around the world and in the United States livestock, training, or other assistance that helps improve their livelihood. Heifer has been recognized for its work in Fast Company and Forbes, among other places.

I know we're going through tough economic times, but if you have anything to spare this holiday season I hope you'll consider making a donation. And, in order to encourage people to spread the word, for every comment someone makes in this post between now and 5PM Pacific time, my wife and I will donate 50 cents $1.00*.

(*Up to $1,000, I'm on a publishing salary people)

And, better yet, if you want in on the fun you could do a per-comment pledge on your own blog and I'll link to it in this post and encourage everyone to stop by so we can multiply the giving!

In your comment I hope you'll list:

1. Your name
2. Where you're from
3. A wish for 2010
4. (optional) A link to your own blog or website if you want to make a similar per-comment pledge (amounts totally up to you). Write a dedicated post on your blog for people to leave comments on your blog and link to Heifer and state your pledge. I will update the post throughout the day with links to other participating blogs.

Thanks again for a wonderful 2009! I'll be closing comments on the blog between 5pm this evening and Monday as I spend time with my family, and will be back with some reruns from yesteryear on the 28th.

Also spreading cheer with their own per-comment donations (please make sure to click through and leave comments!):
Amanda Plavich
Anna's Got an Attitude
Where's My Whiteout?
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Muse Ink
Matt Heppe
Anvil of Tears
John Ochwat
Jennifer R. Hubbard
Kathryn Jankowski
Robin Mullet
Ink Spells
Phoebe Kitanidis
Regan Leigh
Jeri Smith-Ready
Moira Young
Mother Wouldn't Lie
Linda Godfrey
So Many Dreams
The Book Designer
Irene Rawlins
Patrick Rothfuss

6PM Update: WOW!! All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who participated in our inaugural charity drive. Thanks to you, this is the total donation for this blog ($1 x close enough to 1,000 comments = ......):

And according to my calculations, if the other blogging participants reach their comment pledge goals it will mean another $1,250-$1,500+ for needy families. That's what I call multiplying! But that will only happen if you keep commenting on those blogs. Many of the participants above have extended their deadlines, so if you're just arriving click those links above and comment!

This has been a fantastic experience, but it's just the beginning: next year we'll really blow it out (and hold it at a time when more people are on the Internets). THANK YOU again to everyone. All comments from here on out will be held for moderation (and not generally looked at) as I'm away with my family, but will be back on Monday. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Here's Mary from Texas. I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday season!

Jill C. said...

Merry Christmas from Jill aka Carpy from Lincoln, NE!!! It's wet, rainy and expecting snow today and over the holidays. My wish for 2010 is for all of us to realize our great potential to help ourselves and others! Thanks Nathan for this blog and next year you'll be able to link onto mine.

Matthew said...

Here's $.50 more. Merry Christmas and happy new year.

Sarah W said...

Merry Christmas, Happy (very belated) Hanukkah, Blessed (slightly belated) Solstice, and Tolerant Festivus!

Sarah W (from icy Illinois)

Samantha said...

1. Samantha
2. Michigan, Detroit area
3. I wish to finish a novel and not hate it.

I read your blog all the time, but I rarely comment.

C.J. Atsavinh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Megan said...

Happy Holidays from Megan in Oregon!

Alicia A said...

What a wonderful way to get your bloggers involved in your generosity. Happy Holidays from Alicia in Texas. My selfish wish for 2010 is to finish my first novel. My unselfish wish is for everyone to give to atleast one charity this year in one form or another. Thanks Nathan, for everything.

Cassandra said...

1. Cassie
2. Hoboken, NJ
3. No wishes this year. I'm just going to let things happen for once instead of stressing about them!
4 .

aspiring_x said...

I'm Victoria from Kansas. My wish for 2010 is that the family who recieves your donation will know no more hunger.

maybe genius said...

1. Stephanie
2. Illinois, USA
3. To finish my current project, to move out to CA, and for the world as a whole to make strides to getting out of this economic funk
4. I can't commit to a per-comment donation right now, but I'll gladly donate a flat amount :)

Happy Holidays to all!

Malia Sutton said...

Malia Sutton

New York City

I wish for national healthcare.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours from Emily in Richmond, VA. Thanks for all you do. Your blog is a daily read for me. Best wishes for a Happy New Year! xo

Anonymous said...

P.S. Oops, I forgot my wish... (this is Emily from Richmond, VA again)


Stephanie said...

Merry Christmas from Stephanie in Alabama! My wish for 2010 is to be PUBLISHED!

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Merry Christmas from Atlanta, Georgia!

My wish for 2010- to live in peace no matter the chaos thrown my way. Oh yes, and a book contract. :0)

thoughtful1 said...

Happy happy holidays, Nathan! Thanks for your blog.

My kids and I are buying a bee hive for a family through Heifer International! It's a nice way to help out others.

Sonja said...

Happy Holidays, Nathan!

My daughters (ages 10 & 13) are required to save 10 percent of their allowance every week to donate to a charity of their choice. For the past few years, that money has gone to Heifer International. It is such a great organization. Glad you mentioned it!

My wish: That the families who receive these donations no longer have to worry about their children being hungry.

Sonja, Arizona

Deb said...

Nathan - we think alike! I gave my niece and nephew honey bees for Hannukah. (they got Burt's Bees lip balm, a village somewhere got a hive.) My 3-year-old picked out a cow for his "gift" on the last night. Does anybody really need another toy or sweater?
Keep counting the blessings - which is what my husband and I do on our blog.
Have a happy!

maine character said...

Heifer's a quality act, and so are you.
- Steve in Maine, with best wishes to all

StephanieD said...

Hi, Nathan! What a cool organization. For as low as $20 I could buy a flock of duck, geese, or chicks for a family!

I'm Stephanie and I'm in beautiful Marin.

Melissa said...

Merry Christmas from Melissa in Washington state. You're absolutely amazing, Nathan. Thanks for your generosity!

Nathan Bransford said...


What a great idea! I am absolutely doing that when I have kids.

Annalee said...

1. My name is Annalee Flower Horne.
2. I'm from Washington, DC.
3. My wish for 2010 is a world free of war and the threat of war, with equality, justice, and opportunity for all.

4. This isn't a link to my blog, but to author Patrick Rothfuss's Worldbuilders Project, which also raises money for Heifer International. He's just under 5,000 short of his 50,000 goal for the season. And he's giving away prizes, like signed books, ARCs, and other goodies he's collected from other authors (including some big names!). Anyway, I hope people will check it out.

Rachel Bateman said...

You are a rock star, Nathan! Add in my $.50. I am off to check out Heifer International now. This is definitely a charity I can get behind 100%. What a great idea!

Christopher S. ledbetter said...

Christopher S. Ledbetter
WIlmington, NC
My wish is for everryone to enjoy the Holiday Season with the warmth brought by good friends and family.

Rie said...

1) Rie
2) DFW, TX
3)I wish for the health of my family.

Rachel Bateman said...

Wow. I got so excited about your pledge that I didn't even read that you wanted to know about me. :)
I am Rachel Bateman
I am from Bozeman, Montana
My wish for 2010? Wow. That is tough. I wish more people would learn self reliance. I guess that is why places like Heifer International are so great-they give things that help people in the long run, not just immediately.

Hmmm...I guess I better give a bigger donation now that I put TWO comments up here.

Lady Glamis said...

What a wonderful thing to do!

Michelle Davidson Argyle from Utah. My wish is that everyone feels happiness this season.

Jeanie W said...

1. Jeanie
2. Washington, DC
3. The economy improves - for everyone.

Matilda McCloud said...

I'm Mary Jo from Hoboken, New Jersey, the birthplace of Frank Sinatra and now famous as the home of The Cake Boss's bakery...

My wish is that all children receive the vaccinations and medical care they need, as well as have enough to eat.

Pia said...

Pia Pulido
Dallas, TX
My 2010 wish is for more people to live by the words, "As you give, so shall you receive."
What an inspiring blog! Thanks for sharing.

Robena Grant said...

My name is Robena Grant
I'm from La Quinta, California
My wish for 2010 is that more people find comfort
Sorry, my blog has been closed to comments for years
But, I love this organization, so thanks for the reminder I'm off to donate something useful.

Happy holidays everyone.

Alli said...

Alli from Australia but currently living in Canada.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy 2010 full of dreams and adventures.

My biggest wish is one day the world won't need charities like Heifer, but in the meamntime thank you to everyone who supports such a fantastic organisation.

Joyce Lansky said...

Hello from Joyce Lansky in Memphis, Tennessee. Heifer is a wonderful organization, and I'm glad you're supporting them. In 2010, I'd like to see our economy do a turn about. I hope the unemployed find jobs and the unpublished find sales. Also, I hope this country does a better job supporting our president who works hard to try to fix this mess. We're all in this together, so it's time to break our partisan divide.

Kaitlyne said...

I donate to a similar project through OxFam International, but it's a good cause so I'll pitch in here, too. :)

Anyway, Merry Christmas from Kaitie in Japan. My wish for 2010 is that we realize how incredibly important this world is to us, and that we really do have the intelligence and resourcefulness to save the world.

On a personal note...that I can find a job when I return to the states.

Hope every has a great holiday, whatever it is you're celebrating. And wishing everyone a happy, tigeriffic New Year. :)

Alejandra said...

What an inspiring project!

Jeremy D Brooks said...

Good on you, and Happy Holidays Nathan (and company)!

Here's to positive progress in the world in 2010, and less ankle-biting politics sanding the gears.

Jeremy Brooks
Las Vegas, NV

LilySea said...

Lovely! I love Heifer International. We have our kids pick animals to "give" every year.

Shirin Dubbin said...

This post and mission are inspiring. I'm never disappointed reading your blog and today it is truly special.

Washington, DC
I hope this post becomes infectious, spreading until it and kindness like it are pandemic. ^_^
I'll join you in making a donation to Heifer International.

Thanks for this.

Michelle said...

Michelle from Nashville, TN here...I'm a big fan of Heifer. My business donates to Heifer regularly and each Christmas my son gets to choose a heifer animal we donate. Then we buy a stuffed animal of that gift for under our tree to remind us of those less fortunate and what giving and gifts are really about. We're accumulating a menagerie and it's very cool to hear him explain to visitors why those animals are under the tree. My wish is that your post gets others involved. Have a wonderful holiday!

Grimmster24 said...

Great idea, Nathan! I hope you are able to raise a LOT of money! :-)

Allison said...

Hello from Allison in NYC.

Thanks for getting us in the holiday spirit by spreading the word about a great organization -- and giving them some financial love.

My selfish 2010 wish: to be less tired.
My altruistic one: a little less conflict in forgotten places like DRC, South Sudan, &c.

Linda Adams said...

1. Linda Adams
2. Northern Virginia--a hop, skip, and traffic jam away from Washington, DC.
3. That I find an agent.

KT said...

Merry Christmas to Nathan and everyone here.
I'm Katie from St. Louis. My wish for 2010: health and happiness to my friends and familiy (and that I get my first YA attempt published.)

Laurel said...

Happy Holidays to all!

Laurel from Georgia wishes to breathe life into the squidgy middle section of my book so I can get on with the business of querying.

Anna said...

Every little bit counts!

Happy holidays!

Lenka said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I wish for a creative and peaceful year! Thanks for giving!
PS- love Heifer International- buy some donkeys :)

Kristin said...

I have a cousin that leads the study tours with Heifer Project. I just took my kids through their new museum before Thanksgiving break. Awesome, Nathan. Thanks so much.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.
Kristin in Arkansas

Mariel said...

uno. Mariel
dos. Northern VA of snow and ice mountains
tres. 70F

niyrak said...

East Texas
Wish: That all of the soldiers in our military come home safley from where they are in danger each and every day while we sleep soundly in our beds.

Jen B said...

My name is Jen Brubacher and I'm from British Columbia, but live in London, UK now. In 2010 I wish that more people do little good things that add up to bigger great things. This is a nice idea, Nathan. Thank you.

Heather said...

What a wonderful, generous idea. This is Heather from Florida, and I share a wish with most commenters that I finish my book and find an agent in 2010. I also hope my husband gets a better job...he's so miserable right now.

Amanda said...

Hi! My name is Amanda Plavich and I'm from the fabulous state of Georgia.

For 2010, I wish for health happiness for all friends and family and that everyone in the world finds their own kind of peace.

I made a post:

I can't let mine get to $1,000 because I'm pretty broke, but I figure every little bit helps. :)

Victoria Schwab said...

This is incredibly generous of you, Nathan.

My name's Victoria, from Nashville, and my wish for 2010 is to survive the rest of my edits :)

Kristi said...

What an amazing organization - I just checked it out and made a donation. You're awesome for using your popularity for good - I hope to do the same one day.

I'm Kristi from Colorado. For 2010, I hope the world find more peace and harmony (yeah, just like the Coke commercials). For myself, I can only hope it's as amazing as 2009 -- I feel very fortunate.

Caroline Wallace said...

I'm Caroline from Florida. I'm wishing for some more good times with family and friends and more reading time.

Pamala Knight said...

Hi Nathan,

Merry Christmas from Pamala Knight in Chicago. My wish echoes many already posted--that organizations like Heifer International continue to thrive so they can help those who need it most. I've already donated at Patrick Rothfuss's blog (got my eye on that Neil Gaiman ARC) but scrounged up a little extra to donate here too. Thanks for doing this.

Mimm Patterson said...

Happy Holidays to everyone. My selfish wish for 2010 is to find an agent (are you reading this, Nathan?). In 2010 may all writers continue to tell stories that matter, and may all readers have open hearts and minds.

Shelby said...

Shelby from Chicago. Your blog is fantastic, Nathan. And wishes for the New Year? Finally get that publishing thing to happen.

Happy holidays!

Fawn Neun said...

Good job, Nathan! Heifer International has been my charity of choice for over 15 years. They do great things, empowering people to make their own destinies and improve their communities.

Whitney said...

1. Whitney
2. the sweltering parts of Texas
3. To get one step closer to my little new and used bookstore. :D

K.L. Brady said...

Karla from Cheltenham, Maryland (just outside of D.C.)

My simple wish is that God (whoever your God is) shines His grace on everyone in the coming year.

Happy Holidays!!

Shawn said...

Get a haircut.

Shawn in St. Louis

Cheryl Barker said...

Nathan, I'm Cheryl from Kansas. I'm hoping to give our daughter and her fiance a wonderful wedding celebration in 2010. Merry Christmas!

Josin L. McQuein said...

Josie, from Texas.

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.

Here's hoping that the donations will cause a positive ripple effect beyond expectation in the lives of people none of us may ever meet.

Anonymous said...

Charlie, NYC, a reason not to kill myself.

Jenn Chushcoff said...

Heifer International is a wonderful organization. For the past two years, we've donated in honor of family and friends. It's also a great way to spread the word. I've been reading your blog, but this is my first comment. Thank you for the great posts and generous donation offer to Heifer. I'm wishing for time to catch up on the pile of books next to my bed. Jenn from Tacoma, WA. Happy Holidays!

Maya / מיה said...

Here's Maya from Israel. We had a nice Chanukah... have a great Christmas! (This is an awesome thing to do, btw.)

JenLT said...

1. Jennifer
2. Fayetteville, NC
3. My personal wish for 2010 is to become published. My somewhat unselfish wish is that everyone has access to the health care they need in 2010.

The charity sounds fabulous. It's such a great idea. I've never heard of it before, but now it will be going on my list.

Thanks for doing this blog.

Anonymous said...

This is Gabor here from Budapest, Hungary wishing you all a successful and happy 2010. :)

(And thanks for the great posts, Nathan.)

Jeannie said...

1. Jeannie
2. Southern California
3. That my move to the Bay area will be a good choice.

Nathan Bransford said...


Moving to the Bay Area is always a good choice.

Lisa Katzenberger said...

Hi, I'm Lisa from Chicago. My goal in 2010 is that this third manuscript I'm writing so very slowly, and falling so deeply in love with, is the one that snags me an agent.

A Paperback Writer said...

Cake Wrecks is doing this also.
I love this charity, and I've already donated to them on my own, but, Nathan, thanks for making more people aware of it and challenging people to donate. Good for you.

K.C. Shaw said...

I'm Kate from Tennessee, and Heifer International is an awesome project. I first learned about them through my hobby of spinning wool into yarn. A lot of my fellow spinners donate. This year, I will too.

Happy holidays!

Colleen Thompson said...

I'm Colleen from Texas, and I'm a big fan of both Heifer Int'l and your blog. Thanks for doing this!

My wish for 2010: a resurgence in the printed word and lots of shiny new contracts for my friends and me!

T. Anne said...

T. Anne Adams
I wish for much success and happiness in 2010!
Luv U Nathan! XOXO

Rachel said...

How wonderful! This is Rachel from Washington DC. My 2010 wish is for all my friends involved with the business of the written word (including myself) somehow survive 2010 happy, healthy, and employed. :)

Anonymous said...

Anna Murray here from Lake Elmo, Minnesota.

I'm contributing all my profits from my 2009 eBook (Kindle sales) to American Heart Association. I made a payment of $500 to them at the Minneapolis Heart Gala (end of October) -- but since then my sales have accelerated, and it looks like I'll be closer to $800 donation by the end of next week.

The first book in the series is just 99 cents, and 35 cents (my profit) goes to AHA.

Unbroken Hearts

Peggy said...

Merry Christmas from Alabama, where the official holiday song is Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain!

2010: May you be kinder and wiser.

Sherilyn Winrose said...

Karilyn from E. Wa

What a wonderful gift for the holidays Nathan.

My wish? God's will be done for us all.

lynnrush said...

Merry Christmas. I'm Lynn Rush from Phoenix, AZ. It's sunny but chilly out here in the desert. . . but at least it's minus the snow, right?

Here's looking to a fantastic 2010. May we strive for the Christmas spirit year round.

TheFan said...

I wish to finish my novel! (and that CIR and health care pass in congress!)

Anna said...

1) Anna
2) Denver, CO
3) Peace, love and happiness :)

susanamai said...

It's Susana from NYC. Here's to 2010 and a promise to revise revise revise!

I love Heifer, and always make sure to donate at least a few chicks to people all around the world.

Wendy @ All in a Day's Thought said...

from the Northeast
Wishing to connect with a solid agent in the New Year and that my passion for writing continues to thrive.

Merry Christmas, Nathan. Cheers for doing this.

Flemmily said...

Merry Christmas!

Emily Flemming from Belgrade MT.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, from Adam in New Hampshire. I'm just happy to be getting this decade behind us. Let's look forward to something better.

Krista G. said...

This is Krista G. from Mesquite, Nevada (currently reporting from Kaysville, Utah). In 2010, I would love to reach the point where my current work-in-progress (his name is Bob) is not just good enough but Perfect, with a capital P. And to become the kind of writer capable of that kind of writing.

Thanks for all you do, Nathan. This is a great cause.

Becca Cooper said...

Oh, this is brilliant! Now I feel like I'm doing something good by reading/commenting on blogs all morning! ;)

Merry Christmas!

(From Becca, in Ontario, where there are already five-foot snowbanks.)

Ev said...

Merry Christmas, Nathan. My name's Ev and I hail from Terrace, BC, Canada.

Your lovely blog-pledge post pulled me out of lurkdom.

Is Peace On Earth too big a wish for 2010? Hmmmm, how about this then: I wish every reader of this post, joy even in hard times, laughter, and good friends. May we all extend a little mercy and forgiveness in our everyday lives.

Cookies are also good, and I hope you get your hands on some (or a lot).

Merry Christmas!

Miss Skunk said...

Knoxville, TN
finish my book

Merry Christmas

Kathleen said...

1. Kathleen
2. San Francisco, CA
3. I hope I find a good way to balance writing and my busiest year of med school.
4. I'm too insecure to post a link to my blog...maybe next year!

Merry Christmas!

Kathleen said...

1. Kathleen
2. San Francisco, CA
3. I hope I find a good way to balance writing and my busiest year of med school.
4. I'm too insecure to post a link to my blog...maybe next year!

Merry Christmas!

dan radke said...

I'm Dan from Irvine. In 2010, I hope America doesn't burn to the ground. Merry Christmas, everybody!

Leeann said...

Leeann Whiffen
Highland UT
That families affected by autism will have access to medically necessary treatments.

karmeno said...

1. Karmen
2. Portland, OR
3. I wish for more people like you!

Cory said...

It's wonderful you're doing this!

1. Corinne
2. Amsterdam, Netherlands
3. And here's some terribly selfish wishes: I wish for my first real art exposition (in January!) to go well, and to be able to write (and be happy with) the rough draft to at least one more novel, as the last two I started went south fast.

Kaitlin said...

Hi, I'm Kaitlin from Kansass. Wish: That 2010 will bring a wave of new efforts in providing education to everyone--children and adults, from Kansas to Kuwait.

skygrazer/Christy said...

Richmond, RI
I wish... people would look beyond their own point of view to see where the other person is coming from.

Derek Osborne said...

Moo, or should I say, Mao. Either way, a wonderful idea. Merry Christmas.

J.J. Bennett said...

1. Jennifer J. Bennett
2. St. George, Utah
3. I promised my father I'd finish my book. He passed away this year, so my wish is to finish what I started. Here's to you Dad...
4. I have already worked with a couple or charities this holiday season. This is a great one... Merry Christmas Nathan!

Vanessa O'Loughlin said...

Hi Nathan,
Brilliant idea, and very good wishes to you and your wife for your generosity from Dublin Ireland. Wishing you health, wealth and happiness in 2010
Vanessa O'Loughlin
Dublin, Ireland

Kirsten Hubbard said...

great charity choice! they're my favorite. such a brilliant idea, especially the payment forward to other needy families of the livestock's offspring.

Theriaka said...

This is a fantastic idea, so great of you to do this.

I'm B.H. Byrne from snowy Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

I hope you and yours have a fantastic holiday!

Chrystal said...

I don't want to buy a water buffalo, but I want to be a part of this wonderful effort toward trying to end poverty and hunger in a sustainable way.
Nathan this is great! Happy Holidays to everyone.

Elizabeth Collins said...

Hi--I was inspired to post a comment because I just made donations to Heifer, too. I bought two flocks of chicks in honor of my children's teachers...

My wish for 2010 is that I remember to help other people more...

I am a teacher (and writer) myself, and I well understand that teachers don't need any more scented candles or boxes of fudge.

I don't know if they'll appreciate an intangible gift such as this, but at least it made *me* feel better giving it!

Other info you might want to know:
I am from Philadelphia, and my blog is

Have a wonderful holiday. Enjoy the season!

David Eric Tomlinson said...


Nicole Lorenz said...

Nicole from St. Paul, Minnesota checking in to wish everyone here a happy, sane, and productive year of writing in 2010! :)

Eileen Schuh said...

Eileen, from St. Paul, Alberta, Canada. This is a wonderful idea, Nathan. The best of the Season to you and yours.
May we all find it in our hearts to support the charities of our choice this Christmas!

Nathan said...

That's a very generous donation. This is Nathan from Utah, wishing all a successful year in all your many endeavors.

Heidi E. said...

1. Heidi E (Raven1967 from Twitter)
2. Currently in NW Indiana but hightailing it to Seattle next year.
3. Hoping to get my first novel published, second novel finished and move.

Hope you get a ton of comments Nathan!
A Merry Happy Holiday Season to you! (Mur Lafferty) said...

Mur from Durham (currently Buffalo NY for holidays) wishing for greater focus and more creative output in 2010, Santa Heifer!

We made our 2009 Heifer donation to give a sheep and our daughter donated her money to buy a share of a goat. So glad you're getting community involved!

Carl said...

That's very, very generous of you! Carl from Washington State.

Madison L. Edgar said...

Madison Edgar--Fort Worth, TX.

I wish this Christmas wouldn't be like all the others. I wish people would relax and enjoy the gift of life God gave us with his Son. I wish everyone would donate what they can to people in need... not just during the holidays but year-round. I wish for this world to be as God intended it and not as it is right now.

Ok, so that's more than just one wish, but my fingers wouldn't stop typing! Thanks for doing this, Nathan and wife!

C.S. Gomez said...

My name is Steven Gomez from Vancouver, BC. My wish for 2010 is that I'll produce at least two stories (short or long) that I would be proud to submit to magazines during the year; I'm working on discipline in my writing.

Catenabi said...

Catherine from Montreal, Canada.
My 2010 wish: I will set aside my irrational fear of the 'jinx' for a second and say... finding an agent who believes in my book (which isn't finished yet but will totally be by the end of the year... that was my wish for 2009!)

Happy Holidays!!

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

I love Heifer! They are my favorite charity-- they actually help people be self-sufficient.

Christy from California.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday!

Just Another Sarah said...

How very sweet!

I'm Sarah from cold ND. It's sort of looking like a snow globe up here, right now. And my wish? I hope it's not too schmaltzy to say that I hope for peace, happiness and love for everyone! (Because I do.)

Izabella said...

It's Izabella from Chicago here. Happy Holidays to all. I wish to find an agent in 2010 that isn't sick of vamp novels yet. That and world peace of course. Happy New Year and good luck to all in their dreams and wishes.

relliott4 said...

Happy Holidays from Rinda Elliott in Oklahoma! My wish for 2010 is for all the families I know who are hit by the recession to see much better times. :)

Jaleh D said...

What a wonderful sentiment.

My name is Jaleh Dragich. I consider myself from Columbus, OH, but I'm currently living in Western NY. I'd like to echo Samantha's wish and say that I want to finish a novel and not hate it.

Ami The Salami said...

Happy holidays from Ami in California!

I'm also doing it on my blog :)

Sheila said...

1. Sheila
2. Redwood City, CA
3. That my son's classmate's chemo treatment is successful. That my kids grow up to be as generous as you.

Merry Christmas!

JohnO said...

John Ochwat from Beaverton, Oregon.

My wish is that Nathan isn't the only one giving to such a worthy cause. That's why I just donated $50 to Heifer International.

J. Koyanagi said...

I'm Jacqueline (or "J") from Colorado, and my wish for 2010 is universal health care.

You're doing a wonderful thing here, Nathan!

Alyson Noel said...

Alyson Noel, Orange County, California- I just made my own annual donation to Heifer and I think it's awesome that you're doing this!! All the best in 2010!

Ami Hendrickson said...

What a great idea (which I stole)! Merry Christmas!

Ami Hendrickson from "flyover country" in southwest Michigan.

Writing goals for 2010: Finish the feature film "Against the Wind" and finish and edit my NaNo novel.

Larger goals: Find a way to make an even larger contribution to the world next year.

I threw out a similar "Comment Challenge" on my blog:, and credited you. All the best to you, Nathan!

Beth said...

1. Beth
2. Buckeye, Arizona
3. I'd like a literary agent for Christmas next year! Complete with a little red bow and a contract in hand.

abc said...

Hello! This is very cool of you, Nathan.
Alison from Iowa City, IA
(where the streets are icy!).
My hope for 2010 is that by next Christmas more of our troops will be home with their own families.

Jille said...

Happy Holidays Nathan!
1. Jill
2. Jersey City, NJ
3. My wish is that people start realizing we share this earth with many other species and they all deserve respect.
4. Don't have a blog, will have to make a flat donation!

(P.S. word ver is "natho"--perhaps a potential cool nickname?)

Kris Spisak said...

Nathan, what a wonderful push in this holiday season! I just happened to have stumbled onto your blog through Curtis Brown's website, and I'm glad I did.

1. Kris
2. Richmond, VA
3. To sell my book! It's finally ready!

Have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Laura. My wish for 2010 is World Peace. I think that if we stop fighting each other, we can make more progress towards solving other problems, like world hunger, world poverty, disease, global warming, etc.

Keah said...


1. My name is Keah Slowey
2. I'm from Texas
3. My wish for 2010 is better health care for children, more Type 1 Diabetes awareness for children and for our soldiers to finally come home!!

Anonymous said...

My name is Emma and I'm from Illinois! This is so cool! My wish for 2010 is for all the children of the world to join hands and sing in harmony. From SNL...ha. My real wish is that people in poverty find help and are able to live a good life.

Sarah said...

May your Christmas be merry and bright~

nicoleantoinette said...

You're a rockstar for doing this - what a great organization to donate to!

I'm Nicole, I'm in San Francisco (as of this past weekend, when I moved on a whim!), and my 2010 wish is to find a job here so I can actually stay!

Cari said...

1. Cari
2. Houston, TX
3. My wish for 2010 is to make progress in the fight against cancer!

Maryanne said...

1. Maryanne
2. Florida
3. I wish for more prosperity, not only for my own family, but for anyone who's struggling right now.

Erik said...

1. Erik
2. Minneapolis, MN
3. Wish for about peace?

This is incredibly generous of you.

Shannon Delany said...

Happy holidays to you and yours, Nathan! What a great idea (we also donate to Heifer)! :D This is Shannon from New York and I'm wishing much success and inspiration to all the great writers, agents and editors I know out there! May 2010 be fabulous for us all!

Maarika said...

1. Maarika
2. Eastern Washington
3. I wish to finish a novel and not hate it!!!

Andrea Cremer said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm Andrea Cremer from snowy Minnesota. My wish for 2010 is that each of us invest more in kindness toward our neighbors and communities (local and global)!

Rebecca Royce said...

1. Rebecca

2. Northern NJ

3. I have a lot of broad wishes, peace on earth, good will towards men, and some personal ones that are much more petty, I suppose. So I'll just wish everyone has their dreams come true.

Raethe said...

Good for you!

My name is Natalie, I'm from BC Canada, and my wish for BC 2010 is to make enough money to actually be able to donate to/participate in/etc things like this (and pay the bills at the same time! Wait, is that getting too ambitious?).

Anonymous said...

1. Nancy
2. I live in central Indiana
3. For the world, peace would be nice. For me, finishing my WIP and having it be salable would be super. (That, or winning lottery numbers!)
4. Sorry, don't have blog or money.

Great wordver: readhe, as in what Nathan does!

Lyssa said...

1. Lyssa Vincent
2. Wisconsin
3. To be happy again.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Julie G. from North Carolina. I heard about this through a FB post from the author Alyson Noel!
My Christmas wish is that I would like to have a stable job. My wish for the world is for all of us to Pay It what ever way one can!
Peace, God Bless & Merry Christmas
Julie (NC)

Mercy Loomis said...

1. Mercy Loomis
2. Wisconsin, near Madison
3. I wish I had enough extra that I could do a pledge drive too! 8 months of unemployment sucks...

beth said...

I'm Beth from North Carolina. I just signed with my agent a week ago, and my wish for 2010 is a book deal!

T r i s h said...

My name is Trisha. from Ontario Canada my wish for 2010 is for happiness :D

Aimee said...

1. Aimée
2. Traverse City, MI
3. I hope to finish writing my book, but that's what everyone else here is wishing for also. :)

Tim Koch said...

Tim Koch in Fayetteville, Arkansas (That was quite a win last night against Missouri. Good job Hogs.) My wish: One of the laws God gave Moses was that when we harvest what we've planted we leave some for the less fortunate. I wish we could remember this regularly throughout the year. The thought only counts if it's the first step toward action.

Merry Christmas and a slow, smooth and wonderful 2010 to all of you.

Ken said...

Awesome idea, Nathan!

I donated one goat on Pat Rothfuss's team -- and he's matching donations, which is amazing.

Wish for 2010 - that everyone has a peaceful year.

Ken, from Massachusetts.

Terry said...

Terry from Florida.

Very generous of you, Nathan. That organization sounds good.

My new year's wish is for the economic slump to ease faster than predicted. It's causing so much misery all around the globe.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!

alybee said...

Nathan - What a wonderful way to celebrate. May you and all your readers have a wonderful holiday season. - Aly from California

John M. UpChurch said...

Thank you so much for making this pledge. So, let's see if I can get this down:

1) John M. UpChurch (yes, the capital C is correct)
2) The warm, humid state known as Tennessee (gotta love repeated consonants and vowels)
3) My wish is that someone would invent an automatic clothes folder that takes things out of the dryer and irons, folds, and puts them away. And, um, to be published.

Have a great Christmas and New Year, everyone.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Nathan, from Samantha back in the homeland/county.

Its nice to see so much interest in Heifer. Our school donates to them during the season of Lent. The students take home small boxes to collect their families' spare change daily, then it all gets added up and we get to choose what animals to donate.

My 2010 wish is for my family to remain healthy and happy...and for my son's insurance premiums to drop below $500 when he turns one in February! Or for a national coverage program which can still offer a high quality of care...


Anonymous said...

From EJ in Colorado

Happy Holidays to everyone and may all your dreams come true

Jemi Fraser said...

Christmas wishes from Canada coming your way!

My wish is for all kids to have a safe & happy home. Happy holidays everyone :)

NP said...

What a wonderful thing you're doing! I wish more people would (or could, for that matter) help in the way you are!

Orlando, FL

My wish for 2010 is that I can continue making positive changes in my life so that I can be a positive force in the lives of those around me.

Happy Holidays!

Sara said...

wonderful project! thanks to all!!

L. T. Host said...

Awesome idea, Nathan. Here, have another $1.00, Heifer International. :)

MzMannerz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt Heppe said...

Happy Holidays from Pennsylvania!

I'm hoping to find a home for my novel in 2010. I'm in final polishing mode right now. Query launch is set for mid January.

Nathan, this is a great thing you are doing. I want in! I'll contribute $1 for each comment (up to 150) left on my blog today.



MzMannerz said...

1. Dawn
2. Annapolis
3. More peace on earth, if not all of it.
4. My blog has a pittance of readers, so I'll just pass this along to friends directly.

E.D. Lindquist said...

1. E.D. Lindquist
2. Folsom, CA
3. I wish very much for more national and international harmony. I tire of crying when I read the news.

Larissa said...

What a great idea! Heifer Int'l is a great org.

Larissa from Orlando :)

Sharone said...

What a wonderful idea! Heifer International is a great organization. Merry Christmas!

V said...

Merry Christmas from Victoria in Manhattan, Kansas. My wish is simple, health for my family and friends and the ability for me to finish my current writing project as soon as possible.

I applaud your fund drive, but I would like to add that there are charitable organizations here at home. Speaking as someone who gives my time and effort instead of money... Getting a volunteer that actually shows up when promised and works is more valuable than cold, hard cash. Espcially since charities are having to cut back on staffing, too.

Rachel said...

Rachel from Washington!
I'm hoping that 2010 is a more successful year than 2009. Let's pull out of this recession, cut back on war, and make actually make America a good place. :)

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas from germany, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and huge gift mountains!!

Maya said...

2.Sacramento, CA
3. I wish there will be fewer deaths in 2010. Especially in my family, everyone close to me, and the celebrity world.

Audrianna said...

This is Audrianna from Arizona. My wish is that one of our local families will receive as many prayers as possible this holdiay season - their teenage son and daughter (which I knew), both died in a 20+ car pile up yesterday. Not holiday-ish, but no less needed.

Janet Fox said...

Heifer is one of the finest organizations. Good for you for supporting them! Here's my 2010 wish: that your generosity spreads around the world.

mary beth bass said...

Mary Beth from Connecticut

I have three wishes:
1. Real, demonstrated progress in the fight against climate change
2. That everyone, everwhere, acts as much in the interest of other people as they do for themselves
3. That my son gets to stay in his special education school and we don't have to move and send him somewhere else

Happy Holidays to awesome Nathan and to everyone who reads his generous, thoughtful blog

elizabethfais said...

Elizabeth F. from Mountain View (Googleville), CA. My wish for 2010 is for random acts of kindness to increase exponentially, towards our animal friends as well as each other.

Sally F said...

Sally from Dallas, here. I love Heifer Int'l. One year, I gave bees on behalf of each of my clients (and gave the clients lapel pins picturing a holly-bearing cartoon bee). It went over really well. This year, I'll be donating through their "give where it's needed most" link, and my wish is that there will be no further need for organizations like Heifer. Thank you for doing this.

Jacqui said...

How generous of you! I love and appreciate people who think outside themselves. What lovely Christmas cheer!

I'm Jacqui from Utah, and I wish for kindness and awareness among strangers in 2010. On a more personal level, I wish for continued health for me and my family members, and am grateful that my grandma's cancer is in remission.

God's blessings to you! I'll like you on my blog.

writerjenn said...

You know I'm up for this, and I'm in with my own challenge.

Peace and happiness in 2010.

Jennifer R. Hubbard

My challenge is at:

Holly said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody from Holly and my collie Jennie in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

How nice to give Heifer International some air time. I'll donate a goat through their site today.

Anita Saxena said...

1. Anita Saxena
2. I live in Pelham, AL (which is about 20 miles south of Birmingham)
3. I wish to never lose my optimism or stop dreaming.

Happy Holidays and thank you for donating to such a worth cause!

Richard Gibson said...

1. Richard Gibson
2. from Butte, Montana
3. wishes all a wonderful 2010 and thanks to Mr Bransford for his generosity!

I'm a long-time lurker, never commented before.

Tim S. said...

Tim Salveson
Woodside, CA
I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Nathan - Great work!

Noelle said...

Happy Holidays from Noelle in NYC!

Sara said...

1.Sara Brice

2. Turlock Ca

3. To finish writing my book(s)

Merry CHRISTmas!!

Nathan Bransford said...


I completely agree that there's no replacement for volunteering. Just wanted to clarify though that Heifer does work in the USA as well.

christicorbett said...

Christi Corbett from Oregon.

My wish for 2010 is for my family and friends to stay healthy and safe.

Oh, and of course find a publisher for my novel)

A. L. Hackstadt said...

Amber from IL wishing everyone a very merry Christmas!

awewriter said...

It's Francis from Texas,

Tis the season, so do it right.

For 2010, set the mood, do it right.

Maybe you'll come read my book

Kaige said...

Great cause, Nathan!

San Diego, CA
Wishing for 2010 to be better in every way for everyone.

Anonymous said...

This is AS from the mid-West…

As a supporter and fan of Heifer International, this is a great idea and lovely way to sustainably contribute to people and communities around the globe. Will you let us know what you buy/donate?

My wish for 2010, well the one I’m willing to post here, is that your pledge drive is wildly successful and that you make your dent in the battle to end hunger and inequality. Reagan was wrong; we don’t have to lose the war on poverty.

And in the spirit of paying it forward and doing my part, I’m going to link you to my blog, single mom seeks sane:

Thanks for the idea!

carriejones said...

I don't know you,Nathan, but I love you for doing this.

single mom seeks sane said...

This is AS from the mid-West…

As a supporter and fan of Heifer International, this is a great idea and lovely way to sustainably contribute to people and communities around the globe. Will you let us know what you buy/donate?

My wish for 2010, well the one I’m willing to post here, is that your pledge drive is wildly successful and that you make your dent in the battle to end hunger and inequality. Reagan was wrong; we don’t have to lose the war on poverty.

And in the spirit of paying it forward and do my part, I’m going to link you to my blog, single mom seeks sane:

a cat of impossible colour said...

This is very generous of you!

I'm Andrea, originally from Zimbabwe, now living in New Zealand. My book comes out in the UK at the end of next year, so I'm hoping for a fun and exciting 2010. :) And selling to a few more countries would be awesome too.

Best wishes for a great holiday season, Nathan - your blog helped me so much last year when I was querying, and I really appreciate it.

kathrynjankowski said...

Nathan, thank you so much for highlighting this organization. It's such a great option for Christmas gifts!

1. Kathryn Jankowski
2. Native San Franciscan, currently abiding in Yuba County. (Land of rice fields, sound familiar?)
3. Writing wish: An agent and publisher who will love my work as much as I do.
General wish: A decent health care bill.

Has said...

Has from London!

I think this is a fantastic idea and cause.
I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday and a happy new year!

LJCohen said...

We support Heiffer every year and it's lovely to see you blog about this organization.

Happy Holidays.

Jeni said...

Thank you for all you do to inform and provide a sense of community for other writers (and congratulations on your book deal!). I'm Jeni from Munster, Ind., and my wish is that each of us grow in our writing in 2010. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Jeni

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