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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Belated De-Lurk Day!

Apparently I missed de-lurk day last month, but I thought I'd call out of you lurkers out of the woodwork to come and leave a comment. Commenting is fun! 3 out of 5 dentists recommend it. I'm pretty sure it cures scurvy.


Where are you from?
Anything on your mind?
Who is Jason going to choose?
Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
How's the weather?
I know, right?

And hey, if you comment here you might even be featured in the San Francisco Chronicle like Vegas Linda Lou.

Come out come out wherever you are!


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JOHN said...

Hi, I'm john and my NBRT is 42 minutes. but I still think you're a great guy and follow your blog.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Hi! I’m Linda Lou out here in Las Vegas. Recently I decided to self-publish “Bastard Husband: A Love Story.” It’s an autobiographical account of my first year alone in Las Vegas following a mid-life divorce and my transition from misery and bitterness to trying stand-up comedy for the first time.

I was a lurker for well over a year. About two weeks ago, I started commenting, and I’m glad I did! A reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle saw what I wrote here and contacted me. Yesterday this article hit the stands.

Lurkers, don’t be afraid to comment. We can’t just write—we have to get ourselves out there!

dan radke said...

I'm not sure if I'm considered a lurker. I've been following the blog for about 6 months, but I've only commented a handful of times. Is a lurker someone that hasn't commented at all?

I'll pretend I'm a lurker. I'm from St. Louis. I'm moving to California.

I want to thank you for introducing me to Mad Men (HOLLA TO THE BIG DD!).

And The Watchmen has been on my mind. That little yellow graphic novel has recently invaded my dreams. Grossly perverted dreams.

And this morning I spilled grape jelly on my white, button down shirt.

Lorin said...

((coming out of the woodwork)) But, but, I feel so exposed now... ((goes back to lurking))

Seriously - love the blog.

Tami said...

1) I'm from Wisconsin by way of Texas.
2) Currently, my mind is on my bacon, steak, and artichoke stir fry I had for lunch.
3 and 4) I don't know who Jason and Jillian are (I know, I know, shameshame).
5) The weather is cold, but it shouldn't start snowing till tonight.
6) You are SO right. *mimes pistols with her hands and winks*

/resume lurkage

acpaul said...

Hi Nathan,

I'm from Phoenix. It's warm here. In two months it will be hot here. And it's way too sunny.

I write SF&F, and think your blog's one of the best.

Erin said...

Hi! Hm... de-lurk, eh? Well, if you insist.

I'm a developmental editor (and line editor, if I must) from Wisconsin, but I'm working out of Montreal for the time being.

I work freelance for writers who are aspiring to self-publish (or aspiring to not lose a potential agent because they don't know how to use a semicolon). Although it isn't really my job, most authors really appreciate a rundown of the publishing industry and what to expect... which is why I'm following your blog. Thanks for all the insight!

Ugly Deaf Muslim Punk Gurl! said...

Where are you from? my mother's womb

Anything on your mind? what i'm going to eat for lunch

Who is Jason going to choose? probably a dumb blonde bimbo.

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? Don't know and don't care!

How's the weather? Boring. I can't wait for the summer.

Jenn Nixon said...

Jenn from Jersey.

Winning Mega Millions and pizza on the brain.

Dun watch the Bachelor, but I'm excited for LOST.

Damn cold here.

Sorry, I subscribe to about 90 blogs, it's not easy to de-lurk.


Annie said...

I have actually tried to leave comments on this blog numerous times but the word verification never showed up on the old comments form.

Can I just point out that all my lost comments were much wittier / more charming than this one. I mean, comments about comments... it's worse than blogging about blogging.

Anyway, hi.

brian_ohio said...

I'm guessing it's going to be the MOST SHOCKING ROSE CEREMONY of the year. Again.

I'd love to see Jason choose his ex-wife. I wouldn't blame him after all the crap.

RW said...

Not really a lurker. I've commented before.

I live in Connecticut now, by way of Milwaukee, Japan, Iowa and Missouri. Tagging along on with my wife on her work assignments takes me to Vietnam for extended periods sometimes. I teach freshman comp and am a freelance copywriter. Former journalist. Former nonprofit project manager. The part-time teaching and freelancing allow me the flexibility to work on a novel, two years in progress now and nearing the end. (journaling it at

Not really a reality TV show watcher. I'm missing The Closer since the season finale was the other day. I'm addicted to my DVR.

I'm in Connecticut, so don't ask about the weather.

JT Ellison said...

Delurking from Nashville - great blog, I send new writers here all the time. Maybe that's NOT what you wanted to hear...

JJ said...

The name is JJ. I am a Los Angeles transplant working as an intern at Writers House in New York. My previous job in finance was a casualty of the economic times so I took the opportunity to move into an (equally imploding?) field. I'm also an aspiring writer who just recently finished an alternate-universe/steampunk-y YA novel and an avid skydiver who likes to blog about jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, knitting, and diving through the slush. (I LOVE slush. I love the trainwrecks. Oh how they make my day.)

The weather SUCKS here in New York, especially for a southern Californian native such as myself. It sucks for two reasons: it hurts to stand outside for more than five seconds and it's too cold to go skydiving. I hate winter.

(On a side note, I'm not a true lurker as I've commented before. I've been reading your blog long before I made the career move toward publishing. I too, am sick of male ennui novels. However, rhetorical questions in a query do not bother me.)

NoHoJax said...

I live in constant fear of scurvy. I also live in Los Angeles, where it's always approximately 72 degrees.

I really enjoy your blog, thank you.

**scurries back under the dresser**

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the invitation, Nathan: it's a good opportunity to thank you for all the great information and perspectives you post. Though represented elsewhere, I'm still a greenhorn about every non-writing-the-novel part of the industry and your friendly blog is a welcome stop on my very short list of morning blog crawls.

Sadly, this Minnesotan can't comment on your recent (unhealthy) television obsessions...but she owes you big time for introducing her to The Wire. Just finished the second season via Netflix and am most def impressed with the deft portraits of complicated individuals being pulled by a million different motivations into sometimes unpredictable courses of action. Boggle.

Neil said...

Hi, I'm Neil from New York. When I watch the Bachelor, I mostly think about how torturous it would be for me to sit there all night talking to these women, even if they are supposedly "amazing." Besides, I do not like hot tubs at all!

I find this blog very informative, a little glimpse of what is going on behind the scenes.

One note. You may know publishing inside out, but your advertising trivia is a bit iffy -- the phrase is "four out of FIVE dentists!"

Cindy said...

Hey, never commented before. Figured I'd better follow the masses. Jason better choose Melissa or else I'll never watch the show again (course I've made this vow before--I actually stuck to it for three seasons). If Jillian is the new Bachelorette maybe I'll consider modifying the previous vow. The weather is FABULOUS in Colorado. I try to not make a habit out of lurking but your blog is pretty awesome.

Melony said...

My name is Melony (M.G.) Marsh and I now live in the Napa Valley area of California, but was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska.

My mind is full of thoughts and useless information - so do you really want to know what I am thinking about?

And as far as Jason and Jillian go - who knows?? I don't watch the "Bachelor". I watch other shows like "United States of Tara"! Now here's a question for you - which personality is trying to take over her mind and life? I think Buck!

And as far as the weather goes - today sunny! But the rain was a welcomed gift for our drying up state.

And that's what I know! At lest for today.

So there - I blogged and came out of the "woodwork".

For those interested you can check out to read the first 5 pages of my self-published novel "Letters". *hint, hint*

Hilabeans said...

Lurker and delusional newbie-commenter here. Hilary, to most folks.
Originally from San Francisco, I’m a NorCal girl now trapped in SoCal. The only thing on my mind at the moment is selling my book. It has magic, love triangles, and adventure – Oh, my! Seriously, Nathan, just be my agent already. ;-)

About the “achingly earnest” Bachelor, he’ll choose the malleable Melissa. Um, and Jillian, who was my favorite, is long gone, my friend. What the heck is going on with DeAnna – is she coming back?

The weather in Dana Point is cloudy causing my ocean view to have a more grey-tinged hue… Maybe I should be a rapper like Joaquin Phoenix.

Do you actually read all these comments, by the way?

Erin said...

Wow - three ex-Wisconsinites! We've probably halved the population density all by ourselves.

Katiek patrianoceu said...

Hi! I found your blog via another agent's blog. But that was a while ago, so I can't remember which agent. I may have commented here before, too. I move around a lot and forget things very easily.

Nonetheless, I love your blog for the following two reasons:
- great insight into the world of publishing in America
- awesome sense of humour, keep it coming!

I'm from Brasil but born in U.S., lived in England and Middle East most of my adult life, and presently by some fluke I find myself in Kosovo.

Hence, the weather is not great. Very cold, though it's getting better.

On my mind is the fact that I'm tired of living in new places where I don't have any friends!

As for Jason and Jillian, I'm afraid American pop culture is sadly removed from my reality. Here, the pop culture highlight for me has been watching Brazilian soap operas with Albanian subtitles. I know, my life is odd.

Yeah, totally.

Beth Dolgner said...

Hi! I'm Beth Dolgner, a writer in Atlanta, GA. I write fantasy and paranormal/occult nonfiction. I stumbled on your blog when I started researching agents, since I will be looking for one soon. I always enjoy your insight, but I'm more of a lurker than a poster!

Brigita said...

I posted a comment a couple of times but I think I still qualify as a lurker.

I'm Brigita from Slovenia (you get a cookie if you know where that is). I work as a translator and love to read your blog. Though all your Bachelorette, The Hills etc. references are pretty much lost on me. ;)

Irish B said...

Hi There,

I'm from Gary, Indiana, and moved to Texas after being in the Washington, DC area for 11 years.

Currently on my mind is Nate the Great. I and my 5 yr old and 7 yr old sons are reading the series together.

I liked Jason last year and knew that the bachelorette was a fool to not choose him, but his behavior this season has really put me off and I've fallen off of watching him.

I'm waiting for the new bachelorette to start because it's more fun - or perhaps I'm bias. Any who, can't complain about the weather in Texas - after all, I was born in the mid-west and just left the east coast, so - the weather is always good.

I know, right? Yeah, the republican party really need to grow up. ;)

Nathan Bransford said...


Sure do.

terrio said...


I'm not here everyday but when I do get by, you always make me smile and I learn something I didn't know before tuning in.

So thanks.

Christine Neulieb said...

Christine from Philadelphia, where I live with three roommates and a pregnant tabby cat. On my mind: when I leave the house today, will the cat decide to give birth on the white sofa?

Great blog, lots of helpful info for a beginning writer!

*runs back into cave*

Maggie said...

Only commented once so I'll count myself as a lurker.

I'm me, living in Quebec City or thereabouts. I have no TV. Keeps me focused on books. On my mind? Too many things to list, always running a mile a minute. Cold is all relative. I want spring so bad I'm willing to start appealing to deities. We'll see.

Love your blog.

Nathan Bransford said...


Of course I know where Slovenia is! Not least of which because the Sacramento Kings have one of your countrymen on the team: Mr. Beno Udrih.

I prefer oatmeal raisin.

Nanci Block said...

I'm Nanci and I'm from Coconut Creek Florida.

Jason should choose Molly - Melissa is a DeAnna-in-training - but what is up with all the drama and the lack of audience for the After the Final Rose show?? SOMETHING happens with DeAnna.

And Chris Harrison defintely hinted that Jillian might be the next Bachelorette - but what about the reject next Monday? Doesn't she get a shot at Bachelorette-hood?

Sorry - totally addicted to Jason.

Lisa said...

Hi Nathan! I'm Lisa and I'm in Salt Lake City. The weather is an unseasonably balmy 50 degrees outside, while here in cubicleville its hovering right around minus 40.

Disregard the snot frozen to my upper lip - we've become rather attached and I'd feel quite naked without it.

Lately I've been unable to escape the genius that is Florence and the Machine. Consider youtube-ing her. Not only is she lyrically intoxicating, she's also super amazing to impersonate.

In a completely non-obnoxious British accent, "I enjoy being quite feral. I like to go into the woods and climb trees."

Also, hand gestures. Very straight-fingered, Girl, Interrupted-type hand gestures...

selestial-owg said...

Well, I've commented before, but until recently all my posts were anonymous.

So, my name is Julie, and I'm a lurker.

*Smiles at the resounding "Welcome, Julie"*

I'm from Michigan, and the weather here is in the screwy mess of winter/spring/surprise-it's-winter-again.

I don't actually watch "The Bachelor", so I can't comment on the show.

What's on my mind? Trying to get inside the head of a 15 year old cheerleader so I can get to work. Music is helping, but not as much as I'd like since at this point I don't have a solidified playlist yet.

My teeth are okay, I don't have scurvy, but I am wondering if de-lurking will help me lose weight...

Christine said...

Hi Nathan!

-- I live in Cupertino, CA and work in San Bruno (wave!)

-- What's on my mind: I just won a manuscript critique with Stephen Barbara and I'm over the moon! Can't wait to learn whatever I can from him.

-- Even though Jason seems to really, really like Molly's eyes, I think he and Melissa are a better fit.

-- Jillian is so genuine and adorable, she'd make a fantastic Bachelorette.

-- It's actually a beautiful blue-sky day here in the South Bay, even though it said it was going to rain ... how is it in SF? Foggy per usual?

-- I totally have a friendly crush on you - your blog was the first literary agent blog I have ever read! You should compile all your brilliant posts into a book: Nathan Tells All: Musings on Query Letters, Publishing, and Reality TV. I know, right?

Jinx said...

I'm Jinx aka Jinxie_G aka NL Gervasio (that's the real one) and I live in Phoenix where yes, it is very hot and I don't like it anymore. Actually, it's been nice lately. Hot will begin in April and unfortunately I will be moving in June. Ugh.

I lurk occasionally, comment occasionally, laugh a lot. I don't watch TV so I can't comment on your Bachelor stuff (please don't kill me), and sleep is on my mind because I haven't been to bed yet. I'm a bit nocturnal. Heading there now, though. Have a great day!

Brigita said...

I should've never underestimated a sports fan. Yes, there are a few of our players in the States. I know Brezec (he was with the Bobcats for a few years).

Oatmeal raisin it is, then!

DebraLSchubert said...

Hey, Nathan - I do have something on my mind. I queried you yesterday and quickly got back a rejection that started with the word "spam" in the Subject Line. Is that typical? As with any rejection, I didn't take it personally. It was just a bit weird and not at all what I'd expect from a class-act like yourself.

Nathan Bransford said...


Sorry about that, our e-mail system has been adding "spam" automatically to the subject line for lots of e-mails lately, even if they most definitely are not spam. I try and delete it from the subject line when I'm responding, but some slip through.

Jordan Summers said...

Another Arizona person here. Today is beautiful, but it's starting to get hot. Really not ready for spring or summer. I'm published, but quite enjoy your unpub and industry insights.

Moose said...

Maybe now is the appropriate time to mention that I've been restraining myself from sending you a query written entirely in haiku. Such a move might be unprofessional, especially since this query would have to describe a book I'm currently reading, seeing as I haven't actually written one.

I think the most pressing Bachelor question is: When will the rest of Jason's mane join his hairline in the Great Beyond?

Lisa said...

I'll delurk. I'm from suburban Seattle (by way of Iowa and Chicagoland), just a couple of exits away from the current Bachelor's home turf. I don't know him (beyond the shirtless photos accompanying a gushing story about his body/workout regimen in the Seattle Times), and I don't watch the show. I checked it out in its first incarnation, but I soon turned away for good because it makes me ill to see women catfighting over a man/ring -- and I'm horrified that they all seem to really think they're in love or that a real relationship might develop. Also, I don't watch because I'd likely start caring and get alarmingly hooked on it.

I'm a freelance writer-editor working in children's and educational publishing. Spent many years on the in-house editorial track. Currently finishing a nonfiction picture book series. I'm also writing several Language Arts-based lesson plans for publication this spring. Next book project is a graphic novel (biography). I have two completed middle-grade mystery-adventure manuscripts I need to revise and start submitting, one YA novel I've started outlining, and one dream project I am apparently too scared to genuinely attempt.

It's raining here today. It's a pretty rain, though.

Hilary said...

I am also from Phoenix, and am vaguely annoyed with everybody who is already saying "It's starting to get hot."
March is the best time to be here, people! It's in the seventies and eighties and gorgeous. Let's not talk about it hitting a hundred until it does (usually late April). Go to the pool!
That said, I got my very first rejection letter in the mail yesterday and am oddly excited about it.
I haven't had TV since I was seven years old and am sadly out of the Bachelor loop. Sorry, Nathan.

Kristy Colley said...

I gotta say, Nathan...the questions? A little (bad) first date-ish. ;)

From Missourah, as my grandmother embarrassingly says, currently live in obnoxiously sunny St. George, Utah. If you were one to read my blog you'd see frequent posts of me politely telling the sun to piss off. It's just too bright. (See how I multitask questions?)

The only thing on my mind right now is that this cable guy in my house smells like a moldy cigar and keeps looking in my closets. Hello! Young white female at home by alarms me.

And honestly, I can't believe you even know who Jillian is...

Emily Winslow said...

I'm an American in England, with my first novel coming out next year (in the States) from Bantam Dell.

I can't watch "The Bachelor," but I totally keep up by following recaps. I was shocked Jillian went home!

Nathan, I enjoy your upbeat attitude and all the info you share. All this publishing stuff is new to me and I appreciate all the insight I can get!

Nathan Bransford said...


Are you trying to say I will not be receiving a rose?

Suzan Harden said...

*grin* I flagged Vegas Linda Lou's comment ages ago because her title sounds hysterical. Haven't been through the Big D myself, but spent many a Kleenex and margarita filled night consoling friends.

Right now it's a beautiful mod-seventies in Houston, and I have the afternoon off from one of my part-time, pays-the-bills jobs. Guess I should get back to the new wip, huh?

Nancy Coffelt said...

I just love this blog - not only because Nathan's postings are a great mix of informative and interesting but also because of the comments it draws. Those comments are a nice reminder I'm not alone in writing hell.

I'm a Portlander, used to gloom and gray and spend most of my time trying to make my work not suck.

Jinx said...

That's what I said Hilary, April = hot. It's beautiful right now, but then, I'm not normally out during the daylight hours.

Ok, now I really am going to bed!

Barbara Early said...

Where are you from?
Buffalo, NY

Anything on your mind?
Was thinking about going back to bed.

Who is Jason going to choose?
Who's Jason?

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?

How's the weather?
See question #1.

I know, right?

Natalie said...

Yay, the old comments version. Now I CAN de-lurk. The new one didn't like me for some reason.

Linda Lou, great story! Enjoyed the article and good luck with your book.

Vicky said...

I'm Vicky, mostly a lurker and/or anon. Whipping off my mask to offer my opinion on a matter of grave import. In the most shocking rose ceremony yet ... er, to come.... Well, here's the conspiracy theory according to Reality Steve: Jason picks Melissa, dumps her after the show, AND hooks up with Molly. For those in need of more procrastination routes, here's the link:

150 said...

I'm from the Internet, the weather's surprisingly nice right now, and the biggest thing on my mind is worrying that the Watchmen movie will not be as stone-cold awesome as it should be. (Mur Lafferty) said...

hiya- I'm Mur Lafferty, from Durham, NC. I just got done reading on my kindle (and I agree with you that little dots don't give me a sense of how far I am in the book) and am about to edit a podcast. I'm a bit of a new media enthusiast.

I've vowed not to watch reality TV till "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?" comes back.

Megan Frampton said...

I'm in Brooklyn, NY, where I do freelance for a morning radio show prep service (which pays for me to stay at home with my son) as well as write historical romance and women's fiction (not so much pay, feh). I only watch Top Chef for my reality TV, so I dunno anything about J&J.
And the weather is cold. And has been cold for the past 217 years.

Lisa said...

I'm Lisa and I live in Denver. I've read all your posts for close to three years and...oh, this is too much pressure.

T. Elle Harrison said...

Hi Nathan!
Just found your blog last week so I don't know if that qualifies me as a lurker or not. I'm from Philadelphia but currently live in South Crack, er...I mean South Carolina. What's on my mind?? Mostly food...I'm on a diet...grr. I don't watch the bachelor.

I love your blog! It's very informative. Thanks so much for all the information on how to properly format a query an agent. Very helpful.

Dan said...

Over here in sunny New Zealand, it's sunny. How cool is that? Actually, it's quite cool, because there's a southerly blowing off Antarctica, and we're thinking about lighting the fire. I love summer.

Like a few others here, this was the first publishing industry blog I found when I started my hunt for an agent. It's been a great starting point, and has led me to the fantastic network that the internet really is. Thanks for all the brilliant links!

What's on my mind? Writing queries, carrying on with a new book I'm writing, and hanging on to the precious hour I've carved out every morning for writing without the distractions of phone calls, work, and family. Yeah, there's all that stuff too.

Really, really don't watch reality TV. Sorry Nathan, I just can't stomach it. I'd rather read some Terry Pratchett.

I also blog, but mostly about food, for some reason. This is odd, because I write fantasy. But who doesn't like food? Nomnomnom.

Righto, I'm back to lurking until I get my query letter out. ;)

Loreth Anne White said...

Loreth from Whistler, B.C., a small ski resort in the Coast Mountains (home of next winter Olympics)
Blizzarding here today. I have no clue about the bachelor, sorry. Allergic to the the show. However, I am addicted to this blog :)

Emily Cross said...

I've posted i think twice in total, so i think i'll include myself in the lurker crowd.

Hey, i'm emily long time reader, short term poster and i'm irish (the from ireland kind)

not much going on in my mind to be honest - looking forward to the irish episode of the simpsons on paddys day (if i'm sober enough to watch)

Sorry Nathan the batchelor/batchelorette doesn't exist over here. Nope never seen an episode. we only get american 'classics' over here. like jerry springer and the like ;)

The weather is actually nice - fresh and sunny, no rain in sight.

DebraLSchubert said...

Bummer. I was hoping it was a terrible mistake and that it was meant to be a request for a full. Thanks for clarifying.;-)

chris said...

Where are you from?
someplace empty

Who is Jason going to choose?
not sure what this references.

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
who the &*%! is Jillian?

How's the weather?

I know, right?
right, i know.

annerallen said...

Congrats to Vegas Linda O'Connor! I'm definitely going to get me a copy of Bastard Husband.

Mostly I lurk--but I comment sometimes, when the program will let me. I live on CA's Central Coast. I'm one of those unfortunates who published two novels with a dying indie publisher to good reviews and dismal sales (hard to sell books that have no distribution), so I'm a pariah in the publishing biz. But I'm still blindly trying to get some brave agent to rep my new work.

But it has no vampires or werewolves. Not even a small troll. So am I kidding myself?

I read a lot of publishing blogs and I've been following Nathan pretty much since the beginning. I used to be a faithful Snarkling.

Nathan doesn't snark as well as the lamented Miss S, but he's got some wise things to say (in spite of his fondess for bad reality TV.) Thanks Mr. B.

Joann Mannix said...

My hands are shaking as I write this. I know wimp.. more like shy girl. I lurk like Dave Letterman's departed stalker around this site.

Don't watch any of your much beloved reality shows, but I do love me some Housewives of OC, NY, and the delightfully craaazy Atlanta ladies.

I'm from the land of the tropical Florida and I feel like a wimp carrying on about our 50 degree weather. Will it ever warm up? I'm freezing!

And now I'm going to have to go Google scurvy's symptoms. I'm such a hypochondriac, the word is mentioned, I know I've got it.

On my mind-the reason for my hand tremble. I write a little blog and in the imperfect order of the universe, I wrote about you, Nate the Great, last night. If you go there, please disregard any errors, I'm usually better than that, but I was delighting in the snark of the OC housewives reunion. (I figured I could watch the Prez today online.), if you want to take a peek.

JaxPop said...

Nathan - I'm Dave from St Augustine Florida where it will be in the high 70s tomorrow. Have followed your blog for about 2 years & I've honestly learned more here than anywhere else on the net or in the 'how to' books. I don't watch much TV. My 1st YA was published a few months ago & I've made friends with 2 of your awesome clients. Nothing on my mind. I have perfect teeth. Life is good & you are da man professor Bransford (& a good guy). I'll go back to lurking now. Thanks.

Mim said...

I've commented a few times, but I'll officially delurk

Where are you from? NC
Anything on your mind? Not that I care to share--mostly worried about my kids==and you guys don't want to hear about them.
Who is Jason going to choose? Don't know--I don't watch
Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? See above
How's the weather? Beautiful, warm and sunny
I know, right? Yeah.

I'm so close to finishing and then starting the query process! Yeah! Thanks for your blog--so informative

Anita said...

I'm from Colorado Springs and the weather absolutely rocks here. Seriously...we've got miles of blue sky and I'll be out hiking in shorts and tee this afternoon.

The thing we're all wondering: Does Jason have sex with all these women? I don't think I'd like him to be with one woman one night and me the next, even if it is in beautiful New Zealand (not to mention that I'm happily married, but you know what I mean).

Went to signing of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET last night...the author was adorable and intelligent, and his agent (Kristin Nelson) was there, too, and she was also great.

Solvang Sherrie said...

I knew there was a reason I didn't like dentists...

I usually don't comment because I figure it's just going to get lost in the shuffle of all the previous comments ;^)

But I do love this blog and I read it often. And now I'll go back to lurking here in sunny Solvang...

Samantha Elliott said...

Is it bad if I don't know if I'm a lurker or not? I think I've commented before, but in all likelihood, I thought very witty responses but was carried away by my ADD.

I'm from Texas, now residing outside of DC.

I've been wondering about global warming and world peace and....okay fine, wondering why I must work instead of enjoying this rare, beautiful day.

I can't believe I know who Jason is!

HA! I don't know who Jillian is!!

:( (See above)

Do you know? Are you sure?

Tracy Madison said...

Hi, I'm Tracy in Ohio. I've commented once or twice before, but tend to stay quiet most of the time. I talk enough at my blog. :)

What's on my mind this week is the release of my debut book. OH and tonight is Lost. That's about it.

I don't know what's going on with Jason. I *think* he's going to end up with Molly, but maybe not at the actual rose ceremony.

Jillian rocks, and while she'd make an awesome Bachelorette, I'd really like to see Stephanie.

The wheather in Ohio is cool, grey, and um...that's it.

jill said...

Hi! I'm Jill and lurk in several corners of the internet from just west of Portland.
Just finished lunch at work and am thinking I should be writing instead of surfing. Rationalizing it with the thought that finished blog surfing during lunch means I can write during my afternoon break.
Sorry, don't watch the Bachelor, but I enjoy reading others' posts about it.
Weather here is grey and almost warm enough for a light coat.

Rick Chesler said...

Aloha! I read the blog from time to time. Keep up the good work!

Katharina Gerlach said...

Who I am:
I am from Germany and while following this blog I "grew" the courage to query several US agents.
I am a published but not yet well known writer and I am a triple Mum with a disabled daughter.

Whats on my mind:
One thing I have been wondering is if agents in the US will be put off if I tell them that I am German. After all, English is not my native language (I bet there are a few people like me out there with the same thoughts)

and all the rest:
couldn't someone invent 36 or 48 hour days and add-on-tentacles for mothers? I'd be grateful for No-Sleep-Needed-Pills, too, if they come without adverse effects.

The Rat said...

I'm Kathy from Connecticut,

Who doesn't know much etiquette.

So I'll post a few verses,

And try (this time) to leave out the curses.

I'm proud to be a lurker who's certain,

That I'm not the only one hiding behind the blog curtain.

And though my query he rejected,

In my heart Nathan will always be respected.

Anlyledo said...

Hello! I'm the eavesdropper in the corner trying to absorb all the wisdom and snark in abundance here. :) I am a displaced Northwesterner now residing in the midwest.

I am currently thinking I wish it was Saturday so I could surf a while longer, instead of prepping for my next lecture -which I will be doing shortly (both the prepping and the lecture. eek.)

Due to my tendency to procrastinate with blogs and tv (see above comment on lecture prep), I do not watch the Bachelor. I must not get hooked! Step away from the reality tv!

Now I must step away from my Google reader. Slowly.

Ulysses said...

Where are you from? Ontario Canada.

Anything on your mind? Can a human achieve happiness by eating raw cocoa beans? If not, should I do it anyway?

Who is Jason going to choose? Um... the Golden Fleece?

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? And six months later, will she star in "Celebrity Divorce?"

How's the weather? It's Canada. There's snow, and 32F is considered "warming up."

I know, right? Actually, I'm a lefty. Like Napoleon and Hitler. Er... perhaps I do not keep flattering company.

Serena C. said...

I'm a Nathan Bransford lurkette from Michigan who doesn't want to chance scurvy. One can never be too vigilant.

I love your blog, but you really need to start watching what I'M watching so's we can be on the same page. I figured it could never get any better than Trista and Ryan so I stopped watching The Bachelor. Let's hear it for The Amazing Race, American Idol, and The Apprentice! (Apparently, I only watch shows beginning with A. Ooh, except for The Office.) I do find time to write occasionally.

It's snowing. Shocker. We have 265 inches so far this winter.

Alina said...

I'm a new reader from Indiana. We had a nice warm (50s) morning and I took my boys to the park. Hopefully they will now take nice long naps so I can comment on, work on my novel.

Meg89 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Windy said...

Windy, from Salt Lake City. Yes, Utah and no, I'm not Mormon.

I've left a couple comments in the past, but not on any really consistent basis. Does that make me a lurker?

Anyway, currently stressed out about getting my query ready to send out.

Not really a reality show watcher. Except for The Deadliest Catch. And Bizarre Foods. And HGTV because I swear, I can build that stuff too! (My husband laughing behind me).

Weather's a nice balmy 50 degrees, chance of rain but great because it's not freezing.

And in case anyone missed it, you can live in Utah and not be Mormon. I swear.

Megan said...

Hi! I live in Minneapolis (by choice even, as I was raised in the California Wine Country). Like a few other lurkers, my novel is on my mind. I was plotting out my big climax at lunch and am really nervous about it. Also on my mind is the word verification "bleneiss" and how it sounds kind of like another word.

I only watch one hour of television a week and it's Lost, so can't comment on Jason or Jillian. The weather is beautiful (in Minneapolis that means three degrees above freezing and the sun is out) but we're supposed to get lots of snow tomorrow, which is cool with me too.

Meg89 said...

Hey, and happy belated de-lurking day. I'm currently taking a break from mid-term paper writing... only 800 words to go, and it's due in 2.5 hours. That's plenty of time, right?

I love your blog, but don't tend to be a commenter here. I'll try to lurk a little less in the future.

Ana said...

1) I'm from Portland, Oregon, aka the Great NorthWet. Can you guess what the weather is?

2) I'm rejoicing that you now allow the inclusion of the first 5, and I'm trying to figure out a personal way to begin the query.

3) I'm not sure who Jason is but I'm guessing he's going to choose the one he likes the best.

4) Ok, so I did the research and found out who Jillian is. My guess: it's too predictable to make her the next Bachelorette, so they'll skip a season and then bring her on.

5) I'm seeing violet-grey clouds a half mile away and sun on my balcony. This is Oregon.

6) Of course you know. You're the agent.

Meredith said...

Hi! I'm Meredith and I'm delurking.

I love your blog but don't have a television so can't identify the popular culture references (am I wrong that this is not necessarily a bad thing?).

Maybe I'll even delurk once a month. Or does that count as delurking?

celestialgldfsh said...

I'm Beth and I lurk via an RSS feed on LiveJournal.
I reside in Arizona, but I'm from central California.
The thing on my mind currently is surviving the day. It's barely after noon and I'm ready for bed.
I hope Jason chooses me. That's my husband's name.
I have no clue who Jillian is.
Weather here near Phoenix is sunny and in the low 80s, very pretty, and most insidious - all the plants are blooming and spewing toxic pollen.
Do I know? I don't know. It's one of those days, but I can say I enjoy your blog and the industry insights you offer.

Katy said...

My name is Katy and I grew up on the west coast (San Diego/Seattle) but now live near Dayton, Ohio. As for what's on my mind right now, I'm at work so that would be how to make a letter from my boss actually sound like a letter my boss would write (great practice for my fiction writing, btw). I don't watch the bachelor or the bachelorette, and for the first time I actually am feeling woefully inadequate for not doing so (usually I can muster up some sense of greater self-worth). The weather here today is actually nice, temps in the mid 50s, sunny. I, however, am stuck inside working, so no fun there.

I do very much enjoy lurking on your blog, though. I am an as-yet-unpublished writer (working on that one) and it really helps to be able to get an idea of how this whole agent/publishing thing will work once I get to that point. So, thanks for that!

Emma Newman said...

I found myself blushing when I read your post... Yes, I have been lurking for a few months now, but what is really making me feel freaked out right now is that I came here to distract myself from the query letter I am drafting to send to you! I wasn't planning to reveal myself this soon, and certainly not without agonising over each sentence!

I live in England, you are the only agent I follow online - there were others but they were so negative that I stopped reading them in order to preserve this fragile dream.

Love the blog, I don't feel unworthy, patronised or stupid when you give advice - I felt that a lot elsewhere, so thank you. Now, back to this query letter...

a kelly said...

Are you really going to read all these?
I'm from a small city in Canada.
I blog and write under an obscure family nick name to hide my true identity.
I write about moments in my life that touch and transform me.

And it's very cold here.
Consider me delurked.

Ash said...

Hi! I have posted a time or two but I would probably be considered more of a lurker so I'd like to join in on the "de-lurking" ! :)

My name is Ashley and I'm from a small town in the beautiful state of Alabama.

On my mind right now? The fact that I'm commenting here instead of working on my manuscript!

I don't watch the bachelor, so I'm afraid I can't contribute anything there..

The weather is gloomy today which, of course, means it is great writing weather and I am wasting it!

Off to work now!

Thanks for the blog, Mr. Bransford!

Griffin Asher said...

I have posted (once) in the past, but I'm still pretty much a lurker.

Where are you from?
The Middle-Of-No-Where (a.k.a. North Idaho).

Anything on your mind?

Who is Jason going to choose?

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
If I knew who that was then I would tell you, but I don't, so I can't.

How's the weather?
Raining. Cold. Gloomy.

I know, right?
Umm, right.

Xiexie said...

Kenny here from great old Washington DC -- though maybe that should be cold DC...

Anywho, longtime reader not too frequent a commenter, but I love the blog. And there's a haw flying over my yard right now.

Sara J. Henry said...

1) Vermont, originally Tennessee.
2) Finishing this current draft.
3) Melissa.
4) No way.
5) Cloudy and 40.

Gabriel said...

Hello, I'm from Bloomington, Indiana.

Right now I'm thinking of ways to look like I'm working. I don't want the boss to be wise to my de-lurking.

I'm not sure about Jason or Jillian, but is anyone else disappointed with the last couple seasons of Family Guy?

The weather is a bit cold and soggy at the moment, but spring is coming.

Love the blog, by the way.

Danielle said...

Lurker from Calgary, Canada who is watching it snow sideways outside her window and laughing at everyone’s comments on cold weather. Try -20 Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit for those south of the border). Brrrrr. Love the blog!

Briony said...

I'm Briony - I'm in Melbourne, Australia and it's smoky. I start my MA in publishing next week and right now the cat I'm looking after is launching an offensive against my feet.

T. Anne said...

Woo hooo Linda Lou! there is a space on my bookshelf just for you!

Charlene said...

I'm originally from Maryland, but recently moved to Oregon.

What's on my mind:
What the heck is wrong with the dog
Whether I'm actually hungry or not
What I should begin doing first
Whether I should give Silent Hill another try.

I really don't know who Jason or Jillian are sorry.

The weather is gloomy, it just finished pouring as though someone dropped an ice bucket out front.

Miss Viola Bookworm said...

Jillian was dumped last week, Nathan! Where have you been?!!?

Sandra G. said...

I'm a pretend lurker like Dan Radke...having posted only a handful of comments over the months.

- Vancouver, BC, Canada is where I'm from

- Just thinking about where the heck I'm going to get a pink T-shirt in the next hour (it's anti-bullying day here in BC, and you're suppose to wear pink in the stand against bullies)

- I've no idea who Jason is, but I'll take a guess - from Nathan's favorite show?

- Jillian...hmmm...don't know

- it's cloudy, spring is trying to break through, and now the weather lady is calling for snow..arg

Cool idea for a post - it'll be interested to see how many lurkers come out.

Being Beth said...

I'm Beth, and I lurk here daily -- wouldn't miss a post. I also comment occasionally. I live in Texas, and don't watch Jason or Jillian. As for the weather, it's 78 degrees and sunny today. What's on my mind? I finished my chapter and have visions of a nap in my hammock.

Nathan Bransford said...

I know Jillian is gone -- I mean will she be the Next Bachelorette, i.e. the next Deanna.

Miss Viola Bookworm said...

Oh, sorry, Nathan! Yes, I think Jillian will be the next bachelorette. She was on Ellen and seemed quite positive about it. I hope she does. She seems like such a nice girl.

What is your prediction? Melissa or Molly?

Nathan Bransford said...

Miss Viola-

It sure seems like Molly, but I've been fooled before!

Brodi Ashton said...

Hi Nathan.

First comment ever. Thanks for de-lurk day.

I write YA novels, I’m repped elsewhere, but I once had the pleasure of receiving a 2 minute rejection from you. *Self-five* I’m sure you remember. :)

I live in Salt Lake City, I’m a geek (go Watchmen!), and someday I want to write something in which I can describe the sun as “The Golden Orb” and it will be most appropriate.

Currently, I lack the lingo.

Your blog keeps things in perspective for me, while at the same time providing just enough comic relief. Thank you for that!

Melinda Szymanik said...

I wanted to be the first Kiwi from New Zealand saying hello but lost out to Dan. I'm Melinda and I write for children (what you would call middle grade? picture books and short stories). I like to have a read of your blog at least once a week and see whats happening in the US as i plan for world domination with my books (I wish). Don't know about Jason and Jillian. Weather is sunny, the cicadas (katydids?) are deafening but there's an autumnal nip in the air. Whats on my mind? Would the recession be so bad if the media wasn't allowed to report on it?

Taire said...

What a great idea for a post! Out of ideas? Throw it back on your audience!

I currently live in Maryland. I’ll leave past locations obscure.

I had to struggle with my patriotism last night. I truly wanted to see Fringe. When John Noble, who plays Dr. Walter Bishop, says “nipple” it rhymes with kibble. How great is that?

I read your blog because you are so nice. That’s the truth.

I know you have no interest in the type of books I like to read and write, but you are an unofficial ambassador for the much lambasted role of Literary Agent. And I read every word you say.

MF said...

I'm from San Francisco.

My mind is on the upcoming weekend and Wondercon.

Jason's going to choose Melissa. It's the only thing that makes sense with the "private" moment that's needed probably because her family is so camera shy.

Jillian better be the next Bachelorette or I'll have to make idle threats about not watching the show.

I think it's so awesome the rain stopped so my friends and I could eat lunch outside!

Eden said...

Where are you from?
Right now, central PA, about 80 miles east of Pittsburgh

Anything on your mind?
I should finish this milk instead of dumping it down the sink.

Who is Jason going to choose? Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
I assume these are related. I'm lucky if I get to see an episode of "Lost" once a week. I've never watched any incarnation of "The Bachelor."

How's the weather?
Getting better.

I know, right?
Totally, man.

Amara said...

1-Grand Rapids, in the mitten
2-Paying for college :(
3-...who? o_O
5-Awful rain, 40 degrees
6-I knowwwww.

I'm one of the rss subscribers.

Anonymous said...

Still here and finished my novel (The twin inside a twin from the contest)....

What's on my mind--What's next.

Reading: Suttree by C. McCarthy.

...and I don't know jack about reality television, so I'll stick with The Wire on DVD.


MC said...

I'm from Maine and have been reading for 13 months now, never missed a post. Reading the blog, I mean. Because reading for just 13 months would be bad, considering I'm 30. Have commented maybe twice. My NBRT was about 6 hours on a Sunday. Never queried anyone else. I'll be self-publishing instead.

Just wanted to also point out that my word verification word is "forkingl." This made me laugh. I am immature.

sean said...

Officially out of the "Lurker" closet.
1) Mass.
2) Quitting time
3) Get a life
4) Same as # 3
5) Cold, but sunny

Nice to join all ya' all!

Josh said...

Ok – I’ll bite.

I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah and have been reading your blog for a little over a year. My day job is a Director of Human Resources for a small software company, or as I like to say – doing all of the crap jobs in the company that no one else really wants to do.

Big time Utah Jazz fan, who I believe play the Kings this Saturday. Don’t worry Nathan—I won’t rub it in when my Jazz win.

Only thing on my mind right now is how fast the publishing industry is going to ramp-up digital publishing? And if there will come a time when some books are only created in the digitally format and forgo the traditional format.

I think Jason is going to choose Melissa, then break it off and proposes to Molly – at least that’s what my wife tells me is going to happen.

If Melissa gets dumped, I think she will be picked for the Bachelorette over Jillian.

With all of that said – I will probably be watching Chuck instead of the Bachelor next Monday.

The weather is par for the course here in Utah, and by that I mean – rainy, snowy, sunny – all occurring in the space of 30 minutes.

Muppet Soul said...


I mostly lurk.

On your blog and outside in your bushes.

I am a Hollywood-girl originally from D.C. I am a politician with fake boobs. ( Just kidding).

I write screenplays, unfinished fiction, and sometimes on my bathroom mirror, hoping when my husband pops out of the shower he thinks it was a ghost.

What is on my mind? I am trying to make blog-friends. Blogging is quazi-new.

Love your blog! It's very helpful you literary angel, you.

Nikki Magennis said...


I'm in the wintry wilds of Scotland. I've got deadlines on my mind, and I don't know who Jason or Jillian are either ...

Thanks for the fascinating, funny and all warm-cosy-feeling blog, Nathan.

~Jamie said...

Where are you from?
Texas. We aren't all just big hair and boots anymore though... we have big purses now, too :)

Anything on your mind? Mostly just wondering why my three year old brought her booger over to me and told me his name is Zipple... and is there a book in that?

Who is Jason going to choose?
Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
I think this was all so spoiled this time Ugh!

How's the weather? Fabulous. This time of year is the reason for living in the Lone Star State!

I know, right? Right...

Catherine Haines said...

1) I'm from a little place called New Zealand. It's known to more people as "that place where The Lord of the Rings" was filmed, or even just as "Middle Earth". I prefer "the freckles on the butt of the world" myself.

2) I just woke up, so the mind is pretty blank at the moment. I have a list of things I need to do do, such as:
- update wordpress plugins on blog
- finish writing a book review
- write a blog entry
- actually sit down and write something related to novel #2.

3) and 4) What? I dunno.

5) It's grey and a little windy. It's supposed to be summer, but at least it's not pissing down like the weekend, when we were supposed to take the Girl Guides camping.

6) Uh huh. Yep.

Dusty said...

It seems pointless to comment after 115 have already done so, but you asked. I've only been reading for a couple months. I'm supposed to be writing more. I'm supposed to be finishing a book that may end up being my dissertation, but ever since I got an agent I've been spending too much time on agents' blogs and industry Web sites and Publishers Lunch.

You give really good help and advice, but I'd also thought I'd let you know this blog's kind of like a drug I like but shouldn't take.

Moderation---I've never been good at it.

WendyCinNYC said...

Hi Nathan. I'm from New York, where the weather is slightly better than yesterday, but still frigid and bleak.

My mind is on an upcoming vacation to California and Hawaii.

I save my crappy TV hour for the Real Housewives. Yes. I watch that trainwreck. I admit it.

magolla said...

I'm not a true lurker, I have commented in the past and even sent you a query.
Tulsa, Oklahoma is my place of residence. The weather is scrumpdilicious: 70 and sunny. I'm currently trying not to eat (Ash Wednesday, ya know) while I try to figure out how to add mystery to a middle-grade novel.
I liked Jason, but haven't really kept up with the whole thang.

JJ said...

Delurking again to say:

I have a fondness for the Sacramento Kings (despite my general apathy for team sports). My dad grew up there and I lived there for a year when I was nine. I sang the national anthem twice with my school chorus (I was in The Sacramento Bee! Front page! Noticeable because I'm dead center with a red headband!). This was 1994-1995, during Spud Webb's glory years.

Anonymous said...

De-Lurk Day! Hee! What a fun concept. I guess I do lurk, most of the time. I hardly ever comment anywhere, but I follow numerous agent blogs, keeping my eye out for helpful writing/publishing advice. (I find a lot of it here!) I've commented here before, I still count as a lurker?

Thanks for blogging; even though you sent me a rejection, I still come here every day.

To God be the glory,
A SF writer

Abby said...

Abby here, from the big HOT AZ. Yes, if it’s over 80 in February, it’s hot. Winter came too late this year for it to be warming up already.

I found your blog just over a month ago when I was procrastinating, um, I mean doing research for the next step now that my MS is almost finished. I must admit that I’ve become somewhat obsessed with your blog, and I really enjoy reading it every day.

On my mind? Right now I’m wondering why my seven-year-old can’t empty the dishwasher without making noises like she’s being murdered.

The only knowledge I have of The Bachelor is from you and the little snippets they show on The Soup. Joel McHale is hilarious.

I know, right?
Like, totally, for sure.

M. said...

Hi! I desperately need my scurvy cured. I'm an aspiring comedy writer in Toronto (yes, we really truly do love your President)and psyching myself up to start the query process for my first MS. I care significantly less about who gets a rose than who gets the golden ladle on Top Chef, and who gets the golden pinking shears on Project Runway Canada.

Jenn Johansson said...

Hi Nathan!
1-I've lived all over the U.S. and I'm currently in Utah.
2-On my mind currently is wondering how to figure out the response time on a partial or full from an agent that hasn't specified. Any hints?
3-I don't follow the Bachelor, so I'm going to pretend you were talking about Lost. I don't know how the got back to the island without the plane crashing!
4-Kate is going to have a difficult time deciding between Jack and Sawyer... but seeing how she's been acting since Aaron "disappeared"--I think she might have bigger issues to worry about.
5-It is starting to get warmer and I can't wait to go to the backyard and set up our new trampoline for the kids! :D

Thanks for pulling us out of the closet :)

Kristi said...

Wow - I just saw how many comments were posted already. Nathan, did you realize you had so many lurkers out there?

My tidbit is that I'm from Denver and it's way warmer here than most people realize, but we're keeping it our little secret (except for the 123 lurkers that now know!) My day job has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but it's such a fun hobby! :)

Anonymous said...

Charlie Mac de-lurking in Eastern Washington State--the dry half that does not include Seattle. The sun is shining, the wind is blowing and a mega tumble weed just rolled across my yard and tried to take out a passing car.

Whats on my mind? pondering a Dallas Morning News article on how to eat on $100 a month. The first item mentioned is how to make low budget margaritas. The trick must be to drink enough margaritas to not require food...

Who is Jason? Are we predicting the victim of the next Friday the 13th movie or what?

I've never seen the I forfeit my lurking rights for admitting it?

Cool blog, Nathan. I'll lurk again tomorrow.

Katherine Howell said...

Hi, I'm Katherine and I'm on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Beautiful morning here! What's on my mind is breakfast, a hair appointment in a couple of hours, and then getting back into the structural edit for my third paramedic crime thriller, due out in December.
Love your blog, Nathan!

Shell I said...

I am Michelle, I am kinda a lurker - I do post occassionally. I am from Australia it is going to hit 29 degrees (celcius) today - no idea what that is in F suffice to say it is warm. So it is hot but my office is so full of air-con I will still freeze. Nothing much on my mind as I need to start work.

Marilyn Peake said...

I’m not a lurker, but wanted to congratulate Vegas Linda Lou for being contacted by a journalist and having your upcoming book mentioned in their newspaper article! That's awesome!

I started out by self-publishing my first two novels. It got my books out there...which led to more publications, the sale of over 1,000 copies of my combined books before distribution channels shrank considerably...and I still receive over 9,000 hits to my website each month. With your stand-up comedy routine, you may have a built-in audience for your books, and that’s a wonderful thing. :)

Elizabeth said...

Elizabeth here, in the wilds of western Massachusetts. Love the blog, very informative!

Just_Me said...

I'm a gypsy currently living in Alabama and planning my next move because staying here 6 months is almost too long.

I write under the name Liana Brooks and have my first short story coming out in the June issue of M-Brane. I think... long story.

I don't watch TV so I have no clue who those people are. The weather is fair. And what I'm thinking about is how on Earth to get my daughter through her mountain of homework before it gets too late and I lose all my time to write.

Oh, and I'd love to go to San Fran because one of my favorite foodies blogs from there and I want to hit some of the restaurants.

Melissa McInerney said...

Hi Nathan, I'm Melissa and I live in Evergreen, Colorado. It's 60 degrees here today, really, really wrong for February. I'm not really a lurker, I DO comment. Don't watch the Batchelor at all, I'm just a little addicted to Rock of Love w/Brett Michaels (I know, Iknow!) but hey, when an aging rocker can get twelve bimbos to fight over him? Genius! What's on my mind? All kinds of crap, none of which is important, except for the voice that tells me to stop blogging and GET TO WORK! Looking forward to meeting you at Pikes Peak Writers...

jmoilanen said...

My name is Jennifer, I am a lurker from Orinda,CA. I joined after seeing Nathan present at a SF conference, almost a year ago.

I keep the feed at the top of my homepage to scold myself for rookie moves and to reward myself when I remember to correctly apply the rules of writing/publishing etc.

Thanks Nathan and fellow posters for your tips.

Ohh, I feel so liberated now that I'm no longer a lurker.

Mira said...

I'm not a lurker either, but I want to add my congratulations to Vegas Linda Lou!

You go, girl.

Love your title.

Anonymous said...

Am I wasting my time sending queries for my action/thriller to female agents?

Willow said...

"Hi, I'm Willow and I'm a lurker..."

"Hi Willow!"

Okay, now that that's taken care of, on to the questions at hand...

Where are you from?
I've lived my entire life in Southern Illinois, starting off in a town of 600 people.

Anything on your mind?
A skull, skin, hair- oh you meant am I thinking about anything right now... I'm pretty preoccupied with how close I am to completing the rough draft of my first novel as well as the status of a short story I have out on submission.

Who is Jason going to choose?
Not sure... between writing and raising a toddler, I don't have much time for television.

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
See above.

How's the weather?
The weather is horrible! Right now it's cold and wet, but knowing this time of year it could be 70 degrees tomorrow and then snowing the next. Gotta love southern Illinois...

I don't mean to be a lurker, but it tends to happen quite a bit. Love the blog though!

Tracy said...

Wow, who knew there was a de-lurker day? I feel like I've been caught with my hand in the cookie jar or something...

I suppose it's only fair that you get to know me, since I've been following you around :) Besides, maybe you'll remember me when I come a-querying in the next few weeks *insert eye roll here*

Where are you from? Saskatchewan, Canada

Anything on your mind? I think, therefore, I am. Seriously though, I mostly wonder what I'm going to feed my 5 children, probably because they keep asking me what there is to eat.

Who is Jason going to choose? I'm going to say Melissa, but I never seem to get it right.

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? Well, I don't know why Chris would ask her about it for no reason. And why not? She seems really nice - and hey, us Canadian girls are pretty special (not that I'm biased or anything).

How's the weather? Let's just say that I spent 1 1/2 hours shovelling yesterday, and it's been snowing all day. But I'm not bitter.

I know, right? Indeed.

Wow, that was long...but hey, you did ask...

Nathan Bransford said...


Please send that question to agent Janet Reid. Please please please. Tell her I sent you. I want to see the fireworks.

Jen said...

Vegas Linda Lou, how great is that? I think your book sounds awesome and I can't wait to read it, so be sure to let us all know when it's available!

I'm not really a lurker, but I want to jump on the bandwagon and answer the questions anyway!

1. I'm from Melbourne, Australia (world's most livable city 2002, 2004 & 2005)

2. I've always got a billion things on my mind. About half a billion of them are food, and the rest is normally work, study, writing and Lost.

3. I'm going with the blonde. (don't know what show it is, but don't they usually choose the blonde?)

4. Yes. Yes she will.

5. It rained half the day yesterday, today is normal again, but still jacket weather which is weird considering it's still summer here. The air is still really smoky from the bushfires that have been happening.

6. Totally.

Jeannie said...

I'm Jeannie from Prescott, AZ (that's pronounced Preskit); not that I was born here but it helps blend in with the locals - the locals being those who have lived here longer than someone else. They like to boast about this sort of thing; gives them self importance or, at the very least, a reason to one-up you.

I've no idea who Jason is and don't care if Jillian becomes a bachelorette or any other gender choice.

The weather is lovely, a balmy 68 degrees with sunshine and a gusty wind around 30 miles an hour - typical for these high desert hills of north central Arizona.

I like reading your blog. Laraine H. turned me on to it. Good info most of the time. Enjoy the day.

Courtney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Horserider said...

Hi I'm Rachael. I think your a great guy and I love reading your blog. On my mind is my first finished novel that I'm editing and my new works in progress. Among when I'm going to be able to go write outside and whether or not it's actually going to rain today. February in Michigan and I'm expecting rain. Crazy!

colleen4 said...

I'm sitting watching the flipping snow fall in Maple Ridge, a suburb of Vancouver, BC. And I'm not happy about it. Not happy about the snow, that is, since it was balmy and all 'spring is just around the corner' last week. Well, if I'm really being honest here, I'm not too smitten with the whole Maple Ridge thing either.

My heart is all a flutter about the new season of Reaper starting. The Bachelor? They're still making that show? Americans are so darn cute.

What's on my mind?

Just how insane am I to have agreed to inviting 12 girls to my 7year old's birthday party on our house?? And why the heck did I give up beer for Lent? Clearly, I hadn't thought things out. This might not end well.

I love your blog. Learning lots about the industry. I enjoy your humor mixed in with great information.

Courtney said...

Ok. No longer lurking...

I'm from sunny NM, the state that produces such stellar authors as Lew Wallace (Ben-Hur) and Jack Williamson. I think it has something to do with the wind...if you've ever been here you know.

I write historical fiction. Barring plagues of locusts and mid-terms, my current wip, THIS ENCHANTED LAND, will be nice and shiny--from polishing-- and ready for querying by this summer.

Weathers' nice here, actually. We could use some rain though.

Sara said...

Where are you from? Toronto, Canada

Anything on your mind? I should be spending less time reading your blog and more time finishing the edits on my novel.

Who is Jason going to choose? I think Melissa and that's so unfortunate for her. Seriously, look at Jason closely when someone's talking to him, doesn't he look like a bit like he's singing The Farmer in the Dell in his head?

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? Oh I hope so - yay Canada!!

How's the weather? I already said I live in Canada, what do you think?

Heather said...

Hi, I am from Versailles, KY (pronounced like you are from KY, not France).

I have been lurking and soaking up knowledge about the fascinating world of publishing (thank you, Nathan).

I quit watching Bachelorette several seasons ago.

The weather is definitely improving in KY, but I'm ready for spring.

Yep, I know.

K.L.Romo said...

Hello Everyone - I'm a writer from Texas (one of the unwashed masses, as a commentator on this blog once labeled us - still stinging from that one!).
Well, I'm with Vegas Linda Lou. I'm very tired of going the traditional route - haven't had much luck even with a proper query letter that doesn't even begin with a question. I'm going to self-publish as well. If you're going to have to promote yourself anyway, might as well get rid of the middle men (no offense, Nathan, even though you weren't interested in reading a sample). So I'm taking things into my own hands. I have a great book that's gotten really good reviews by independent parties, and dang it, I'm going to create a great marketing campaign and sell this thing!

In addition, I was reading last week's posts about why people make comments on your blog, and I'm curious. Could you take a poll to see how many of these folks are looking for an agent?? It would be interesting to know.


Robert A Meacham said...

I live in Cedar Park Texas. Drive-by describes mebetter than lurker. I spend most of my time in the retail grocery industry. I continue to write to fullfill this nagging passion of mine.
The weather, ever changing.

Melanie said...

Lurker here!

I'm in DC, slogging away at my government job (I help numerically-inclined people write in English). When I realized that I'd almost finished writing my first novel, I started lurking on agent blogs to learn about the process.

I find you informative and entertaining, and if I didn't already subscribe to your newsletter, I'd express my interest in doing so.

Reality TV is not my thing (UNLESS I know or tangentially know a contestant).

If I had a window, I could tell you how the weather is. I heard it was nice today...50's, maybe.

And, totally.

Hilabeans said...

Nathan, you really think it's Molly? Why? Was it the whole tent rendezvous that makes you think that?
The actual "walk of shame" the morning after was a little tacky, but very dramatic. Chris Harrison always says, "The most dramatic season in Bachelor history." Wait. Doesn’t he always say that?

Andi said...

Lurker here...

Love the blog, have passed the url on many times.

Berkeley home, SF job.
Wet, dry, wet, dry goes the weather all depends on whether you have an umbrella in your hand!

John Boggs said...

Hey, I'm John from Chicago, IL. It's actually pretty nice here for today, and for now. You just never know in this city. I teach English in an inner city school, and I write at night and weekends (and sometimes lunch hour). I like this blog because I've learned a lot from it. I don't watch the Bachelor. I do, however, love Madmen, as well as Lost and Battlestar Galactica. I'm sort of annoyed with Lost right now cause they can't seem to answer any questions, but there's a galactica sized spot in my heart for Battlestar Galactica--that show has everything in it. Madmen is probably some of the most intriguing and perfect writing on the screen today. PS: Right now, I'm reading (which actually means listening becuase I get most of my reading done on the el to work what with teaching English and writing) a great book called Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh. It's one of thse books where you want to read every sentence to the rest of the world.

Ashley said...

I only just started lurking, so I don't know if I count, but I'm Ashley, I'm in Kansas, and I'm on maternity leave.

You would think I'd get more writing done before the kid gets here, but you'd be completely wrong.

Raethe said...

I guess I'm not technically a lurker, since I emerged to post the other week on the "free" discussion. But I had been a lurker for quite some time before that, so it counts?

Where are you from? Canada BC
Anything on your mind? A half dozen different projects/assignments.
Who is Jason going to choose? Who?
Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? Who?
How's the weather? Snowing! What's up with that?

Steve Fuller said...


The advice you gave anon@1:59 was mean. His blood is on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Janet Reid (is she really Miss Snark?) is probably the exception that proves the rule.

Perhaps it's a case of sour grapes, but my perception is fewer and fewer men are reading books because fewer books are being written for the action thriller reader, your typical male. It's a downward, self perpetuating spirial. My guess, and yes, it's only that, is action/thriller/shoot 'em up books can't breach the gauntlet of females that dominate the business of literary agents.

I admit it's a small sample, but I attended one 'agent fest' and only one male agent was present (Dan Lazar, a rookie then, from Writers House, if memory serves) and about a zillion female authors. (this was not a bad thing since I was one of few males in the hotel lounge that night)

Let me know if I'm off base about female agents.

Allison said...

I'm Allison, and I live in NYC. My bio reads like JJ's (some hundredish posts ahead of me) but in reverse: I interned at S&S--but after graduating school I took a financial-type day job. Although I liked publishing, I realized that all I want to do is write. 'Til then, I guess that a "career" will pay the bills and that personal fulfillment will come from outside. Does anyone care to weigh in on this?

I'm thinking about going to a bar where they have a math bee after work. I'm very hip.

Nathan: I am a pretty new reader of this blog, and I am staggered by your time and motivation. You knowingly wrote a post that would generate hundreds of comments! In addition to all of the manuscripts you must have on your desk, and all of your paperwork. I am baffled.

lettersfrombella said...

Hi, I'm Shelby.

I'm currently a full time student, and my novel is on its fifth draft (getting closer to finishing every day). I'm obsessed with this blog. It's helped me so much with drafting queries, agent information, et cetera.

Glad to be out in the open. I'm done lurking.

Aaron Stephens said...

Well this is a fun post. We should have one like this more often. :)

Here goes:

Where are you from?

Dallas, TX

Anything on your mind?

Whenever you are expecting mail, all you get are flyers and other junk mail.

Who is Jason going to choose?

The only Jason I know on tv is Jason Hawes from Ghost Hunters. His choices are usually spot on.

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?

I wouldn't know. You would have to ask my sister about that.

How's the weather?

Crazy Texas weather. Monday it is 50 degrees and today it is 83 degrees. Friday it will be 50 again.

I know, right?

Knowing is half the battle.

Nathan Bransford said...


It just seems to me that he has more of a connection (drink!) with Molly. Of course, they might just be trying to trick us. I'm never right about these things.

McMama said...

I'm Cathy from Southern California.

My mind is on one of those crazy Did-you-know-group-x-is-made-up-entirely-of-murderers-who-don't-pay-taxes-type emails my darling aunt sent me. I love my aunt, but she sure hits click on some doozies.

I don't know who Jason or Jillian are, but I'll post an opinion on the next Project Runway, if it ever comes back.

The weather is cloudy and cool, which is nice because my hair looks better when there's humidity.

Anonymous said...

Longtime lurker here...

I have to give a shout-out to your wife. I mean, really, Nathan. You must be attached to your BlackBerry with all this querying going on. Take my advice and buy her some flowers, OK? OK.

Thanks for the good information and the invitation to speak!

Dawn said...

I don't post very often.

Huntington, WV.
Dan Radcliffe, the pizza I'm eating, last night's season finale of Leverage and the upcoming episode of Battlestar Galactica.
The only bachelor-like shows I watch are Project Runway and Top Chef.
Warming up, thank you.
Nailing POV in my novel is frightening me.

Scott said...

But if I didn't lurk how would you know that I was 'up to no good'?

1.I come to you from the mystical land of the Internet (by way of Missouri and Washington state).
2.I'm polishing my novel and preparing my queries.
3.(Looks up from his book) Sorry, what?
4.(Shrugs and returns to his book)
5.The rain is coming down so hard that I'm wondering what who is going to clean up all those buckets.
6. Yeah. Totally.

disorderly said...

**Peering out from woodwork**

So that's what sunlight looks like. **blink, blink** Kinda scary, no?

I'm from Galveston, TX, where we do our best to deny having discernible minds so soon after Mardi Gras. I think that second sentence should have ended after "Jason" -- unless you want to toss "and Jillian" on the end of it. Now that I'm out from behind the woodwork, I notice it's 70 degrees here today! Yay! Knowing right is an important first something. I've forgotten what.

**scuttles back behind woodwork**

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathan,
I'm in Greenhithe, New Zealand. Been lurking for nearly a year now. What's on my mind? Head lice. My daughter brought them home from kindergarten yesterday. aargh!
The weather is mild and moist.

John Darrin said...

How did you know I have scurvy?

Tricia said...

My name is Tricia and I'm a lurker.

There is a reason for my lurking in the shadows. See, when I query you, you will say, "Who is this mysterious person I've never heard of before?" You will then be so curious about me you'll go straight to requesting a full ms.
That's going to happen, right?

Christy Raedeke said...

Long-time lurker, first-time commenter. Damn Bachelor bait lured me out.
From? Ashland , Oregon
On your mind? Whether my agent will discontinue our contract after she reads the WIP I finished today.
Who to choose? Molly, natch. Country club golf date cinched it, though he will continue to try to get at least to third base with Melissa before engagement lockdown.
Jillian as Bachelorette? That was a tease to see how many people would write in for Jillian over tragic southern mother/extraterrestrial Stephanie. Exploiting a single parent and child via Bachelor has proved quite fruitful this season; I think they’re weighing their odds.
The weather? Sunny, but not without angst.
I know, right? Right! That trailer for the new season of The Hills *killed*

Ben-M said...

Uh oh... lurk disengaged.

Where are you from?
The internets, of course! It is a series of tubes. But not boob tubes, because that would be rude.

Anything on your mind?
No, it is a blank slate, largely as my coffee hasn't kicked in yet this morning.

Who is Jason going to choose?
The Argonauts!

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
Up until a shock announcement at the last minute reveals that she is actually a he. And not just any male, but an alien imposter sent to assess the human race as possible fodder for harvesting. Just remember folks, you heard it first here.

Of course, since I don't watch TV, or even have access to US programming, how could I possibly know? That can only make it more true!

How's the weather?
Well, we just went from 40C to 25C days, I even had to break out a jacket. Oh the humanity!!!!

I know, right?
I don't know how you do it! You're incredibly perceptive!

Re-enabling lurk mode...

rightonmom said...

Wow, Linda Lou, kudos!
Ok, I'm Luci from Portland, you know that far northern suburb of San Fran (all you Bay area folks move up here. Got a great house for you Nathan if you're interested!)I write, blog, read and occasionally comment here. Love your wit, and oh yes, all that lit agent stuff you do.
Sorry not so into the Bachelor or the Hills. Bad follower. Whatever.
Weather here in PDX in Feb? Sunny, duh.

Julie said...

I lurk from Colorado :) Been reading for quite a while and comment every so often.

Vicky said...


RE: Jillian as the next bachelorette.

On the bachelor tells all, Chris asked her if she'd do it again and the audience went wild. So it looks likely she'll be a bachelorette in the future.

Silicon Valley Diva said...

I don't comment as much as some of the others, but I do read your blog regularly.

I'm Lisa, born and raised in San Jose, CA.

The weather has been blah lately.

I didn't follow The Bachelor this season. Wondering what's next, The Bachelorette show featuring a single mom?

Thinking it wouldn't happen though LOL.

kdrausin said...

173 comments and over 100 queries in one day?? Are you sure you want me to de-lurk? Thanks for all the information you send my way!

Eugenia Tibbs said...

Born in Iowa, lived in Brooklyn, NY, North Carolina, Georgia and am presently in Alabama. I've developed a belated southern accent that I wasn't aware of before.

Just got my eyebrows waxed so my mind is saying "gah!" Although I did impress my friend cuz she said I didn't even flinch.

Jason and Jillian are who now? I have no clue. If it's not on the History Channel, the Sci Fi Channel or a news channel then I'm pretty much clueless.

It was a wet, rainy, gray day... Are you from the Midwest? Becuase that was a Midwest type question.

If you know, then good for you, I'm glad someone does.

yes, I will admit to lurking, I just like to read your posts and the comments and rarely feel the need to add to the mix myself. Thank you for an interesting blog! I do enjoy...

Pohutukawa said...

Oops! Thought I was safely ensconced behind my open door at Ohope Beach, New Zealand, where I am peeking through the gapped hinges. My alternate universe is Seattle, WA. In both places I have wondered if it was worth drumming up considerable angst to compose a query letter regarding my Tween novel for Nate the Great. I'm not sure I feel the love for this genre.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I've commented before. I'm Samantha, I've completed one novel that's on time-out for having serious editing issues, and am 50 pages into another that will be a hopeful for that delacorte contest thingy...or an day...

I'm from South Carolina by way of Idaho by way of New Mexico By way of Texas by way of Belgium by way of Alaska by way of Illinois and Missouri by way of Germany. I don't stay put. May move to France in 3 years, which will complicate the whole agent-getting thing.

Lapillus said...

Where are you from?

Central Cal.

Anything on your mind?

Hot cocoa.

Who is Jason going to choose?


Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?


How's the weather?

59 degrees, partially sunny.

I know, right?

Right! I know, you know?


I used to watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette but I haven't had cable for the last four years. Yes, you may gasp. But hey, it saves money and get a lot more done. Go figure.

slcard said...

I really shouldn't, but....

Congratulations on finishing your book, Morgan. You were my vote.

And thanks to you, Natalie, for the ninja idea. I stole it for my son's eigth birthday party. It may have been a bigger hit than his fifth when we built and launched model rockets.

Also, congratulations to you, Vegas Linda Lou.

I suppose I should mention I'm from Cape Breton Island (look to the far east of the west and turn way north). I think you'd like it here, Eric Hare: our road signs are in Gaelic. Come in early October and the Celtic Colours celebration will give you a taste of just about everything Celtic.

Scott (the Scott trying to get up early to write), the zombie effect doesn't last forever: you'll get used to it before too long.

Dan Radke, I'm trying to avoid The Watchmen, please don't mention them again or I'll have to miss a few posts here and read it before my time.

Ulysses, if you do find happiness through eating raw cocoa beans could you please post the quantity.

Scotty, I wish you weren't horror, because I like your voice and would squeeze you onto my reading list, but I'm afraid you'd give me nightmares.

Mira, you're a delight.

Reason Reanimator, I've been there.

Ink, I was amused by your cult comment and often look for your comments, among others. I would love to visit your bookstore.

Ugly Deaf Muslim Punk Gurl!, my repressed punk has great awe and respect for you and a piqued curiosity toward your writing.

Oh, and the weather has been brilliant, by the way: lots of snow; the river froze for skating; plenty of high pressure nights so the sky's been spectacular and the air like diamond dust to walk through; just enough low pressure days to curl up and read by the fire (or space heater)....

And finally, Mr. Bransford, while I'm not surprised at your choice of Oatmeal Raisin in a cookie, I'd like to share a recipe with you. It is suppertime here and I've been running up and down the stairs preparing dinner between notes in this comment so food is on my mind, and you've haven't mentioned monkeys in awhile, so here's Funky Chunky Chocolate Monkeys (a vegan chocolate chip cookie with a banana bread twist -- it's my own, and you should try it, Furious D, in an attempt to wean yourself off cheesecake).

Dry Ingredients:

2 3/4 cups organic whole wheat flour (I should have tried this with rice flour, but I haven't yet; forgive me)
1 cup organic fair trade cane sugar
1 tsp sea salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp egg replacer powder
1/4 tsp cardamon

Wet Ingredients:

2 mashed bananas (nice ripe ones)
5+ tbsp filtered tap water
1 tsp pure vanilla extract


1 cup almonds (chopped)
1 organic, fair-trade, dark chocolate bar (chopped)


Mix dry. Mix wet. Combine wet and dry and mix until you get a consistency similar to bread dough (add the +water 1 tbsp at a time until you do: the quantity of water will be determined by how wet your bananas were). Stir in chunks. Drop by rounded teaspoons onto a lightly greased cookie sheet and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 12 minutes or until the cookies are golden on top.

(Note: These cookies taste best cold, and even better the next day and can be prepared very quickly so you can get back to reading or writing.)

Thanks for the fun, informative blog. And "Hello" Slovenia and New Zealand, and any other fantastic countries who have come out of lurking while I've been cooking and commenting. Ah, I feel so well-travelled right now. No wait, I'm in the United States of America at this moment: I mean "well-traveled".


Lucinda said...


Lucinda here.
Where? Near the edge of Never Never Land.

Sorry, there are no televisions in Never Never Land which makes it impossible to comment on your questions about imaginary people living in a little box.

The weather is always perfect in Never Never Land.

From time to time, I lurk in this blog to gain insight about the publishing world. Until time be right, I will tell my stories and adventures to the creatures who dare to cross over the line at the edge of Never Never Land. They are quite friendly.

Lurking is safe.

Thank you, Nathan, for the information you provide in your blog.

David Taylor said...

Hi, I'm David Taylor from outside Atlanta. Just finished writing my first novel at the end of December and stumbled upon this great blog shortly thereafter, but haven't commented, thus making me a lurker.

As someone new to writing and the world of publishing, this blog has been a great source of ideas.

If only writing a query letter was as easy as reading this blog...

Inkblot said...

See me be good, delurk O:)

Hi, I'm Amy, or Inky, whichever you prefer, and I hail from Australia. Been reading your blog for nearly a year now, and this is my first comment O:) Rah!

Thanks for sharing your wealth of information :)

PS Weather is warm and sunny, yay :)

Jessica said...

Where are you from? Orange County, CA

Anything on your mind? I'm a HS teacher and I recently got laid off. That sucks.

Who is Jason going to choose? I haven't watched this season. :-\ But I have heard some interesting rumors!

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? I was on The Bachelorette! ;-)

How's the weather? Sunny and clear, but getting cold.

I know, right? OMG, srsly!

Danette said...

My name is Danette and I'm a lurker ... oh, but you already knew that.

I'm from New York and it's ugly and cold outside. I did spot some daffodils making their way out of the ground though. Can't tell you how happy that makes me!

I've been enjoying your blog for a long time and really appreciate your posts.

So, thanks!

adrcremer said...

I'm lurking behind some pine trees in frozen Minnesota.

Hi Nathan. I was at the SF Writers' Conference and hoped to say hello to you in person, but alas, no sightings.

Thanks for the fantastic blog. I'm plotting a future query to you (YA dystopia).

Speaking of that, my word verification: Dystye - a dismal future world in which earth's residents are plagued by swollen, inflamed tear ducts

Diana said...

I like being invisible, but since you asked nicely and I’m greatful for your “How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal” piece, I’ll de-lurk. I’m Diana. I don’t watch the Bachelor, but won’t judge you (much) because your blog is great and you love Mad Men. I can’t discuss the weather because I live in Toronto, and thinking about the weather tends to send one running for pharmaceuticals.

Purple Potato Chip said...

The writing in your blog posts is strong. As much as I think it shows promise, I'm afraid I didn't fall in love enough to champion it through to (paper) publication.

Best of luck placing your blog with another writer.

p.s. Only took the time to delurk/comment because you've got the best literary agent's blog on the Internet. ;)

Chris said...

Where are you from? Rhode Island (no, not LONG Island, RHODE Island)

Anything on your mind? My first e-book coming out on Friday is on my mind. I'm very excited and hope it leads to bigger things. (

Not a Bachelor fan. I watch Survivor and Hell's Kitchen but even those are getting old. I think reality TV has run its course. Bring back the shows that had...what did we used to call it?...Oh, yeah...STORIES!!

How's the weather? In RI, hints of spring are about for those that can stop complaining about what a "long winter" it's been for two minutes. Go to Florida if you can't handle it. Jeez!

Love your blog, Nathan. I always learn something while cruising and perusing here.

Anonymous said...

Hi, long time lurker here. I'm Sara from Houston, TX. I can't read blogs at work because of our filter so I never get to read it until after 6 so what's the point.

Nathan, I have to say you have the best taste in TV. What is up with all the TV-less people. I love The Bachelor, ANTM, The Hills (and the City), and every other show you mention.

What's on my mind? Have you read the Neal Schluesterman book Unwind? It was absolutely fabulous and I don't use the term lightly.

Weather sucks here in Houston.

I'm rooting for Melissa. Holly bugs. Go Julian for Bachelorette. I knew when she didn't day, "I'm in love with you," that it was over for Julian.


Mandy said...

OK, I'm a lurker. I've been following your blog for about a month and learning a ton about the publishing business.

What's on my mind? The biggest weight is how to build more traffic to my blog which I started two months ago.

Thanks for all that you put into your posts - I'm finding them very insightful

Scott said...

I'm not a lurker, although I've mostly lurked the last few months after being a frequent poster for a while. No reason. Just cuzz.

But I had to pop up and say that I not only know where Slovenia is, I've been there. Spent a day in Maribor when I lived in Graz, Austria, back when Slovenia was still part of Yugoslavia and it was kind of an adventure to get there, at least for a 20-year-old American.

Christopher Garlington said...

I'm from Birmingham, Alabama where, as a boy, my dad would drive me over the top of Double Oak mountain. We'd stop at the rest area at the very peak, pop a quarter in the telescope, open our eyes as wide as we could and try to see if the statue of Vulcan, three miles south, was glowing red or green.

If it was red, it meant there'd been some terrible accident. Someone had flipped their Rambler down the side of Iron mountain or driven their Pinto under a tanker truck. My dad would bundle us back into the car and creep down the two lane highway on the other side of Double Oak with the radio off.

If it was green, it meant no one had died. Our car would shoot out of the rest area and speed down the moutain with Roger Miller blaring and my dad singing "Trailers for sale or rent, rooms to let, 50 cent . . ."

I'm also from Florida, where I grew up on two lakes–one so perfectly round they used it for speedboat races and one lost and forgotten behind pine hammocks and a thousand square miles of orange blossoms, Little Lake Desire.

My grandfather retired on that lake. Every morning he'd walk out with a ball of instant oatmeal in his hands, walk down to the edge of the lake with a Pall Mall dangling off his withered old lips. He'd walk right out into the lake up to his hips and toss the oatmeal in. The shiners would hit it like piranha on a dead pig. At some point in the frenzy a three pound large mouth bass would shot through the roiling shiners and strike which would thrill my grandfather to no end.

I'm also from California, where I spent a year illegally driving L.A. Times bundles out to Needles and Barstow through the desert at 1 in the morning when nothing stirred except great silent terrifying barn owls and Navy jets.

Lately I'm from Chicago where men die alone in the bitter cold on the sidewalk in front of their own house, stretched out in their Macks and Irish driver caps, the stark image of their neighbor obliviously pushing their snowblower away down the sidewalk Escher-stretched over their cornea as their fingers grip the shovel handle tighter and tighter, the bomb in their chest rendering them mute.

And I'm thinking this might be it. This might be just about as close as I get to having my name spined out at Barnes. And I'm thinking that as Facebook and Blogtalk dig their nails into the attention of all the people I'm trying to talk to, maybe I ought to just give up on paper, tables of contents, and carefully arranged chapters and just upload my head as it happens, wherever I happen to land, tell stories in bits and pieces, in pokes and platitudes, til it would take a some dedicated monkish internet sleuth ten thousand years to find it all and see what happened.

StrugglingToMakeIt said...

I guess I'm technically a lurker. I've commented a couple of times. I'm Nicole and I'm from Williamsburg, Virginia. For now. This blog entertains me and allows me to procrastinate, so I pretty much love it. Oh, and not having to worry about scurvy is always a plus.

moonrat said...

I'm kind of a lurker. Sort of. I think I comment too often, technically.

Cass said...

Thanks for inviting us to come out of the lurking shadows...

Where are you from?
Emerald City (Seattle)

Anything on your mind?
Will my entry be selected for the 1st Pages Panel at SCBWI Western Washington

Who is Jason going to choose?
I'm not sure

Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette?
I was hoping they would shake it up a bit and have a Single Mother (I want Stephanie to find love)

How's the weather?

I know, right?

Thanks Nathan, I read your Blog daily.


Kate Levin said...

I've been caught! Definitely a lurker.

Where are you from? I currently live in Philadelphia although I'm from Southern California originally.

Anything on your mind? I'm watching American Idol. Ugh.

Who is Jason going to choose? Will Jillian be the new Bachelorette? I'm afraid I haven't been following this season.

How's the weather? Spring. Plleeaase!!

Anonymous said...

Almost 200 comments...writers are the worst procrastinators in the world. "All you all, get back to work!"
I'm from Pittsburgh, we don't talk about the weather it makes people cry.
I never thought of Jason as being that 'choosey,' doesn't he just chainsaw everybody?

David Eric Tomlinson said...

Definitely a lurker. I've been reading for about three weeks now.

I'd love to hear more about the writing process, networking, conferences, the ins and outs of contracts, etc. on your blog.

This is an excellent resource for writers - keep it up!

RebeccaRose said...

You have to Lurk before you Leap. Thanks for the invitation! I'm Rebecca Rosenberg from Sonoma California. I live on a lavender farm. We drink wine and smell lavender. Yes it IS heaven. By day I design lavender products, by night I write an historical novel about the infamous Baby Doe Tabor who lived in Colorado 1878-1935. Infamous because she was heart-stopping gorgeous and worked along side men in the gold mine when other women were still running church bazaars. She falls in love with the legendary Silver King, Horace Tabor, albeit he was 25 years older than her and already married. That does not stop them living from happily ever after (he becomes Lt. Governor, then a senator) until the President demonetizes silver, rendering it worthless. Overnight they lose everything… except one silver mine. On Horace Tabor’s deathbed he admonishes Baby Doe to “hang on to the Matchless Mine. It will make millions again.” Victorian society is sure the beautiful widow will find millionaire no. 2. She disappoints them, choosing instead to live, destitute, in the mine for 25 years until she freezes to death.

I have been obsessed with this story since I was 10, as a girl growing up in Colorado… I am excited to be almost finished, and I started looking for a Literary Agent for Historical fiction. I have learned so much from Lurking! Who knew? Thank you Nathan for your generous insights.

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