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Monday, December 29, 2008

Twitter Update #3

UPDATE: Ack! They restored my feed again to its original state. Please disregard the below post (although please feel free to follow me if you haven't done so already). As you were.

Well, the folks at Twitter are definitely conscientious about dealing with impersonation issues. Unfortunately they didn't notice my e-mail updating them that I had considered the situation resolved, so they deleted my account and then re-released it to me, meaning that if you followed me in the last couple of weeks... Twitter won't remember. Um.

If you followed me in the past couple of weeks, could you pretty-please do so again?

Here's the feed:



David de Beer said...

are you going to use Twitter or just send a feed of your blog there? the former would probably be recommended..

JES said...

Yeah -- second David de B's comment. Er, not that your blog doesn't deserve dissemination in every available form!

Anita said...

Should I be worried, if I don't Twitter? Do I reallllly need to Twitter?

Nathan Bransford said...


I'll really be Twittering, although since I don't have a huge amount of time to devote to it I'll probably be one of those one or two times a day types of Twitterers.

David de Beer said...

Er, not that your blog doesn't deserve dissemination in every available form!

lol! true, true. it's just I get tired of people who do nothing on twitter but send snippets of their new blog posts there. I mean, if I'm following their blog already then what's the point?

@Anita: well, you probably don't need to do Twitter. Twitter's like anything else, it is what you put into it and what you use it for. I enjoy it now and then for some quick back and forth chats with a couple of people and it is pretty handy for sharing&following quick links to interesting articles.

David de Beer said...

I'll probably be one of those one or two times a day types of Twitterers.

oh, that's quite all right. Myself, I'm like a once or twice a week kinda twitterer:)

you could think about posting some of those links you often collect for your blog to Twitter as well maybe. I enjoy those, and it plays to a strength of Twitter's.

Other Lisa said...

I like Twitter for a number of reasons (which I've said here before but what the heck, it's almost a new year). I get a lot of useful links from it (your mileage will vary, depending on your network), I like the socializing and I like being able to post quick links to interesting items that I may or may not want to blog about. My Twitter posts are fed to my blog, which is a sort of cheatin' way of giving it fresh content.

I really recommend a desktop widget like Twitterrific, so you can track the feed without having to pay too much attention to it.

Anita said...

Thanks for the nice info. I JUST started a blog today, so I was thinking, "And now I've got to Twitter?"

Anonymous said...

I really think twitter and facebook and all these are a terrible waste of time, but good luck to all of you who enjoy it.

I look at blogs I like and follow,like this one, but am not interested in chittychat, especially just out on the ethers.

Right now I'm typing away and paying bills, thinking man, I am lucky to be able to even though I'm pinching close to counting pennies.

(But am I missing the point or something?)

Kat Harris said...

I thought you were on vacation.

Marti said...

I started following you recently, and it says I still am, so I guess it's all good. I love Twitter.

Tip: If you want someone to see a tweet you are sending them, be sure the very first thing you type is "@ their twitter name"(with no space between the @ symbol and their name). Then it will show up in their sidebar "@Replies" even if they're not on Twitter the same time you are.

Good holiday tidings to you!

Marti_L on Twitter

Silicon Valley Diva said...

So nice to see you on Twitter, and I look forward to your updates. I admit I get many of my newsfeeds etc. from Twitter lately.

You are wise to limit your updates to only a few times a day because it can um, be just a little addicting :-)

clindsay said...

Done, sir.

Now go have some fun doing non-work stuff. :)

(BTW, did you ever resolve the fried fish conundrum? Heh.)

javajune said...

It's a scary place out there and now I have to worry about being Twitterjacked-OH MY!

Pattie Garner said...

My computer won't upload Twitter. I must be really far behind when it comes to this stuff! I can't even work my new Black Berry touch screen that I got today. Maybe technology isn't the problem!

Adaora A. said...

Yikes! Modern tech debacles are never fool proof. It comes and it goes.

BarbS. said...


Mammoth congrats!

Hee-hee, wordver is BOWLS...

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