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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Free Query Critique!

It's been a while since I've done a query critique, and I should mention again that if you receive a rejection from me and you would like your query critiqued politely and anonymously on the blog, send me a follow-up note. I can't critique all people who ask me to do so (and sometimes I honestly just don't have anything interesting to say on the matter), but I'll consider your query for a public dissection.

But now I'm going to try something new -- the first three people who copy their queries in the comments section will get a free query critique on Thursday. You can leave your name or you can be anonymous, your choice.

Once I have three queries I'm closing the comments section (to avoid confusion), and I'll start an open thread.


COMMENTS CLOSED -- thanks for entering, brave souls, stay tuned on Thursday for a critique.


ManiacScribbler said...

I am currently seeking representation for my young adult fantasy, Moonstone.
It begins in medias res with the death of Alita’s love, Brant. Alita is the Eci’lam, a young woman who can tap into unlimited magical powers and destroy the whole world if she so wish. She is being chased by the High King, for he is afraid of this power and the havoc that it could wreak on his totalitarian rule. Brant comes into her life when she shows up at his door mortally wounded and being pursued by the High King’s followers, the Myrmidon. Brant is a Ha’Nid, a magicmaker who is also being prosecuted by the High King. Through their adventures they both come to drop the guard that they had both wrapped themselves in and allow love into their heart. Now Alita has to fight the High King to regain what has been lost, including her lover.
Moonstone is filled with romance, action, and drama; it is 69,000 words.
(Short story publishing credits omitted to allow me to remain anonymous. ;)) I am currently in my first year of an English BA at the University of C------, and have been homeschooled since grade one. I have an avid love of books, with a special place in my heart for fantasy.
Thank you for time.

madison said...

I am seeking representation for my completed 80,000-word YA novel, THIS BRIEF FREEDOM.

Sixteen-year-old Rosalie Clements never dreamt of leaving civilized 19th century Boston – until her father dies, leaving her alone and destitute. But he also wills her a clue that may lead to an elusive West Indian treasure. Desperate for money, Rosalie trades her skirts for breeches and heads for the Indies.

But although she can soon raise a sail, brandish a cutlass, and lie as easily as she once drank tea, all is not smooth sailing. She has to evade much more than discovery on board: her shipmates detest her incompetence and the ship is a breeding ground for mutiny. Worse, after recovering from her shock at the rough life aboard, she soon becomes as intoxicated with her new life of adventure as the other sailors are with daily grog rations. But when Rosalie discovers that Captain Beardslee, the most feared pirate of the Indies, and the crew aboard his aptly named ship, The Cutthroat, want the treasure, too, the race for the Indies becomes a race for survival.

A high school senior, I have published a short story in the magazine ‘Characters.’ I am the copy editor of my school newspaper.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Andrew Carmichael said...

I’m seeking representation for STARBOYS, a 60,000-word YA novel for readers who want to laugh a little, cry a little, angst a little, and look to the stars for something more.

Sixteen-year-old Nate Chiarello’s life is a collage of eccentricity. He has nothing in common with his friends, his parents are the very definition of idiosyncratic, and his starving-artist brother is neither hungry nor artistic. Nate has nothing going for him. Not until Kam arrives.

Kam claims he’s from the stars and Nate is immediately drawn to him. Kam seems interested too, when he’s not disappearing for weeks at a time. To forget his attraction, Nate tries to distract himself with Christian: a boy who is both interested and around.

But then Kam returns and warns Nate that intergalactic law enforcement is after him, ordered to destroy him because of what he knows. At the same time, Christian reveals that he has a secret that could change everything. Now, with two guys pining for his affection, Nate has to figure out how to save himself before it’s too late.

STARBOYS is an eclectic blend of light fantasy, soft sci-fi, gay romance, humor, and action. It would join books such as Perry Moore’s Hero in the growing market of LGBT genre fiction for young adults.

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