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Friday, November 30, 2007

This Week in Publishing 11/30/07

About yesterday. I totally MEANT to post. But I was really, really busy. Sorry. Please don't be mad. Why are you mad? What did you think I did? I swear I wasn't watching bad TV. There's no evidence. Someone was standing in front of the camera.


Anyway, the week in publishing went on while I put in 27 hour days, and here's what happened:

The LA Times discovered that books are graying along with the graying boomers who read them. Great. I sure can't wait to read a slew of novels about those darned Internet computer problems and how terrible popular culture is these days but oh my goodness how groovy is Dancing With the Stars I just love that host honey will you pass the merlot?

The New York Times released its top 10 books of the year. And of those I've read exactly.... well, they're on my to-read list anyway.

In other New York Times news, friend of the blog Sean Lindsay from 101 Reasons to Stop Writing was featured on THE OFFICIAL NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW BLOG! Wow. We'll all say we knew him when we were still writing.

Via Publishers Lunch, the future is being invented... now. E-ink, which really looks like ink on paper only it involves neither, is moving into color and quickly improving. They're working on making bendable displays and it will even soon be able to render video. The future is coming, and don't say I didn't warn you!

And finally, Norman Mailer posthumously won this year's Bad Sex in Fiction Award for a "winning" passage which, according to the Washington Post, involved the allegedly incestuous encounter between Hitler's parents. You just can't make this stuff up. Although I'm sure the only reason anyone had the guts to give Mailer this award is that they don't have to worry that someday he'd kick their ass. RIP, Champ!

Have a great weekend!


Michelle Pendergrass said...

You have made my day! I haven't read the top 10 either. Thanks for the encouragement, seriously man. I was feeling inadequate.

Josephine Damian said...

Sean Lindsay is a Golden God.

brian_ohio said...

Where'd you get the extra three hours from? Please share.

Are you sure that wasn't the "top 10 books the average reader doesn't know exist, nor will most likely ever read" list?

Arjay said...

It's always difficult to tell if the New York Times is lying or telling the truth. I'd take anything they say with a couple grains of salt.

Melanie Avila said...

I love DWTS and was actually able to watch the last two weeks (they don't show those things down her in Mexico). Bring on the scandals!

Thanks for including the Top Ten list. Nothing I bought last week was mentioned, but I'm sure they were 11-20.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Nathan. Your Bran Fans missed you.

Jordyn said...

HA. Love the Justin Bobby references. That just made my day. In addition, I haven't read any of their supposed top ten books either. So I guess I'm in good company. But actually the book I really want to read I'm banning myself from reading until I FINISH MY YA NOVEL.
Go me.

Heidi the Hick said...

That first paragraph was unfathomable.

You know, I would Stop Writing, but now that I've found out there is such thing as a Bad Sex In Fiction Award...I must continue!

getitwritten_guy said...

You posted today, so that's what counts.

The 'books are graying' piece was interesting. Now that financial planning commercial on TV with Dennis Hopper makes sense!!

DWTS? Mel B. was robbed, I tell ya!

SeaWriter said...

If I read the NY Times list correctly, there are only two books by women mentioned. I'm not a raging -ist of any stripe, but I must ask: how does this happen?

Marva said...

Yay! Graying books will now match my natural hair color.

The ebook technology will, no doubt, get far more complicated than necessary. Just like cell phones. I don't want a damned camera, ipod, text messaging and all that crap! Just give me big push buttons and a screen I can read in daylight and I'll be happy.

words in words out said...

Saw this and totally thought of you...:) Thought I'd share with all the Hills fans swarming your blog!

Tammie said...

Top ten - hmmmm I'm with Melanie - I'm certain the books I bought this week are right behind her 11 thru 20 and filled the 21 thru 30 slot.

How DO they come up with this list? And why does it make me feel like a bad reader?

liquidambar said...

I read the comments and then clicked over to NYTimes, wondering if I would have heard of these books either. And most of them I'm not familiar with, but I'm happy to see OUT STEALING HORSES listed. I read an excerpt of it in TIN HOUSE. I was so bowled over, I've hinted to my family that perhaps Santa would like to bring me the book this Christmas. Here's hoping the book lives up to the excerpt.
Also, the Toobin book looks good--how can you pass up a chance for insight into the Supreme Court? I may get to it once I make it through the 10 unread novels sitting next to my bed right now . . .

Remy275 said...

No Harry Potter on the top ten list? How could this happen?

Heather B. Moore said...

Not only haven't I read those top 10 books, I haven't heard of them.

Oh well.

Good to hear which ones everyone is recommending.

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