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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I'm Back! (also swamped)

Ah, San Francisco. How I missed thee. Let me count the ways. Your briny ocean smell. Your temperate climate and fog. Your vastly underappreciated donuts (the bagels of San Francisco). Your elections between the liberal candidate and the more liberal candidate! Your residents, who are a bit more fashionable than some places but generally are unconcerned with their appearances!! Sigh.

Yes, I'm back. And while I know it's been long since I've been able to get it together to write a full post, I'm finally going to be able to together to write a proper post... well, not today.

But soon.

I think.


Kimber An said...

Welcome home, Mr. Bransford. Here's a question for you. What if a writer has queried you twice and received no response after several weeks each time? I've checked everything at my end of Cyberspace and I wrote QUERY and the title in the subject line. Should I take it as a sign the universe has other plans?

Nathan Bransford said...

kimber an-

Something is definitely amiss! I always always respond. Please make sure my response did not end up in your Spam filter, that happens often. But keep trying if you haven't heard from me.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! We've missed you!

-Calendula (the lurker)

Linnea said...

Welcome back to the west, Nathan. I'm in the western part of the continent too, just a LOT farther north! Look forward to reading your posts when you get out from under your work load. Don't you simply hate it that there are no little elves to do your work when you're away?

Church Lady said...

Top ten reasons for being in California. (okay, one or two may be for me only)

1) Plastic surgery is cheap and easy

2) Able to buy spy-quality recording devices and follow Alec Baldwin around. Try to record some authentic dialogue for my next children's PB "You Ungrateful Brat."

3) Jay Leno

4) Gang tattoos

5) Governor Gropenator

6) Earthquake-joke books are easy to find.

7) Borat.

8) Sunburned NY editors.

9) Swingers and pot-growers hang out in California. Which also conveniently provides material for my next PB titled 'Nathan Learns a lot at the Beach.'

10) Nudy beaches. YAY!!

ORION said...

Actually the REAL paradise is when you keep on going across the Pacific and end up in MY neck of the woods...

getitwritten_guy said...

Let me add my 'welcome home' as well, even though I live in the Midwest.

I hope your New York trip was a success and I look forward to reading more of your informative posts.

Marti said...

Warm welcome wishes for your return. I adore San Francisco...if I had to live in a city it'd be the one. We still have a checkbook with 404 Ashbury as our address...ah the memories.v

original bran fan said...

Are you going to do query stats, and tell us what came in when you were gone? I like those. They are entertaining and informative.

Dave Wood said...

Welcome back. I'm glad we were able to arrange a little polite rain for your return. Now we'll have to see about some fog!

Anonymous said...

Please come back to AW--we've got work for you!

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