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Friday, September 28, 2007

This Week in Publishing 9/28/07

New York City here I come!! Next week I will be living and working in our fair epicenter of publishing, having meetings, eating lunches, commuting on the 6, arguing about which pizza place is the best (DiFara and I don't even want to hear otherwise), yelling at taxi drivers, debating which subway line is the worst, and demonstrating that I am a seasoned New Yorker by saying things like, "I remember when that bar used to be another bar before this neighborhood was trendy and it was so much more authentic and actually I even remember when the bar was a paint store and the guy who ran it was totally insane so how you like me now??"

It's going to be great.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog next week, but I will keep you posted on everything that has changed since the time when I lived in Brooklyn and worked in the NY office. It will be riveting I'm sure.

Meanwhile, this week in publishing:

First off, an addendum to last week's This Week in Publishing. Chronicle Books tells me that the Newsweek article was incorrect and they will not be receiving a fee from Blurb when they refer authors to the self-publisher, and it's not going to apply to all of their rejection letters, just ones they feel would be appropriate. It's really just a mutual referral plan. So there you have it. Blurb and Chronicle are both San Francisco companies, and I'm guessing they just happened to find themselves on a cable car together, confessed how much they love each other, hatched the referral plan, and then had sundaes at Ghirardelli Square. At least that's how I like to imagine it.

This post from The Millions is seriously awesome. Not only did the author of the post talk to a nail polish executive about how and why they name colors of nail polish things like "Moscow nights" and then asked their naming committee to suggest some titles for her short story, she also links to this blog post from Virginia Quarterly Review in which they list the ten most common titles of short story submissions. I'm seriously shocked that "darkness" and "rising" didn't make their list, but the word "revelation" is definitely creeping up my most-common titles list.

Jonathan Lyons is back with a great post on whether you should revise your work based on an agent's recommendation. He's also going to be starting a list of websites writers should avoid, so please send him your suggestions.

And finally, faithful reader Jordyn was concerned that I had not talked about the Hills for a while, so here goes: I continue to love everything that comes out of Spencer's mouth, and frankly, a few episodes back when he was having dinner with Heidi's parents and said to them "What an angel" in the most insincere and fake manner you can imagine when Heidi walked away, I nearly died of giddiness. But the last episodes have been focused on LC and Jason, which were a tad underwhelming. Where is Justin Bobby during all of this?? Was he kidnapped by pirates again? Has he started a renegade hair stylist union for hair stylists with bad hair? Has he washed the very dirty white t-shirt he likes to wear or is it still a mess? I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

Have a great weekend!


Waldo Jaquith said...

We have received no submissions named "Darkness" or "Rising," but we have received submissions with those words contained within the title:

Weighing the Darkness
What of the Cougar's Darkness?
You Must Sprint Past Darkness
Lives in Darkness
After "Gift for the Darkness"
In The Darkness
West Rising

As you can see, "darkness" is outpacing "rising" 6:1.

Nathan Bransford said...

Ah ha! That's awesome. Verrrry interesting that "darkness" is beating out "rising." Thanks, Waldo!

Anonymous said...

It is an undeniable fact that the 6 is the worst subway line. Thank God they've been all over digging that 2nd Ave line for the last, oh, 30+ years.

Have fun in NY. The weather has been fantastic.


C.J. said...

Spencer's insincerity has become inspirational to me. (it's true, and it would make a good fist line contest submission - double whammy!)

David said...

If New York is the epicenter of publishing, does that mean that the true center of publishing is down somewhere in the subway tunnels? (See here.)

A Paperback Writer said...

Are Californians allowed to pretend they're New Yorkers? Is that actually legal? And is it possible?
Well, have fun trying anyway.

Ello said...

Boy it must be a New York State of Mind lately! I posted about missing New York on my blog this week and several people posted about going to NY soon. I need to go too. I miss it. I hope you get a chance to have a Gray's Papaya dog for me! Have a great trip.

Jordyn said...

YAY for The Hills!! And I fully agree that the "what an angel" line was incredibly insincere and hilarious and amazing all at the same time.
I can see the headlines now... Justin Bobby: The New Dread Pirate Roberts. (Princess Bride reference... I couldn't resist.)
Or maybe, Justin Bobby: Darkness Rising?


Jennifer L. Griffith said...

Wow, that'll be a big change! Blessings for the journey to the other side!

Church Lady said...

I was thinking the same thing as Paperback Writer.

Then again, going into New York and testing out the subways in your surfer-dude garb could give you material for a really awesome novel.

Have fun!

Church Lady said...

I forgot to add the smiley.



Tammie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tammie said...

Aaahhh I'm jealous. I was there a few years ago to see Spamalot with Tim Curry.

I love New York - tell us everything you can!

Conduit said...

I'll be going to New York in November to absorb the sophisticated intellectual and cultural ambience of the Van Halen reunion tour. Can't wait.

Josephine Damian said...

Nathan: Just remember to leave the orange T-shirt at home - the subway muggers will make you as a tourist as soon as they see a non-black color.

But seriously, have a great time. NY just doesn't get much better than the first week or so of October.

I'm going to help judge a nation-wide short story competition at the end of this year - it will be interesting to see how many have "darkness" or "rising" in the title.

Dwight's Writing Manifesto said...

Interesting article on the nail polish marketing. My Beautiful Wife is a big fan of the OPI brands. Her favorite color is "I'm Not Really a Waitress."

I can't help but wonder if the original marketing pitch was "I'm Not Really a Pole Dancer."

Alas, in the case of my wife, both are true. Unfortunately. (One of these days I'd really like to get that woman to bring me a sandwich.)

Marti said...

Safe journey to you!

Danette Haworth said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! Can't wait to hear your reports and how you showed them who the real New Yorker is!

Just a note to Conduit--my brother was talking about the VH tour and I checked out some YouTube clips. I could not believe what good shape Eddie and David are in. These guys do not look or perform like they're in their 50s. And really, does anyone surpass Eddie on the guitar?

Conduit said...

"And really, does anyone surpass Eddie on the guitar?"

Danette: Truer words were never typed, and yes, the VH boys look great. I wish I was in as good a shape at twenty years their junior!

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