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Friday, July 27, 2007

This Week in Publishing 7/27/07

This week in the publishing.

I'm going to attempt this week's This Week in Publishing without referencing Harry Potter. Let's see if I succeed.

It was a dark and stormy night, and Sean Lindsey from 101 Reasons to Stop Writing, taking a break from using DNA lifted from the Shroud of Turin to clone Jesus Christ while being pursued by an evil albino, celebrated Clichepalooza this week. Do yourself a favor and read the post, which is as good as a tough guy with a heart of gold (and add your favorite cliche in the comments section!)

Faithful reader Bryan D. Catherman is hosting a contest to name George W. Bush's memoir, which he will then use to query me. Judging from the current list of entries, I will soon be added to some sort of watch list and will be forced to fly without shoes between two surly air marshals.

In other contest news, blogger Jason Evans is hosting a short-short fiction contest (250 words or less) and is even offering prize money! Prize money, my goodness. He's making my Ultimate Book Title Contest look less than ultimate.

Former colleague and current blogger Jonathan Lyons at Lyons Literary is starting a Word(s) of the Week feature where he provides very helpful definitions of publishing terms. Best be checking that out. My vote for future Word(s) of the Week: barnacles. It has nothing to do with publishing, but I would appreciate Jonathan's thorough analysis.

International bestselling author Jeff Abbott is constructing a new writing space -- tell him about your space and how you constructed a spot for inspired writing! It's not often one has the chance to offer a bestselling writer home decorating tips.

And finally, Harry Potter sold a reported... er... whoops. Couldn't do it.

Have a great weekend!


astairesteps said...


I think you accidentally posted this post (for today, Friday) as Wednesday's. Unless I'm just loopy (which could be the case!).

Nathan Bransford said...

Thanks, astairesteps! Darn blogger -- I start a placeholder This Week in Publishing early in the week to collect links for Friday, and sometimes forget to change the posting date.

Roxan said...

Will the George Bush memoirs come with crayons?

jason evans said...

Thanks for the mention Nathan! Cash always spices up the game a little. ;)

Things are well underway if folks want to size up the competition.

Re Harry Potter, I'm still terrified whenever I see the words on the internet, because I haven't finished the novel yet. If I get it spoiled at this point, I'm going to be rather unhappy. Sales are good though. I can read about those.

Bryan D. Catherman said...

YES! Crayons. That's a great idea and definitely going into the pitch. Thanks Roxan.

2008, hurry up said...


Bush League
Skull and Bones, but not Brains
Eli - to everyone
I'm The Decider
Practicing My Love

Marva said...

Yea! Bryan Catherman is becoming famous and I hope some rubs off on me.

The Bush memoir titles are shaping up nicely.

Jaye Wells said...

Thanks for mentioning Jason's contest. It's always a rewarding exercise and the entries are always top-notch.

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