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Monday, July 2, 2007

Office Space

And the interior of my office was painted (drumroll please)..............

BROWN. Well, one wall at least. The rest is white. WHEW.

I'm so happy. It compliments my big photograph of rice land (my parents are rice farmers) and engravings of Old California. Although when they tried to switch out my old desk and bookshelf for a sleek modular faux wood desk I basically told them they could pry the desk from my cold dead hands. They slowly backed away, and I still have my desk. Everyone wins.

Anyway, between moving back into my office (even more time consuming than moving out) and a very busy day, I'm not going to have time for a normal post. But I will be back tomorrow! Yay brown!


astairesteps said...

yay brown!

Dave said...

Where I used to work we had three colors and two decors.
i) Battleship Gray
ii) Bureaucrat Biege
iii) Pale, Stale offwhite
a) decorator wallboard
b) Early american rest room (6 x 12 inch ceramic blocks).

They forbid pictures on the walls, forbid any desks but gray metal. Used gray tweed carpets. FOrbid artwork. Forbid dilbert calendars, and that was that.

One Lunchroom was painted a reddish purple magenta color and the cafeteria had a "Wild Wheat" mural that was discontinued when they bought it.

sylvia said...

I'm glad you got brown. You should post a shot of your photograph (if that isn't too recursive for you?).

Good luck getting organised quickly, we miss you. ;)

Nathan Bransford said...

Whoops! And yes, I do know the difference between compliments and complements. Swear on my new brown wall.

Heidi the Hick said...

Really? Your parents are rice farmers? Right on.

It's good that you did not give up your old desk. Hang onto the things that help you work better. Heck with scaring the moving guys.

Anonymous said...

We're still trying to get our bosses to rid our building of the maroon carpet, yes carpet (berber, I suppose), that covers the walls.

original bran fan said...

But moving back in does help you get organized, right? I think my own office could benefit from everything being taken out and put back in, presumably in a better order.

Then again, Nathan-of-the-two-minute-query-response is probably already supremely organized.

I'll try not to hate you for that. (joke)

Hélène B said...

Oh, I like that they left some white too. All brown would have been taking your company name a bit too far.

Enjoy your new digs.

December/Stacia said...

I agree with Heidi. Awesome!

Chumplet said...

He dodged the yellow bullet.

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