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Friday, June 8, 2007

This Week in Publishing 6/8/07

Zis week in ze publishing:

In his ongoing attempts to make the awesomest publishing website, Michael Cader has done it again! He has now added TV to the Publishers Marketplace page, making it even indispensibler. I love TV, I love books... Publishers Marketplace COMBINES THEM. I couldn't be more excited.

In other website news, OMG, LMAO, Penguin Books UK is going to create a teen website... created by teens. I'm guessing none of the adults at Penguin Books UK know html and were tired of their children saying, "God, mum! You're too slow, just let me do it!!"

So, remember way back in the halcyon days of our youth oh... approximately four months ago (we were so innocent then... sigh) when I talked about the turf war between US and UK publishers over the exclusivity of Europe? Yeah, that's not over yet.

In the spirit of Wednesday's post on great book titles, I feel that it is my duty to point out two pretty darn awesome titles for forthcoming books that are sure to be candidates in future "Favorite Book Title" polls. Steven Colbert was a hit at BEA promoting his new book I AM AMERICA (AND SO CAN YOU). And some Kazakhstani reporter named Borat is coming out with a two-in-one tour book called BORAT: TOURISTIC GUIDINGS TO MINOR NATION OF U.S. AND A and TOURISTIC GUIDINGS TO GLORIOUS NATION OF KAZAKHSTAN.

And finally, those of you who had MIDDLESEX in your Oprah Book Club Office Pool raked in the cash this week! Yes, after a lovely sit-down with award-laden Cormac McCarthy, she has chosen Jeffrey Euginides' novel as her next pick, which marks the second time in a row she has opted for a Pulitzer Prize winner. I'm still betting on GILEAD in my next Oprah Book Club Office Pool (which is also a Pulitzer Prize winner. A trend? OH YES I THINK SO).

Have a great weekend!


Metaphysical Speculator said...

You had me at indispensibler.

Anonymous said...


Brian Reinhart said...

Were I Oprah, I would choose "The Curious Incident [etc.]" by Mark Haddon ... anyone else read this novel? I've just bought copies for everyone I know.

FolkerGirl said...

Thank you for mentioning that - I've been surprised for some time that Oprah hasn't taken on GILEAD. Although MIDDLESEX was a brilliant, beautiful book, I'm interested to see how her audience responds. It's not exactly comparable to THE PILOT'S WIFE. (Although, honestly, I never read that one.)

Anonymous said...

Nathan -

Quick question on queries if you would be so kind as to oblige.

If a young author has no published works from the past, and no real relevant biographical information regarding their book, should they skip that part of the query entirely for a work of fiction, or rather, should they throw in something else? (For example, offering why they're a good person to write that particular story?)

Thanks a ton.

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