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Monday, January 29, 2007

San Francisco Writer's Conference

For those of you who have tired of receiving advice via computer and would like to talk to a real live literary agent in person (an overrated experience, trust me), or if you want to mingle with some fellow writers, I would encourage you to attend the San Francisco Writer's Conference on February 16-18. I will be joining a few of the panel discussions, and on Sunday morning I will be "speed dating" prospective authors who want to try out their pitches on some tired, cynical ears (just kidding -- I'll be nice as long as I've had my coffee). Check out for more info.


L.C.McCabe said...


I just discovered your blog via a mention on Miss Snark's blog.

I'm glad to hear that you'll be at the San Francisco Writers Conference. I've been to other conferences in the past, mostly ones organized by the California Writers Club and its various branches, but this will be my first time at the SFWC.

I'm one of the volunteers at the conference and have signed up for the speed dating for agents session as well.

I look forward to meeting you and hope that I will be able to pique your interest in my writing project.

Linda McCabe

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out how many on-the-ball authors brought you a cup of coffee (plus the sugar and cream packets to suit your preference).

I hope that you and your "true love" find each other this weekend at the speed dates.


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